1. Daniel Oake

    Three core - Grey is generally neutral

    (Just a quick basic question I could google, but I prefer the forum discussion if anyone's wondering) When installing a feed to something that requires 3 core and earth, why is it we use the grey (as a general rule of thumb) as the neutral (and sleeve blue) instead of the black, I figured black...
  2. J

    What routing techniques do CCTV installation professionals use that DIY doesn't generally?

    The more I think about doing a DIY CCTV installation, the more I'm coming to the conclusion that I'd be far better off getting it done professionally: they have years of experience, will consider routing cables impracticable by DIY enthusiasts, and will have the necessary expensive equipment to...
  3. N

    Clamp Meter or DMM

    I've been eyeing up either getting the Fluke T5-1000 clamp meter or the Fluke 179 DMM but can't decide what type of tester to get. Which type of tester do you guys use?
  4. happyhippydad

    How Far Out From House To Locate Earth Rod?

    A few days ago I went to a house which had no main earth and no main bonding. I have now installed the bonding and also an earth rod and managed to get a satisfactory Ra. I did have a couple of failed attempts at getting the earth rod in as I just hit rock (or at least something very hard) and...
  5. Soulsurfer

    IR testing storage heater elements

    Anybody IR test elements to check decent ?
  6. F

    rcd tripping times

    just a quick one doing some rcd tests today, and at x1 value the tripping time was 46mseconds and at x5 29mseconds now i no that as long as at x5 value is under 40mseconds all is ok just thought the x1 value was a bit high so my question is there a max value for times 1 as i must admit not had...
  7. 8

    2394/5 & Ammendment 3 cource waiting times??

    Greetings all. Just wondering I am trying to register at my local college where I did my 2392 five years ago to go and do the above cources. I made my application to the college on 1st January but have not heard anything since. Are the 2394/5 & ammendment 3 cources generally in high...
  8. D

    alarm parts interchangable

    Can someone advise me if wired alarm parts are normally interchangeable with other makes? Customer has a accenta G6 panel but wants new keypad and PIR's as existing ones are looking a bit tatty. Never actually replaced alarm parts, only fitted complete systems so unsure if you can use different...
  9. S

    Grid switch in kitchen

    Hi all I'm just running a ring circuit in a kitchen and I want to put a 2 gang grid switch above the work top to isolate the washing machine and dishwasher. How are the grid switches wired? Can I run it as part of the ring circuit looping in and out of the grid switches then running a separate...
  10. D

    Domestic EICR - high readings

    I am part way through a condition report for a customer. The house is generally in good condition but the electrical installation is quite old. Although the rings are properly installed as ring final circuits, the 2.5 mm t and e cable is stranded and the Cpc appears to be 1 mm rather than 1.5...
  11. F

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Jib?

    Hi there, Sorry to ask stupid questions but i dont know the answer to them so appreciate any help cheers! 1). When a job asks for a JIB electrician do they mean an approved electrician or can a electrician with a lesser grade also apply. 2). Is a JIB card an ECS card?
  12. S

    LED Lighting for outdoor decking?

    Hi Guys, This is sort of an introduction/first post as I am new to the forum, so any advice welcome.Can anyone please tell me the current compliance for fitting LED lights in outdoor decking? Any info appreciated. Cheers Sparkman123
  13. W

    Finishing other sparks work...

    Been to look at a job today , unfortunatly the sparks doing the job had passed away , consumer unit had been changed but no testing had been undertaken , customer has basically asked me to test electrics and certificate for building control , as this wasn't my installation would an EICR suffice...
  14. I

    Micro Pumping Station RCD?

    Hello, I've got to get power to a Flygt Micro 5G pumpng station. (1.1kw) so I'm going to run 1.5mm SWA out to it on a dedicated circuit. Do I need to RCD protect it?
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