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  1. J

    stud finder finds cable but need advise

    Hi I have a wall where i know that there are some wires inside, as the electric installation of the thermostat is placed there. I need to drill a hole in that area and obviously i want to avoid hitting those cables. I have bought a stud finder to see where can i drill the hole, but it...
  2. 123

    Stud finder recommendations

    My old stud finder has given up the ghost, it was a cheap and cheerful no brand make but did the job I needed it for - finding studs & joists. Has anyone got recommendations for a replacement? Had a play with an expensive Bosch one the kitchen fitter had and found it horrible to use.
  3. Sintra

    Cable tracer / fuse finder

    As per the title I am looking for recommendations for a new fuse finder / cable tracer. Not worried about the price more the accuracy of the instrument.
  4. S

    Will a Fuse Finder do this?

    Hi, I'm working up an estimate for a board change for a flat in a small block. Checking for the main incomers in the Dry riser cupboards and of course the labels are 'inconclusive' to say the least! I confess in the past I've just pulled fuses (one was 5 fuses until the right one) but whacking...
  5. E

    Signal tester

    hi, what do you guys recommend to buy for a signal tester. I've seen the pocket sized ones but not sure they are any good?? I'm not a full time installer but when doing re-wires I get asked to install the aerials, I've been lucky until recent at getting good signal strengths. Hence I'm looking...
  6. L

    T.v point testing?

    Just wondering whether there is a plug in tool to test the signal of t.v points? Something similar to sky signal finder but to plug into a standard point? Recently been installing a lot of points and the thought of lugging a customers t.v all around a house/block of flats seem ridiculous. Thanks.
  7. uksparks

    12v Relay

    Hi, I think I asked this before, but have a 12v alarm output that I want to switch a 230v load. Can you get a din rail mounted relay or Contactor?
  8. C

    Relay advice please

    Hi, have this relay which needs replacing but cannot seem to find the right one any where in the uk i think i may have found one at maplins but it has 8 pins on the bottom infact all the ones i do come across have 8 pins as you can see mine only has 6. does anyone know of an alternative...
  9. Y

    Circuit ID

    Hi All, Does anyone know a decent and reliable cable locator and a circuit identifying device? I've got a BIG job coming up id'ing all of the circuits in each of our 11 DB's on site and would like to know if there is a modern way of doing it rather than the prehistoric way of switching MCB's...
  10. G

    Fuse Finder.

    Evening chaps, Can anyone confirm wether or not this unit is actually any good i.e, does it actually do what it says on the tin??? Martindale FD600 Professional Fuse Finder Kit I have some investigation works to carry out in a very sensitive environment and need to be 100% sure before I knock...
  11. F

    Fuse finder

    Hi people, I have been asked to do a periodic inspection and test on a small oil refinery. I had a quick look at the electrics when I did the PAT testing and absolutely every circuit is unlabelled. I wanted to know what the best fuse finder is and if one can be used whilst everything is live...
  12. E

    fuse finder kit?

    has anyone used these fuse finder its?
  13. E

    Brand NEw Socked & See Fuse Finder & Extra Reciever

    I have a brand new socket and see fuse finder as pictured below, but also includes a second reciever unit which is ideal for large installations where two people can search for the supplying board. Full Spec here: Socket & See Easy Fuse Finder Kit :: Sparks Direct Supplies Any questions feel...
  14. J

    Circuits every where

    Hi guys wonder if anyone can help? i've inherited a job that has existing circuits that where to be reused,but in the meantime walls and floors have been demolished and there is cables everywhere. the new area will get new circuits but i really need to use the existing as well because several...
  15. D

    Fuse and cable finder

    Buy Newlec Fuse and Cable Finder, With Neon - NLFCF any body used one??? any good??
  16. T

    Fuse Finder

    Hi Could anyone recomend a good fuse finder Many thanks Steve
  17. E

    Domestic Room thermostat

    Hi guys hope you can help me here. I have just finished a new heating system a old ladies bunglow. It is a friend of my dads that he looks after. anyway, she is 96 years old and is visually impaired, therefore the standard programmable room stat that i put in is no good for her. She needs...
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