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  1. Martyn Campbell

    Domestic Wiring to Garage under floorboards SWA Required?

    Hi, My Garage is attached to my house and currently there is a standard 3 core cable running from my consumer in there. I have just had my consumer upgraded/replaced and starting renovations on the bedroom directly next to the garage so would like to replace the cable as well. As the cable...
  2. S

    Re-wire preference - under floorboards or removed ceiling

    Hi! I'm new to the forum - thanks for having me. I have a question for a domestic rewire - I just bought my first property and want to know the prefered method for a rewire and if it really matters or is a personal preference. I'm going to rip down the thin chipboard ceiling and have it...
  3. happyhippydad

    One vent for 2 extractors, under floorboards?

    I have to get a kitchen extractor and shower room extractor vented outside. They are back to back to each other on the ground floor. There are no external walls that lead to the outside. I can run the ducting under the floorboards between the same joist (both extractors) all the way to the...
  4. G

    Found cabling under floorboards, is it safe?

    Been living in our current house for a couple of years and finally turning our spare bedroom (junk room at the moment) into a useable bedroom. I want to move a double socket a couple of feet to the left so we can fit some wardrobes in so I lifted a floorboard up today to see if it would be easy...
  5. T

    Getting up floorboards with no marks?

    As a matter of interest, I was mulling about a tool that could lift floorboards with no marks. I wonder if anyone on here has any method/tool to do so. Having lifted, no doubt, hundreds of floorboards over the years I can certainly get pretty well any board up without breakage. However I cannot...
  6. I

    Domestic Cable run under floorboards

    Hi Group Had a third party inspection by a NAPIT tester, to get building control approval for a pv installation. He has failed the cable run in Twin and Earth under my floorboards even though its greater than 50mm from surface. No 30ma RCD fitted to this circuit. I though it was acceptable if...
  7. F

    looking to put 4 power showers in hotel

    hi, im looking to put 4 power showers in a very small hotel, so far on the consumer unit i have b6, b6, b32, b6, b6 ,b16, b16, b32 and another b32 so i was wondering as there are another 4 spaces for mcbs could i install 4, 10.5 kw showers shower 1: has 10m horizontal run under floorboards...
  8. scotsparky

    Domestic rewire

    Finnaly after 20+ years in the trade i have been caught and have to do a domestic rewire. I have had no experiance with them only done Industrial , commercial. All hints Tips and shortcuts are needed sure you have loads.
  9. E

    Best way for lifting floorboards?

    Hi guys, could someone give me some advice on how you lift floorboards? If I am lifting one or two I usually just use my Fein multimaster to cut over the joist on each end and along the tongue. I was shown at college to use a floorboard saw but I find them so time consuming. My boss also...
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