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  1. telectrix

    Landis & Gyr RWB 2 Channel Programmer Central Heating & Hot Water Timer Module

    HELP !!! i need to replace the above. priced at £225.00, client not happy. what i would like from esteemed experts in heating field is ... what can i replace with at sensible cost. connection wise, there is only L and N in and a T/E back to wiring centre in 3 and 4.
  2. D

    CCTV 4 Channel Image sometimes goes offline

    I recently done wiring for 4 channel CCTV with NVR. So i Install each CCTV with Cat5 Ethernet cable with 12VDC power supply. I connect all the CCTV with ethernet cable to NVR and start running the system without internet and work fine till few weeks. Few days ago i encounter one problem is...
  3. M

    Hive single channel connections

    I have an existing Siemens wireless thermostat and receiver. I wish to replace with a Hive without hopefully having to replace, add or alter any wiring. The receiver has a live, neutral and a switch wire, the common would appear to be linked from the live. I am thinking that this would be a...
  4. C

    3 zone valves (underfloor, 1st floor rads, 2nd floor rads

    Hi, so I have 3 zone valves in place for my heating; 1 - for underfloor heating 2 - 1st floor heating 3 - 2nd floor heating for some reason the plumber has put a zone valve at the pump of the manifold. The 2nd floor has a missing room stat cable so will have to opt for a receiver for a...
  5. G

    Channel (capping) for tails.

    HI all, got some tails to run down a wall, i can and will run with 50mm depth but would also like some channel to protect aswell, seen some on another job, bloke said it was tophat channel or something like that said it was from eddy's. done a google search but cant find it, any ideas? cheers...
  6. P

    BDR91 to Hive Single Channel Wiring (Baxi Combi 24)

    Hi All I have purchased a Hive thermostat/hub and am looking for a little advise. Currently wired to a BDR91 as below on a Baxi Duo-Tec Combi 24. I am ok with permanent live & neutral but just need advise on the other 2 wires. The green/yellow wire in "B" has been wrapped with red tape...
  7. Jamie'

    Hive single channel receiver wiring

    Hi all, Looking to wire up a hive receiver but never done one on a job before (just finished 4 year apprentachip flat/house bashing mainly) so just want to check I'm going to be doing it right before going ahead. So i was going to run a 3 core T&E from the boiler to the receiver. So at...
  8. S

    Portable tool station electrics, Saftey advice help

    Hi all, I am building a portable workstation to hold 4 power tools IE: Router, Saw, Disc sander (Drill powered), Small Drill Press. The idea I would ideally like is for each unit to only be powered at any on time without the others being able to switch on until the one in use is switched...
  9. 123

    Heating: S Plan Plus With 3 Channel Programmer Wiring

    123 submitted a new resource: Heating: S Plan Plus with 3 Channel Programmer Wiring - Heating: S Plan Plus with 3 Channel Programmer Wiring Read more about this resource...
  10. R

    Domestic CCTV system with automatic switch on TV

    Hi everyone. Someone has phoned me and asked for a CCTV system. They say their friend has one when the camera is activated through motion it will change channel on his normal TV or pops up in the corner? I've asked him to ask his friend for the make but wondered if anyone on here has any...
  11. O

    GET GHACR - not responding to switch - blue flashing light

    OK, cards on table - I don't know much about these devices but got a call to look at one today... So 4 way switch by door, 4 x 3 rows of lights, rows 1 to 3 inclusive all "working OK" 4th row stays on and is not responding to on/off or dimmer function at door switch. Suggestios...
  12. uksparks

    Boiler Controls: Honeywell Equivalent to Randall 103

    Hi, I am replacing an old Randall 103 boiler controller for a customer but not 100% which one I need, I did order the Honeywell ST9100C, but just need a bit of confirmation that it will do what I think. Basically the one I have puts power to the boiler and power to the pump, and thats all the...
  13. M

    Zone heating

    Hi, I've never really had much to do with heating systems so just wondered what you require for a 2 zone system. Would a 2 channel programmer such as a danfoss and just two room thermostats work? Would each room stat have to be programable or would this just be ok to have one at the main...
  14. P

    Socket for uni strut.

    Started putting up a lot of uni strut only problem is getting a 17mm socket through the channel to bolt through the back of it. Used a bahco set halfords pro set and a cheapy set thinking the walls in it might be thinner. Am I missing something here can someone point me in the direction of...
  15. S

    Virgin media installation

    Just had a TiVo box installed in my living room yesterday and I was wondering if there is anyway I could run a cable into my bedroom so I can watch virgin upstairs and change the channel without having to go back downstairs. I no with sky you can install a magic that will do this I was just...
  16. G

    Installation of Lightning Protection

    Hi, I own a top floor apartment in Swansea. The lightning conductor above the roof of the apartment block runs through a channel along the edge of the roof which is permanently flooded with rain water (except after long dry periods) to a depth of 25-75mm. This doesn't seem safe to me. I would be...
  17. P

    Solar PV in Alderney

    Hello, Is anyone involved in Solar PV projects in Alderney or any of the other Channel Islands? Seems like they have been focussing on off shore wind, wave and tidal power only. Even though the Feed-in Tariff doesn't apply to the Channel Islands, solar PV could make sense considering the...
  18. i=p/u

    Commercial heating sytem

    starting job next thursday adjusting a heating system.. there currently is one heating sytem for 3 parts of a building which is rented out as doctors , dentist and a flat... we plan to change the 2 channel time clock for a 4 channel timeclock and add 4 new valves , doctors heating, dentist...
  19. i=p/u

    wiring heating system

    does the 2 channel time clock be powered off the wiring centre???? newbee so go easy
  20. I

    cable entry to PIR lantern

    hello there just a simple one have a customer wants a lantern fitted to existing wiring to replace old light, does not want any redecoration. old light is fed from wire running down from soffit surface mounted. Now lanterns are designed for a rear cable entry through the wall. just wondered...
  21. B

    Domestic laying metal conduit

    hi guys, i'm not an electrician but need some advice please. i want to lay metal conduit to my birdroom which is 25mtrs from the house to take 4mm armoured cable. my problem is i can fix the conduit to the base of the fence posts but i then need to cross a concrete path 3ft wide to the house...
  22. C

    iphone cctv (er how?)

    Now, I have a cctv system, they are ip cameras, and they are linked into my NVR and then connected into my network and PC. Now do I need a static IP address for my router and then set up a channel in my firewall to allow my iphone to connect through and look at my cctv? if anyone has ANY...
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