Free webinar - UK Forms Overview

    UK Forms Overview Webinar Details & Registration Time: 20th May 12:00 / UK, BST (GMT + 1:00) Free Registration to Attend We hope that you, your family, friends and colleagues have managed to stay healthy, secure and sane during these difficult times. In this Webinar we will be presenting an...
  2. I

    Megger FormFiller - 18th ed. forms?

    Thought I'd have a look at Megger's free certification software FormFiller yesterday. Downloaded it no problem and was quite impressed with it, seems user friendly and straightforward to use. Then I noticed the forms are still 17th edition! Anyone know if they have a newer version with 18th...
  3. stuarth

    Domestic Check box forms

    Anyone able to point me in the direction of a check box spread sheet I could download, I did create one from scratch a few weeks ago but Mac drive died and the back up failed as well ffs and can not face creating it again:(
  4. S

    RCD disconnection times on 2018 forms

    Evening all, happy Friday! On the new forms there is only one column for RCD disconnection times. I understood you would just record the highest of the 5x readings but on looking around to confirm I found this article on Professional-Electrician: "The model forms in Appendix 6 have been...
  5. happyhippydad

    What to put in 'Distribution reference' on forms?

    This is something I've been meaning to ask for sometime. What do you guys put for 'Distribution reference, or distribution reference number' on the forms? Sometimes there is what looks like a specific number on the CU, but more often than not there is nothing to distinguish a particular CU.
  6. happysteve

    Updates: new happysteve editable PDF forms (18th Edition)

    Happy New Year everyone! :) Not that I leave things to the last minute or anything, but... ;) For those like me who don't use software to fill out their EICs, EICRs and MEIWCs (or write them out by hand), I'm pleased to present updates to my fillable/editable PDF forms, now pretty much...
  7. P

    EICR on non logo forms?

    I get that you don't need to be part P regeistered to do an EICR, but has anyone ever had their EICRs questioned because they aren't completed on Elecsa/Niceic logo forms (I am referring to those part P only not full scope schemes that don't allow use of their logo on EICRs)?
  8. Gavin John Hyde

    Anybody got the danger notice forms as a pdf?

    Need to issue a danger notice to a customer. They have a new electric shower without a earth conductor, very low IR readings and to top it off the cable has signs of burning on the damaged earth cable in the back of the isolator. that has been cut off short and is covered in melted green/yellow...
  9. J

    the new iet model forms, how do you interpret them

    Hi all I noticed the new iet model forms no longer have live to neutral IR testing column. They do have L-L IR column, but im assuming thats for 3 phase, wondered what you guys think. all input appreciated
  10. happysteve

    MEIWC - PDF form (editable) - for up to 3 circuits - BS7671 Amendment 3:2015 model form 2019-01-01

    This is a MEIWC (Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate) in the format of a PDF. You can fill out the details using any PDF reader. It is derived from the IET model forms, at: There is a copyright notice on the...
  11. happysteve

    MEIWC (Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate): editable PDF based on IET Model Form

    happysteve submitted a new resource: MEIWC - PDF form (editable) - BS7671 Amendment 3:2015 model form - PDF form, with fields you can fill in using any PDF reader. Pretty close to the IET model form. Read more about this resource...
  12. P

    emergency lighting periodic testing

    hi all, am I right in assuming we cant use the red forms anymore? haven't done any eme testing for some time but have a few red forms lying a bout and have asked to test a system in HMO only 5 NM lights
  13. N

    2394 Do i need it ?

    Hi everyone ,was after some advice regarding the 2394 (initial verification) and wether or not i need to do it? ive completed the following: 17th edition level 2&3 C&G 2365 diploma AM2 i covered intial verification in unit 303 of my level 3 diploma and again in my am2 so ive done it for...
  14. driverman

    Electronic EICR + EIC forms

    Hi guys, been away off this site for ages, glad to be back. No doubt been asked many times before,but is there is a link whereby I can download EICR / EIC forms just to use as a one off. Also as I'm very rusty filling in these forms, is there an explanation page for the Schedule of Inspection...
  15. NDG Elecs

    NAPIT Certification Scheme NAPIT certfill forms and saving them on tablets.

    Evening Folks, I use the above forms on laptop. Generally write roughly then type up at home. I did download the latest Adobe reader/viewer/thingymabob, but when you go to save the cert you cannot rename it or do 'save as'. It will only save as the original Adobe file name. I tried this...
  16. E

    Stupid Question- Do i need to go back for rcd test?

    Just done a small additional Immersion circuit install. Run cable through floor space and on surface in trunking. Fitted to a new MCB on spare way in existing consumer unit. Unit had a main switch and a seperate rcd protecting the MCB's. Do I need to go back and get the rcd test results for the...
  17. T

    What software do you use?

    Hi Folks I'm getting fed up of writing all my forms out twice because I have the writing of a 4 year old. Also not naturally the most organised of people so thinking it will be easier for me to get some software. Not to mention it will be more professional! I'd ideally like something I can use...
  18. T

    Where to get new EICR form?

    Hi Folks Hoping someone can save what's left of my Friday night, I've spent the last hour trying to find the new EICR form but so far have failed! I'm very interested in taking out an app subscription as I'm dealing with a lot more corporate type clients lately and obviously it looks better...
  19. P

    EICR for property sale

    Hi, I work for a NICEIC registered company and a friend has asked me to do an EICR for the sale of his house, , I can do all the testing myself and my boss will charge me x amount for the NICEIC certificates, but I was just wondering to save on costs can I just use blank forms and sign them off...
  20. G

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa certs

    hi guys is it possible to buy Elecsa certs over the counter or can you only get them off there website ? ran out of minor works certs and need them sharpish. cheers
  21. driverman

    Eicr reports

    Morning guys, another one for you guys that carry out EICR's. When filling in report for "current using equipment (permanently connected)", what does that actually refer to? Does it refer to appliances only ie cookers etc? Thanks
  22. C

    Commercial (RAMS) Risk assessment and method statements, HR

    Hi Does anybody know of any decent risk assessment and method statement software, generic stuff that you can alter for task specific. Also if it incorporates HR stuff even better... :computer: Theres a few ive seen online but expensive and i dont want to buy with out maybe a referral Thanks...
  23. S

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Certification by the Niceic

    Hi all, was going to buy some software to help with certification and heard amtech and easycert are pretty good but have heard now that the Niceic are going to be doing a pay per use scheme where by we wouldn't own the software or indeed the rights so no up front fees.... Could anyone tell me...
  24. S

    courses about guidance to filling out new EICR

    Anybody been on these two day courses about filling out new EICR and can they recommend any if they have
  25. M

    Circuit details and test result forms.

    Hi all. Does anyone know where to download or have any blank circuit detail and test result forms. Thanks
  26. P

    code 1 on EICR

    my amtech flags up a code 1 when max zs is reached on a protective device when tested and the results entered ELECSA guidance notes quote it as a cde 2 anybody suggest which to follow as it can create problems on site
  27. D

    inputting data into IET test sheets on a PC

    Hey guys, Does anyone have or know of Excel and not PDF versions or something similar of the model BS7671 forms - specifically the EICR forms? I'm testing the communal areas in blocks of flats. Virtually all the data is identical bar the test results. Hand writing all the info is incredibly...
  28. E

    Eicr cert forms

    Anyone have a link/pdf for the eicr form thats in the back of the regs book? Thanks all!
  29. S

    ipad EICR Forms

    I am after some editable EICR forms that can be filled in on the IPad - I am using Napit Desktop but that wont run on MAC, and I cant get any emulator for the ipad either. If anyone knows of any free apps (or cheap apps) for the ipad that has EICR forms please let me know. Many Thanks in advanced
  30. N

    Some questions regrading Filling in the PIR.

    There is a section in the PIR Section F, that states" I/We recommend that the installation (Domestic) is further inspected and tested by ...............(Date)" What date to we put for Domestic? Is it 6 months? from the initial PIR. I don't have the date of last inspection. Also does any one...
  31. P

    Ofgem Solar PV Declaration

    From page 47 of the Ofgem Guidance for renewable installations (Version 3) "All applications for accreditation of new solar PV installations with an eligibility date on or after 1 April 2012, need to be accompanied by a copy of this document......" Just had British Gas let us know of this new...
  32. i=p/u

    NICEIC Certification Scheme niceic draft forms

    does anyone know where i can find these and if your wondering why, i need them to re write my scribles..... only draft
  33. R

    2391 EICR question

    Hi, I understand now that they have changed PIR to Electrical installation condition report however what I want to know what other forms come with it? Is it still the Schedule of Test results and Schedule of inspections or have they changed the name of them too? Unfortunately haven't got the...
  34. E

    Do I have to use another set of forms for each board?????????????????????????

    Another question. Do I have to use another set of forms for each board as if it was another installation or can i use same forms with added test schedule sheets for other boards.
  35. M

    Estimated age of installation

    Sorry if this has been covered I but couldn't find anything. Nor could I find information as to when white pvc t&e was first used in domestic installations. When filling out test forms they ask the estimated age of installation, and if possible i'm after a timeline for the years that rubber...
  36. O

    can anybody send me a copy of a completed EICR

    Can anybody or even a couple of people send (pm)me a completed copy of an EICR the reason for this for comparison purposes only and I can assure would not be for public consumption. thanks
  37. D

    Blank installation certificates/reports etc

    Hi guys, Any chance someone can point me in the direction of some blank forms for practice? Cheers!
  38. P

    When do the PIR become obsolete?

    Could somebody please tell me when the PIR becomes obsolete and when we should be doing the new EICR test?
  39. D

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Blank certificates for my NICEIC registration visit

    Hi Team, Ive got my inspection in a months time in which the NICEIC engineer comes to check my work. I understand that the certificates that I have to show him as to be unlogo'ed. Can I use the certificates from this site Forms for electrical contractors - IET Electrical or is there another...
  40. O

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) how do i get my jib card

    I'm currently working for my self, mostly house bashing. been offered the chance of a job but when i said i ain't got my jib card, they gave me a disappointed look told me I'm not a real spark and said we cant offer you anything, I've got 17th ed, 2330lvl3. 2391, nvq3. i had a look through the...
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