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  1. Y

    Commercial The right way to setup electrics at an event?

    Hi all, I've recently ventured into hiring products and providing services for events/weddings etc. We've been at it for a couple of years now and it's going well. I currently just use a MASTERPLUG LDCT2513BQ/4-XD 13A 4-GANG 25M CABLE REEL 240V extension cable to plug in 2 x 1000w 13amp coil...
  2. H

    Looking for Onsite Event Electricians

    Looking for reliable Electricians/Generator technicians for a busy summer of Events. Events are all round the UK but we are based in the South East. Please email [email protected] for more details
  3. leep82

    Carbon Monoxide Alarm

    Currently pricing a rewire for a two bed terraced house and just wondered on people thoughts on fire detection. I am going to install mains powered with battery back up and was thinking of :- 1 x heat detector in kitchen 1 x smoke detector in living room 1 x smoke detector on landing Should i...
  4. Dan

    Events Systems Test Event

    Events Systems Test Event advice reviews and feedback 2017 Dan submitted a new resource: Events Systems Test Event - Test TESTING THE... Click to expand... Events Systems Test Event Are you a DIYer? find a free diy advice websitehere. Plumber in the making? find a plumbing advice website for...
  5. Pro Electrician

    ELEX, Manchester 9th & 10th March

    ELEX will be coming to Event City, Manchester on the 9th & 10th March A dedicated trade event for electricians, free parking, free entry, seminars, product demonstrations, plus a free T-**** & bacon roll. Check out our ELEX video Elexshow - http://elexshow.info/ Anthony.
  6. S

    Max Zs on rcbo type c 32a 1667 or 0.54??

    Has anyone any views on max Zs for say a type c 32a rcbo at 80% is 0.54 and 100% 0.68. I am currently testing a collage and all ring circuits are type c and I am exceeding 0.54 and 0.68 this is a TNCS system so to my knowledge table 41.5 in regs which tells us 1667 for 32a rcbo for TT systems...
  7. Leesparkykent

    Amendment 3 escape routes and building control.

    So yesterday I was wiring the communal areas in a block of flats that im doing and the building control officer pops his head in with the site agent. Concrete ceilings that's having a MF suspended ceiling underneath so we are using bang in cable tie bases.......Building control officer pipes up...
  8. Des 56

    Solar eclipse tomorrow

    That very rare event can be witnessed starting from 8-30 ish and the most cover at 9-30 ish in the morning The Scottish islands will be 100% but there may be a lot of cloud Here in Wales we will get 93% eclipse with clear blue sky,the Midlands should be fine as well Now the forecast is done...
  9. D Skelton

    Elex Manchester

    Who's going, and on what date?
  10. rmaynard

    Domestic Thoughts needed - Battery back-up

    Iv been thinking about a way to keep the lights on during a power cut and have come up with the following idea, it will be mainly used in domestic properties, iv included an automatic change-over, im picking up a ups today and am going to trial it at home, just wondering if anyone has any...
  11. A

    Iphone 5

    Just seen the new iphone and some specs looks pretty cool! anyone else watching the real time apple blog! CNET's Apple event live blog (Wednesday, September 12) | CNET
  12. S

    Renewables Roadshow - Ricoh Arena Coventry

    We will be exhibiting at the first of six "Renewables Roadshows" at The Rocoh Arena in Coventry tomorrow (Thursday 13th). There are demonstrations and presentations along with a good amount of exhibitors, so we are looking forward to a successful event. If any local installers are planning to go...
  13. mayfair

    trade stand

    Hi Anybody been to a exibition / show type of thing to sell their services Ive just booked one so any pics of what you may have done just looking for ideas. Cheers Mayfair
  14. H

    DC Overvoltage

    I have a 12 x Sanyo 250 HIT system with SMA HF3000-30 inverter installed in June this year. Just returned from holiday and was alarmed to see the above error code when I downloaded events via Bluetooth. The log is attached. I checked in the handbook for the inverter and it said that the system...
  15. R

    Free MCS Accreditation Help (offered)

    I am running an event on 25th January in Stoke, through RESCO (Renewable Energy Supply Chain Opportunities) it is a project to help companies in the West Midlands become part of the wider renewable supply chain. The event is about MCS accreditation, it is free to all companies in the WM. The...
  16. D

    Dual RCD CU

    if someone can clear this up please, when upgrading a CU to comply with the current regulations, does the new unit have to be a dual RCD to avoid tripping off the entire installation in the event of a fault or is it still acceptable to have just an RCD board :confused:
  17. S

    insurance at events

    Hi all, Ive been asked to be the site electrician at an annual in event in a public park, what additioanl insurance should i have? I have public liability to 2 million, the event itself has its own public liability insurance. Thank you
Electrical Insurance
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