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  1. P

    Apprenticeship vs Evening course

    Hi, I’m interested in training as an electrician and have an opportunity to work with an electrician. I’m just considering the best route to take. Is doing an apprenticeship the best route? Or would I be better off working 5 days a week and going to college in the evenings. Are there any...
  2. C

    Any evening courses in Derbyshire

    I’m 20 years old and looking at training to be an electrician domestic & commercial, I’ve been looking at places for a while now for evening courses and I’m not having much luck. I’ve emailed and done my research but I’ve had no replies or just haven’t found the right one. I don’t know if it’s...
  3. M

    I'm looking for Level 3 diploma evening course near South London

    Hello all. I am Martin and it's my first post. I am looking for C&G Level 3 evening course 19+ from September 2020 as close as possible to SW19 in South London. I checked a couple of places in the area but I couldn't find anything. Please let me know if you know any. Regards
  4. D

    Evening classes in Kent

    Hi all, I am trying to find (with not much luck) evening courses in Kent to become a qualified electrician. I’m involved in the Shelving & Racking industry and our mobile Shelving, although plug and play Ethernet cabling, I feel requires an electrical qualification, especially if providing...
  5. J

    Evening from a new member

    Evening everyone, tired ageing sparks, trying not to beat my NICEIC assessor to death with my pristine blue book. Come here to hopefully find some sensible people
  6. Milo81

    Evening from Burton On Trent

    good evening thought introduce myself, decided to take the plunge and go the college route this September but hopefully not long after start I’d prefer an apprenticeship. Currently working within FM for a well known brewery company but trades are over 4hr drive away. I do have a good few hours...
  7. D

    evening from Scotland- advice if possible.

    Hi everyone, Im looking for any info on making a Horstmann Electronic 7 able to be connected to a "smart" control - Hive, Nest Tado…anything. Alternatively is there a smart product that would replace the Horstmann to provide this capability.
  8. TechnicianSK

    Evening from Cheshire

    Alright guys! Just thought I would post an introduction! I was an electricians mate (slave ) for 5 years before moving into Telecoms with BT. I'm looking to move into CCTV installation to go alongside my dad's electrical firm so thought I'd sign up for advice and to learn! Cheers all!
  9. T

    Good evening all my fellows :)

    Managed to avoid the whole forum thing for more years than I want to think about, but I now find myself in need of some venting and healthy unbiased (if that's possible) discussion about the 18th Edition, SPD's, but mostly the complete mess that is digital certification!!! Where's the progress...
  10. C

    RCD Tripped More Than Once In a Single Evening

    My RCD tripped more than once in a single evening. When I went into my kitchen to investigate my appliances I noticed that my washing machine was left on (in pause mode). Does anyone think the cause of the tripping could be the washing machine (especially when left turned on)?
  11. Yplan

    Evening lads

    Hi lads, Been lurking for a while mainly perusing the business threads as I'm looking to start out on my own next year, sick of working away and want to spend more time with the wife and kids. Anyway I've worked for a few different companies over my 15 years in this game doing different types...
  12. ThatCompexDude

    Evening all, from sunny? South Wales

    Hi all. Came across these forums when I started getting my arse in gear about a decade ago. Im from South Wales, 30 years old, currently working as a CompEx Inspector subbing to a very large utility company. Been working as a Hazardous Area inspector now for about 3 years. As I used this site a...
  13. R

    Evening everyone....

    Hiya About to do some extension and refurb work on the house and looking to fit a smart home system. Builder's sparks will do the mains wiring bits but the other stuff I'll be doing myself as I'm reasonably handy but also a bit OCD which drives tradesmen nuts (sorry!!). Anyhow, seems like a...
  14. john mckellar

    Good evening everyone - My introduction.

    An indentured apprentice, I completed my training as an Electrical Fitter in Coulport on the River Clyde (HM Gov). Although no longer practicing I'm interested in all things Electrical and try to keep current. Thanks for allowing me to join your group.
  15. S

    Evening Sparkies - Introduction

    Just to introduce myself - another newbie here. At 25 I have just enrolled at my local college to do the evening courses over 3 years (Lvl 1, 2 and 3). Having spent some time phoning around local electricians in my area, no one seems to want to let me lend a hand for free! Seems like one of...
  16. R

    Evening all...............

    Just signed up...couple of decades experience behind me, mostly industrial and domestic but I've been away from the industry for the last 5 years...possibly thinking of making a comeback but I think I've forgotten so much it's like starting again lol...anyway, what have I missed in the last 5...
  17. C

    Evening all, looking to get back into the trade

    Evening all.. I left the trade ten years ago to pursue a different career, having worked in the industry from 16-25. I managed to achieve my Parts 1 and 2 C+G when BS7671 was 16th edition. Primarily working in domestic and commercial, latterly railway signalling and tunnel lighting on the...
  18. M

    Electricians Mate Trainee Electrician/Electricians mate looking for work in Loughborough, Leicestershire area.

    Trainee Electrician/Electricians mate looking for work in Loughborough, Leicestershire area. I am in my second year at Loughborough College. I attend one day a week on a Wednesday evening. I am studying EAL Level 2 and then level 3 next year. I am at Fischer Future Heat but its very long hours...
  19. M

    2394 2395 4 day intensive.

    Good evening everyone. I finally convinced my company to put me through my 2394 2395. I wanted to take this as an evening course over 6 months however the provider messed me around and the course fell through. I've had to commit to a 4 day intensive with the written exams 8 weeks later and...
  20. J

    Rcbo's tripping times

    I am testing a new build installation of 90 flats all the flats have 1 16a Rcbo when I test the tripping times I get a higher reading at 5x than 1x on all 90 flats they r all wylex can anyone help me on this matter
  21. R


    I was booked onto the 2394 course at my local college. They have cancelled due to lack of numbers. So I tried two others and they said they will run it when they have enough interest. Anybody else having these issues? I know training centres do the course but they don't seem to do evening and...
  22. D

    MDF as meter board

    Good evening everyone, I have always used 18mm ply for new meter/cu boards, but i,ve got some 18 mm MDF left over from another project, can anyone think of a reason not to use this? Kind regards David Long
  23. 1

    Domestic Wylex BS EN number for 63A main switch?

    Evening all, silly me forgot to make a note of the BS EN number for the 63A Main switch I installed on my recent job. I've been hunting high and low through various catalogues I have at my disposal and it appears that I am fighting a lost battle. Would anyone have one to hand so that they...
  24. G

    Attention All Solar PV Installers.

    Hi there. Some of you may be aware that Fiona from REAL has been in contact with us with regard to holding a live Q&A session on the forum. I've had a chat with her & Dan and they both support the idea as do I. The format suggested is something along the lines of a 1 hour session where the...
  25. Y

    Training course recomendations in West Yorkshire

    Hi Folks, I am looking to start studying towards some electricians qualifications part time in the evening. I am considering changing careers but at the moment would like to do a course or two that may help me in the future. I have a back ground in electronics and telecomunications so...
  26. K

    When do you guys do all your paperwork?

    Morning people, As the titles says, when do you guys do your paperwork? Do you allow a day in the week to sort invoices, quotes, etc, or do you do all that in the evenings I have always done mine in the evenings but get so bloody frustrated as this leaves me with no social life, i never see...
  27. F

    local authority smoke alarms

    Hi Guys ,friends house was rewired 3 yrs ago.........contractor installed 3 x mains powered smoke detectors with battery back up smoke detectors which can can be tested and silenced via double gang test switch...........problem ocurrs approx 9pm each evening ..........sounders start blasting...
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