1. M

    fronius or solaredge and solar quote

    Hi I would be grateful for advise. Is fronius( ? prima) inverter better than solaredge new HD wave for 4 K home installation. There are reported problems with solaredge optimiser needing replacement with time which would be a hassle. Are there any fire safety concerns with fronius. Can fronius...
  2. V

    Fronius error fault on display :(.!!!

    Hello everyone! Hope all that sun brings to everyone a lots of KW! On display of my Fronius IG 30 plus inverter red led light is on and error on display "STATE 117" Any idea? Looked on manual and is this fault relaited to AC and national grid. Dos anyone had this error on their inverter...
  3. P

    Solar PV Monitors

    Hi all I’m currently installing PV and would like to know if any of you guys and girls could recommend any PV monitoring systems that I could offer to my customers as an add on or after sale extra? All ideas welcome as there a few to choose from. :D
  4. SolarCity

    Linuo panels - performing better than Sanyo?

    Okay, probably like the rest of you we have been monitoring a lot of our systems lately as we have a bit of time on our hands. We have been comparing results with our predicted yields on both software and SAP and trying to see which panels are performing the best. Sanyo are performing well but...
  5. G

    Wake Fronius IG TL Inverter to check software version?

    Has anybody updated the firmware on a Fronius IG TL inverter via USB? I've read a Fronius PDF guide that states if the software version of the 'Display Software' is lower than SW V1.1.1.0 and the software version of the 'Power Stage Software' is lower than SW V1.1.0.0 then an update is...
  6. G

    znshine panel 260 watt any good?

    Anyobe used these panels? Im possibly fitting 16 of these gordon
  7. Y

    12 Sanyo 240 panels inverter match

    Can anyone run through pvsol for me the best performing inverter for 12 x Sanyo HIT N240SE10 panels Either 1 x 12 or 2 x 6. I have short listed Diehl 3100S SMA SB2500HF30 Fronius IG30 or IG30 plus. I am kinda stuck with getting the best out of this ESE facing roof as I can. Thanks in advance
  8. A

    Suntechs unavailable - so which panel to substitute in its place?

    Was happy with my quotes for 4kW system: SMA 4000TL with Suntech STP 250S 20/WD + Blackpearl. The Suntech seemed to be very good regarding cost/output - but obviously their lack of availability rules them out. Which 250W panel would be a good replacement, considering size of panel is not an...
  9. T

    15 panel Sanyo N235W vs 16 panel Sanyo N240

    Hi I have agreed a PV installation on my South facing roof with a local installer. They listened to my requirements (I have limited roof space) and designed a system I was very happy with. The pertinent facts are: South facing roof approx 8.3m wide with 2.90m usable space from bottom of the...
  10. M

    choosing a solar pv system

    hi all, new to this so please excuse our ignorance, we are considering a system not for any "Green" reason, this is purely financial. So, therefore, we want to make the best of this, so here goes. The basics are covered, ie, sound roof, south facing. We have have shade issues, also, the system...
  11. G

    9x Sanyo panels + Fronius invertoer + PVSOL ??

    Hi all, Well ive bought PVsol expert , now all i need is another £600+ to go on the bloody course to try and use it. Basically im trying to quote for my first install im playing with pvsol and can only get 9 x Sanyo HIT-N235SE10 panels on this woman's roof, i also noticed that Segen are...
  12. T

    pvsol software

    Hello all, i have recently purchased pv sol's software. im designing a 5kw system. ive established i want a fronius ig50. can anybody explain the inverter concept part to me please?
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