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  1. P

    Wet Under floor heating manifold and multi room stats...

    Evening chaps hope you’re al keeping well. Quick tech help question, I’ve got two large high spec new builds to wire up early summer and they’ve both got wet underfloor heating my task is to wire it up obviously. I’ve never done one before and it’s also got 5 room stats upstairs alone. Have any...
  2. S

    Domestic How to connect a single zone manifold into a multi-manifold system

    Hi Guys, I have a multi-manifold underfloor heating system. The multi-zone manifolds all operate nicely turning things on and off as appropriate according to the main timer and the zone thermostats. The single zone doesn't listen to the thermostat and only obeys the central timer (ie on or...
  3. rolyberkin

    Pipe for polyplumb manifold

    Hi All Have a polyplumb manifold and want to put a radiator circuit from it, can I use speedfit pipe or is it best to use polyplumb? I have shed loads of speedfit pipe and fittings so would prefer to use it it it fits?
  4. rolyberkin

    Can anyone tell me what make manifold this is?

    As per the title, looking for a straight replacement for this anyone have any idea of the manufacturer please? Just want to bolt a new one on if possible?
  5. J

    Daikin Hydrobox Multizone Under floor Heating Stat wiring HELP

    Hi guys, If anyone with experience in wiring these systems could help me I'd really appreciate it! I'm currently first fixing a house with an external air source heat pump and a Hydrobox, There's 4 floors with a manifold on each of them. It has a thermostat in each room and I'm confused as to...
  6. M

    Advice 1 Wireless Thermostat To Control 2 Receivers

    Having to pick up from where a previous electrician has done a runner on a new build. Underfloor heating system installed with 2 manifolds 1 upstairs, 1 downstairs. Previous electrician has put in a cable from the upstairs manifold and pump back to boiler, but has not put one in for the...
  7. P

    How does Heatmiser control radiators ?

    I have a Boiler connected to a Megaflow and 6 Radiator Zones. I would like each zone to be individually controlled via a Heatmiser Solution. Keen to understand how each of the individual thermostats (Neo Stat) will tell each individual radiator valve to open and close deepening on the...
  8. 7

    Heating under floor heating help please

    Hello there If i could have some advice please on a heating system would much appreciated Done a few heating systems in the past with s & y plan systems however an extension i have first fixed the customer is now installing under floor heating. There is a circulation pump, a manifold and two...
  9. i=p/u


    Evening. anyone tell me a little about adding underfloor heating to a gas heating system.. at at present have 1 Chanel time clock to power gas combi burner. what way the plumber do this ? All the builder is saying is there will be manifold in corner. Anyone tell me a little about it? Thx
  10. S

    S Plan Plus - Wiring Diagram

    Hi Guys I currently have a combi boiler with a single prog stat wired direct to the boiler. I am putting in UFH in my kicthen diner and have to zone off using an S Plan Plus config. I have a Worcester Bosch boiler. I have drawn up the attached wiring diagram, would anyone be able to verify...
  11. rainstorm

    U/F heating costing a fortune!

    Hi All, I've been asked to look at an underfloor heating system that is obviously wired up wrong. The property has 2 combi boilers, 1 of which is solely for the u/f heating. The ground floor has 2 manifolds, 2 pumps (located together) and 6 programmable stats, 1 for each room/area. Upstairs...
  12. M

    s plan 8 zone ufh diagram?

    as part of a re wire the house is having underfloor heating, via the boiler. having spoken to the plumber he says they are going to be using a john guest 8 way mains voltage system John Guest Speedfit - The World Leader in Push-fit Fittings, Pipe and Plastic Plumbing Systems - Mains Voltage...
  13. S

    Heating wiring problem.

    Does anyone know how I can resolve the following problem . -Two rooms are fitted with plumbed underfloor heating. -Room one has own thermstat wired to call 4 wire Actuator on manifold. -Room two also has own themostat wired to call seperate 4 wire actuator on manifold. -Second switch wire on...
  14. C

    What Central heating system is this?

    Ok , I've got underfloor heating with 4 zones, one programmable timer, gas boiler Vailliant Ecotech, Megaflow cylinder in loft, 4 (I think) thermostats and a pump. Which central heating plan is this please?
  15. R

    underfloor heating controls

    hi can anyone give me some tips on wireing underfloor heating pump and controls .....
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