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  1. M

    Removing Old Cable TV Wires From House Exterior:

    I have what I think is old cable TV wires on the exterior of my house. I am hoping that someone from this forum can confirm from these photos that that is what I am looking at. I know for sure that they are not my Verizon Fios wires. Thank you in advance :)
  2. J

    Double to single light switch

    Good morning all. I am new to the forum and hoping someone can help with a query i have. Currently i have a double light switch which operates two separate lights at each end of my kitchen. I would like to change the light switch to a single allowing me to turn on/off both lights at the same...
  3. B

    New to the forum hoping for some guidance

    Hello EF, Lurker for a while, 1st time poster. Looking forward to some helpful replies. Thanks, BR.
  4. D

    Hoping somebody can help my electric has gone to a £1 a hour I’ve gone through a elimination process unplugging things one by one nothing has changed

    My tumble dryer blew up and since then my electric charge has gone to £1 a hour I’ve unplugged everything in my house but to no avail any advice other than seeing a electrician which I’m doing is it possible for the blow up and trip to have caused this electric bill increase
  5. J

    27 and hoping to start in Electrical

    I am 27 years old and looking to start work in the electrical industry. I have passed my CSCS card and will be doing the ECS card soon enough. I am going to be starting a level 2 city and guilds course soon part time (one evening per week) through a college. Just wondering what the best way is...
  6. F

    Domestic Hapless new member hoping what I'm after is even possible ...

    Hi all New to these forums ... I have no electrical experience, my brother-in-law is a qualified electrician who kindly does most work we need for us. As I imagine will be only too well known to a lot of you though, as someone with no electrical experience I have ideas as to what I'd like to...
  7. C

    Hello everyone..............

    My name is Carl, I'm an Electrician in Lancashire. Hoping to find some useful chat on here in an ever changing electrical world.. :-)
  8. C

    Looking at returning to being an electrician, hoping for advice as to what I'll need.

    Hello, I stopped being an electrician a few years ago (11 to be exact) for various reasons. I've decided that I'd like to start my career again and was hoping for a bit of advice. I have an NVQ lvl 3 Electrical Technical Services (Jtl apprenticeship), AM2 and the AA framework completed...
  9. P

    Hoping a Sparky can help

    i have just tried to install a bathoom fan with light xpelair with light 93087AW Xpelair | SSISFC Simply Silent Illumi Shower Fan Complete | 93087AW - I am replacing old fan run from a light switch and...
  10. D

    New member . Hoping to gain knowledge

    Just saying hello. I've joined this group to seek advice as I am new to this lark. I'm doing bookkeeping for an electrician
  11. S

    Self employed

    Hey guys I'm hoping to go subbing in the near future (any one from the Nottingham area who's taking on sub contractors feel free to get in touch lol). Currently looking for a van but don't want to spend a fortune. I've seen a caddy 57 plate 110k on the clock, Cambelt done, full service...
  12. codger

    2392 Past Multiple Choice Exam Papers?

    Hello. Been asked to run a 2392 for a local company. Was wondering if anybody had any multiple choice questions they can expect in their exam, and/or some sample questions? It's at Level 2 so hoping it's not so tricky. Thanks in advance.
  13. W

    Riddled with mice

    First fixed lighting circuits today. Bungalow loft riddled with mice - so far I've caught 3 but I know there are more as one of the little blighters had gnawed through the fur of one of the dead mice killed in the bait box in an attempt to get at the bait. I'm hoping to rid the place of mice...
  14. shakerbess

    2400 city and guilds past papers

    hi im hoping to under ake the 2400 design and verification course was hoping for past papers or if anybody got course material they could forward to me please
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