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  1. F

    Help with installing 3 way switch to control lights on three separate floors

    First and foremost I would like to introduce myself. My name is Faysal and I reside in East London. By profession I am a Operation Manager within the NHS but have a patient to do home electrical DIY project. I picked up basic electrical skills from a young age, tagging along my uncle who was a...
  2. A

    Load Balancing

    how do i balance the three phase system wire into 5 floors?... give me examples plz plz help
  3. I

    flush mounted socket price

    hi guys after a little advice for pricing on an extra flush mounted socket. Property has concrete floors. now for a surface mounted double socket i usally quote arround £45.00 which is 1 hours labour plus matirials which i think is a fair price. now i would estimate 2.5 to 3 hours labour for...
  4. B

    sub boards

    hello there everyone just got a quick question in regards to a new installation i am doing at the moment it is a manor house 20m in length. i was wondering whats the best way to go about it i would like to put a domestic board on each of the 3 floors and one in the basement is it best to...
  5. U

    problem with pirs,

    hi can anyone help , just been called to luxury 4 storey flats.the problem is the internal staircase lights,there is 4 floors with 4 p,i,r, sensors and 30 lights in the staircase.any pir turns on all lights from any floor it has a overide swich grid and a emergency grid switch. all pir have...
  6. tuckermot

    chip board floors !!!

    what is the method most used when you have to lift chip board floors thanks;)
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