1. Dan

    We've done a member cull. If you didn't login, not matter how many....

    We've done a member cull. If you didn't login within the last 2 years, not matter how many posts you had, what groups you were in, your account has been erased. Sorry. :) We want our stats to be true and accurate. We have 3,124 login over the last 30 days. I think I just erased around...
  2. EricMark

    Volt drop, does it matter?

    There are two items where volt drop can have a large impact, magnetic ballast fluorescent lamps, and refrigeration units, there are some other odd items like shrink rap machines, but most items today use switch mode power supplies so volt drop would need to be rather large before it becomes a...
  3. T

    To remainers and leavers alike please read for an interesting take on the matter

    REVEALED: How Whitehall thought British public TOO STUPID to be trusted with EU decision - Does this change your views on Brexit? Were you aware of these issues?
  4. T

    Regarding the matter of noisome spam

    Okay I can see that whatever the case there is no one working with the forum who can stop the spam. Well I acknowledge that clearly you get on to it and wipe it off each and every time it appears and am always grateful you respond so quickly. I realise it must be a chore that you hate as much as...
  5. UKMeterman

    A short video on why following proceedures matter

    Have a watch,
  6. D

    Fan pull switches

    Hi there, I am having trouble locating a fan isolator pull switch(3-pole). It needs to be in the style of brushed chrome, nickel or stainless steel. Any ideas? Thanks in anticipation. Dave.
  7. Malcolm

    Domestic Extractor Hood Tripping Rcd

    Hi all. When to a job this moring RCD had tripped, narrowed it down to the kitchen sockets, but found that the RCD stayed on for about 20-30 seconds before tipping out. Unplugged everything, so I thought. Tested the RCD 1x 37ms - 36ms. 5x 11ms - 13ms. Ramp test 19.6 mA. Then I realised the...
  8. C

    RCD input/output

    called to a static caravan today to do some fault finding, first port of call was to check outside supply box and found that rcd appeared to be wired input/output wrong way round. then got thinking does it really matter?
  9. G

    znshine panel 260 watt any good?

    Anyobe used these panels? Im possibly fitting 16 of these gordon
  10. J

    External 12v PIR sensor problem

    I fitted two GJD opal xl PIR's and no matter what i do the lights controlled by these come on randomly during the day no matter how i set them or turn power on and off and ideas?
  11. J

    rules for joining nic, eca, napit

    Hi guys, Just a question on joining one of these. Can you join say nic if you still have a job? probably a silly question but i was thinking about going down the self employed route after completing qualifications but didn't want to just take the plunge and leave my job, go self employed and...
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