1. Zdb

    Testing extraneous conductive part

    Just been read through this and it says: How to determine if it’s an extraneous-conductive-part For this, a simple measurement is undertaken. This is done by testing the resistance between the suspected extraneous-conductive-part and the MET or the nearest known connection to Earth, such as...
  2. J

    Domestic Bonding Extraneous Conductive Parts

    hi. Question re bonding a metal where cold comes in as metal pipe ground into house. So cold will be bonded where service comes in. Read article in wiring matters 2019 about changes for part 18. Example given of faulty kettle where fault to earth exists at kettle, some one touches kettle...
  3. KeenPensioner

    Earth fault - potential on exposed conductive part

    As can be seen from my profile I am not a qualified electrician but I'm studying in my own time just for the sake of it. I understand the principals of earthing and bonding but in this video by GSH Electrical.... 2:10 minutes in he says exposed conductive parts under earth fault...
  4. S

    Extraneous conductive parts

    Morning, so just finishing off the install to a shepard hut which is located in a field. The construction is steel chassis, plyboard floor, timber stud clad with corrugated sheets. The corrugated iron sheets which clad the unit are plastic coated and there is no continuity between each sheet...
  5. kingeri

    Extraneous conductive part as bonding conductor

    Been nosying about at my brother's new house this week and fixing a few bits and bobs. The electrical installation mainly dates back to the early 80's at a guess and apart from a few broken accessories and a lack of RCD protection (now fixed) it has all checked out okay. PME earthing. Today...
  6. E

    DIY electrical device-im going to use this device the same way as shown in the video

    Hello.How can i make this device as shown in this video?What DIY tools do i need?The device is shown in this youtube video:
  7. westward10

    It's the weekend so....

    Do you bond cable trays?
  8. H

    Steel Conduit

    Hi Just got a quick question. I install CCTV systems and want to start using steel conduit instead of PVC. Do I need to ground the conduit if it will only have CAT6 network cable inside. Thanks
  9. Michaelwgroves

    Extraneous Conductive-part

    I've had my work assessed which has raised a question about Extraneous-conductive-part. I just want to be sure I fully understand this. BS7671 Part 2 defines it as; A conductive part liable to introduce a potential, generally Earthed potential, and not forming part of the electrical...
  10. J

    Domestic Testing supplementary bonding

    I wondered what you're thoughts were on this method of testing the supplementary bonding in a domestic installation. So disconnect the ten mill water bond at the board and connect one crock clip to it then connect the other crock clip to the cpc bar, Hey presto can anyone think of a reason why...
  11. E

    Quick Definition Help needed (No ref books with me right now)

    Would anyone be so kind as to reply to this post with the BS7671 wording of the definitions “Exposed Conductive Part” and "Extraneous Conductive Part". At work right now (without ref books) and trying to remember if the definition of “Exposed Conductive Part” is restricted to part of an...
  12. P

    Water bonding on a PIR

    When carrying out a PIR do you actually have to see the earth clamp on the water pipe? I've had a few jobs lately where only the stopcock can be seen at the back of the kitchen cupboard and everything else is boxed in. I check continuity from the stopcock back to the CU and that is ok, but do I...
  13. S

    TN-C-S / Pyro / Outbuilding Upgrade

    Hi, bit of a job with scope creep going on. "Oooo it's so good we've found a nice electrician we can get all these things done that we've wanted for years". Client wants new outside lights on garage but existing isolation and circuit protection supplying garage is falling apart so that needs...
  14. M

    Mains bonding query

    Hi all I'm going through my training and am confusing myself in regard to mains bonding. Is it there to protect the instalation from a fault withing the building or a fault outside the building making the incoming water or gas supply pipes live. Sorry to sound stupid but I need to get this...
  15. Pip

    How can you Earth Bond plastic incoming mains water pipe?

    Hi People, Looked at a job today which requires adjustments to the CU and noticed there is 16mm from CU to MET which is cool, 10mm from MET to Gas main incoming, and bonding between all pipes coming in and out of the boiler linked off the GAS main bonding. When I pointed out that there...
  16. Z

    Bonding of metal trunking and metal encloseres

    Hi guys, Does anybody knows that in an industrial area bonding of the metal trunking parts and the metal enclosures counts as the main equipotential bonding? Becaouse this would effect bonding cable size. Thanks!
  17. W

    Domestic New MCB Board & the garage

    I am now in a postion to apply to join a relevant body for Part P approval. The CU in my house needs replacing (actually there are currently two as extensions have been added over the years) I will put in a new RCD split board but I am unsure about the feed to the garage which is away from the...
  18. D

    underfloor heating

    Hello, with regard to underfloor heating mats, the new regs 753.411.3.2 state, "in the case of heating units delivered without exposed conductive parts, a suitable conductive covering, for example a grid with a spacing of not more than 30mm shall be provided on site as an...
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