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  1. D

    Running cable over steel beams below chipboard floor

    My builders have left a 20mm gap above the steel beams supporting the new first floor by setting the timber joists 20mm above them. Is it acceptable to run cables through the gap and over the beams? Cheers Dave
  2. M

    Any tips on lifting glued down chipboard?

    So. Having brought a new house the misses now wants downlights. Not an issue. Only snag is the boards aren't screwed they are glued down. I've done a few new builds but everything is wired from below so how is the best way to lift the boards? Is it just a case of expect to replace what you have...
  3. R

    This can't be right!? Wireing under sub-floor

    Took up the carpet as I am laying some wood flooring on my landing, I need to isolate the creaking and moving parts prior to laying the new solid wood tounge and groove. Discovered this <picture attached>. I had some work done a couple of years back to place wired smoke alarms in every room, It...
  4. M

    Flexible drill bits and drilling stud walls

    Hello i was wondering how people go about drilling down a stud wall to install a socket at 450mm without makin as much damage as possible. i have been looking at flexible drill bits which sound great but have had bad reviews, does anyone know of any decent ones? As most new build floors are...
  5. tuckermot

    cutting chip board floors and pipe/cable detector

    I am going to be cutting some chip board floors with my circular saw and to be honest when working on domestic propertys i have a total fear of cutting through pipes/cables underneath,even after setting the circular saw.I want to purchase a second hand detector and the ones i have had in the...
  6. C

    Solid Board Cutters

    Looking at one from Toolstation for about £22 and then another tenner for 5 inserts. Its 110mm rather than 127mm diameter. Got to try and find where cables come up under an upstairs floor. Any comments as to whether a good buy or not?
  7. scotsparky

    Domestic rewire

    Finnaly after 20+ years in the trade i have been caught and have to do a domestic rewire. I have had no experiance with them only done Industrial , commercial. All hints Tips and shortcuts are needed sure you have loads.
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