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  1. Baddegg

    Fault finding easier in the dark!

    Fault in lighting circuit, started poking about in the loft in the dark and managed to find it....:tearsofjoy:....
  2. M

    Manufacturer question : 3kW installation - easier than 4.4 kW

    Hello everyone - new member here, from a manufacturer/distributor trying to understand how our products get installed and what we can do to make it easier. I own a manufacturing company, we currently sell instant water heaters and other space and water heaters to electrical wholesalers -...
  3. D

    Warmup UFH mats

    Hi All, I've been continuously been installing Warmup's UFH cable kits for the last 2 years. Next week I have a job that requires me to lay the Warmup UFH mat kit(s). Anything I should know or are they easy enough? Some tell me they are easier than the cable kits. Any help and advice would...
  4. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Clever or what??

  5. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Test and Inspect NZ style

    How easy is this? still bored but it's nearly vino time
  6. Leesparkykent

    Transit custom double cab

    Just wondering if anyone has one? I'm considering a double cab van LWB so if I ever have to pick/drop the kids off on my way to or from work I have the room. The missus is a nurse so sometimes is working unsociable hours and would make life easier if I could do this. I was speaking to someone in...
  7. N

    2394/2395 Course

    Hi all, I'm looking at going on the 2394/2395 course which was previously the 2391. Apparently the 2391 was difficult to pass and had a high fail rate. Is the new one easier? Does anyone have any info or a guide? Thanks all
  8. P

    Commercial emergency lighting diagram

    Need some help if anyone can, i have been trawling the internet and forums to find a basic wiring diagram of a non maintained emergency lighting circuit with a key switch incorporated. so far i have found nothing. I DO NOT NEED IT EXPLAINING THATS NOT THE ISSUE. i find everything falls into...
  9. happyhippydad

    Core drill or SDS for a large hole in the wall?

    Evening all... On the few occassions I have fitted a kitchen extractor fan the builder has already cut the hole! This time I'm cutting it! I have a cordless makita SDS which although great I have ruled out as not powerful enough but I am unsure whether to get the correct tool for the job, i.e...
  10. oxford 12

    iPhone app

    Just changed phone,but have lost the app from the old iphone.Have not been able to download the app to new phone.Can anyone help ?.
  11. P

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) jib

    Is it possible to switch from Sjib to jib while still living in Scotland?
  12. I

    ELECSA Certification Scheme yippe elecsa assesment passed

    yippeee just finished my elecsa assessment now passed with flying colours wasnt half as bad or taxing as i thought :smilewinkgrin:
  13. N

    Question regarding Continuity of Ring Final circuit.

    Can we carry out the continuity test for the ring final by connecting the line, neutral, and cpc end to end at any socket or do we have to identify and disconnect the conductors at the C/U? I am aksing as i think it is much easier to link the line, neutral, and cpc end to end at any socket...
  14. P

    solar tiles

    Lads anyone used them? new roof so should be ok! what do i need to look out for?
  15. L

    Addng cpc to two core lighting circuit

    Fellas is it permissible to run a single 2.5mm in a loft or do really need double insulated?, there has been an attempt to add an earth to the circuit before but they missed the switches out and some fittings are 32Ohm R1+R2, it's in a bungalow so should be easy
  16. B

    American conduit benders

    Hello, as an electrician who frequently works in the United States as well as the UK, I was wondering why UK electricians don't adopt the US style conduit bender as shown below - US UK This style of bender comes in 3 sizes - 1/2 inch, 3/4...
  17. S

    Rcd test

    When doing the rcd test on sockets. Do you repeat the test at every socket in the ring or just at the middle of the ring, and within what time does the rcd have to trip at x1 its tripping current 200ms or 300ms? Thanks
  18. B

    what size conduit for 6mm t&e?

    Hi need to run some 6mm t&e in conduit what size would you say 32mm or 38mm Cheers
  19. W

    Lighting Circuit....

    Is it acceptable to do a normal lighting circuit but have 2 x 1.5mm twin and earths coming out of 1 6a MCB for a full rewire? Reason being is that the house has an awkward step upstairs which makes it difficult to get cables to the other two rooms. Thanks
  20. J

    Installing an outdoor socket

    Hello everybody, Can anybody tell me if I need another RCD to protect a single outdoor socket in my garden? I already have a 30mA RCD main switch at the C.U so would this be sufficient? Also, would it be ok to spur straight from a socket on the ring circuit-using 2.5mm SWA to the socket, about...
  21. L

    Chasing walls for light switches

    Hi all, I need to chase 4 walls for light switches shortly. Its in my own home. Had it re-wired few months back but due to time restrictions had to have wall mounted switches and trunking fitted. Was planning on using my sds drill then 25mm chisel, covering cable with pvc channeling. Any...
  22. S

    Volt drop and cable calculations

    Hi guys, does anybody have a quick or easier way of working lout volt drop or cable calculations?? Basically, a way of working out if cable size and length is suitable for design? I am always looking in OSG and BS7671, so wondered if any easier way. Thanks guys and speak soon. Sav :)
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