1. C

    UK FC-7671 Functional calibrator

    I found anFV-7671 Functional calibrator in my garage, in its case. It was left by my ex some years ago when we split up. Can anyone tell me if they have a second hand value & if so roughly how much. This seems to be in very good condition.

    RCBO with Functional Earth Lead.

    I have read somewhere, (but I can't locate the source), that because the RCBO's electronic control operates at a very slightly higher potential than earth, there is a very small leakage to earth through the functional earth lead. Is this correct or is my memory playing tricks?
  3. GBDamo

    MCB as functional switches??

    What are peoples thoughts. From the BYB “Circuit-breakers and RCDs are primarily circuit-protective devices and, as such, they are not intended for frequent load switching. Infrequent switching of circuit-breakers on-load is admissible for the purposes of isolation or emergency switching. For...
  4. Zdb

    RCBO functional earth wire

    Hi guys, so the situation is this... I've been asked to replace some MCBs with RCBOs as they're for ring-mains/socket outlets. The white functional earth lead on the RCBO isn't long enough to reach the earthing terminal. If I use the exact same cable type/size can i extend this so it will reach...
  5. H

    Rcbo functional earth location

    When wiring an rcbo where do you tend to put the functional earth? I'm assuming it will be tricky to ensure the small functional earth will get a good grip when placed with its corresponding cpc, so do you put your functional earth in its own terminal?
  6. G

    RCBO earth reference tail

    What is the purpose of the white lead from RCBOs? What does it do?
  7. S

    State why functional testing is carried out

    On completion of electricial installation testing in a shop and and office area the functional checks are to be carried out . State why functional testing is carried out. I would say to test the mechanical side of the device.
  8. P

    Functional Switching

    Guys Need advice on warehouse lighting functional switching. We are utilising 4pole 25A lighting busbar using 2 phase, neutral, and unswitched live for emergencies. My question is I'm after some advice on lockable functional switching for maitenance. We have 53 rows of busbars and I'd rather...
  9. S

    RCBO Questions

    Loving these things. Can the functional earth cable conductor be trimmed down to make it more tidy? Do you put earth sleeving over the white functional earth conductor? Do you put the functional earth in the earth block on the same way as the circuit CPC or do you group all functional earths...
  10. A

    Functional Earth on RCD

    Hi Reference Dead tests in 2392-10.In any of dead tests does functional earth lead on RCD. have to be disconnected as per RCBO,s?? I have surface mounted PVC light switches on upstairs circuit with open ended CPC,.s.Will this affect R1+R2 readings?? As they are a little high...
  11. MarkRibbands

    What is an RCBO's Functional Earth connection really for?

    Can anyone direct me to a citeable link which explains in detail how an RCBO works, and in particular what the functional earth connection is for please? I was told today by a professional, highly experienced electrical engineering lecturer that it’s only for spike suppression, or bleeding off...
  12. B

    Domestic RCBOs with 1 flying wire.

    Do RCBOs normally have 2 flying leads - neutral and earth? Are there "old" rcbos and new types. The reason I ask is that I have bought Proteus RCBOs and they have a flying neutral wire only. I've never fitted RCBOs before and am just a bit confused. Any explanations appreciated. Bul
  13. R

    Functional earth on RCD

    Bought a MEM a100he,I bought it as an RCD but it has a functional earth...... is this some kind of RCBO, or do some RCDs have an FE? Never seen one on an RCD before.
  14. S


    Quick question guys, something I've never really looked into.... Why does an RCBO have a functional earth but an MCB and an RCD don't since an RCBO is a combined RCD and MCB??
  15. spamwize2

    schedule of inspections poser!

    on completing the schedule of inspection checklist, what does "presence of earthing arrangements for combined protective and functional purposes." mean? to tick or not to tick? someone from IEE said NA my boss said tick but i would like to know what i'm ticking or not!!
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