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  1. S

    Replacing lights in a 2009 d22 navara instrument cluster

    I have no idea if its possible to replace the lights in my i strument cluster
  2. T

    What instrument do you suggest for 5-10Kv at 2ma?

    I was thinking a cheapo electric fence tester but need two probes for avian discouragement track. I have to test volts after installing. Oh and it's DC by the way.
  3. M

    Instrument technician

    Hi guys, I’m a qualified spark having worked on a few industrial projects I’m keen to getting into instrumentation. Has anyone done this? Are there any courses that people recommend? Cheers Mark
  4. D

    Domestic Socket & See tester

    Evening, I use a Socket & See tester instrument to provide a means of confirming safe isolation before working on boilers. Can anyone explain why I am required to press the touch pad at the bottom of the test instrument in order for it to perform a polarity test? I understand what polarity...
  5. I

    Megger MFT1502 error message

    Has anyone ever got a error message 'hot' on their megger whilst doing a rcd or a non trip loop test?
  6. S

    Continuity readings unstable using Megger MFT 1730

    Has anyone experienced issues with continuity readings fluctuating on a Megger 1730 MFT when the test leads rotate/move in the instrument as is the unavoidable condition when actually using the tester? I can null the leads but thereafter the reading with the leads connected to each other can...
  7. H

    Is this a cock up in this book?

    Hi everyone I'm reading all I can at the moment on inspecting & testing, I'm reading Chris Kitchers Practical Guide to Inspection, Testing & Certification, first ed. I'm on page 95, step 1 of measuring PFC. It says "Place the phase lead on the supply side of the main switch and the neutral and...
  8. S

    megger mft 1730

    I'm in north yorkshire and would appreciate help with where to get my megger mft calibrated as locally as possible? Thanks.
  9. E

    I have a few questions concerning the EICR

    1. What do I put in the cpc size on the test schedule if the steel trunking and conduit is used as cpc? 2. same as above but for swa strands used as cpc? 3. how do I do zs at a 3 phase circuit with no neutral. My meter usually needs neutral to get zs measurment? (Unitest Telaris 0100 plus)
  10. T

    Earth Fault Loop Impedance Ze test at origin

    Hi, I have a my am2 practical testing exam next week and I'm confused about the earth loop impedance test. The centre use a three lead instrument, I just want to know if this is right. Connect the third lead to the neutral bar, and connect one lead to the earth bar Then measure over the...
  11. sythai

    1st NICEIC assment questions...?

    Not long now 2 weeks Thurs, got most stuff sorted out and ready. Just few odd questions keep springing up: 1/ Will I need to lock off supply whilst doing dead test, put up sign etc? 2/ Will I need to prove that the supply is dead with an approved test lamp as well as my megger mft1552? 3/...
  12. Z

    Testing Earth Electrode with low Ohm Meter

    Using a low ohm meter (or multimeter)Is it possible to place 1 probe on the incomming earth at the CU and the other probe on (disconnected) earth rod to get the resistance of the rod (minus the external earth path which forms part of the Ze, wander leads etc). I know its not the correct...
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