1. P

    90 million pounds for a painting?

    I'm not saying if you have £90,000,000 you shouldn't be able to spend it on what you want, but could someone explain why a not particularly good painting of a man standing by a swimming pool looking at another man underwater is worth that sort of money? I really am totally baffled. Even if It...
  2. A

    Hi All,

    Hi Dan, here is my Intro, im a Auto electricians for 20 years and now training to be a mains sparky, working within maintenance at the moment with 80 million quids worth of industrial buildings under my control, C&G carpenter since 1997 and loving my job done some date acquisition in Saudi for...
  3. Pete999

    Pete's Videos The best Apprentice ever

    Would you employ this div?
  4. S

    Demand of Solar Irrigation Pump is increasing in Bangladesh

    Irrigation is one of the major part of Bangladesh economy. In most of the area Farmers don’t have the access to grid electricity for well pump so demand of solar powered well pump is increasing. Currently, there are almost 1.61 million irrigation pumps running in the country, of which 1.34...
  5. VoltzElectrical

    Philae' Rosetta mission is a hoax!

    Does anyone else think that it's a bit far fetched to believe a probe launched 10 years ago, with possibly even older technology can be shot through space 300 million miles, then somehow 'landed and operated' on a gravity free rock hurtling through space? This is the Western Front Willy...
  6. H

    China solar water heater export data, hope to do you a favor

    In 2010, China solar water heater exports 10.897 billion U.S. dollars, the accessories exports $ 32.5 billion. German imports $ 640 million solar water heaters from China, accessories is $ 1.98 billion, Italy imports $ 285 million solar water heaters, $ 2.1 billion accessories, India $ 364...
  7. A

    Solar PV -v- New Grid

    Just pondering cost of FiT/PV install -v- cost of 200 miles of new Grid to connect +50kWh wind farms etc. to existing Grid network. Base assumption surface [pylon etc.] £1.8million to £8 million per km. Sub-surface £18 million to £22 million. Exact details not known but assume 90% pylon at...
  8. D

    Public Liability Insurance - Quotes

    What are you guys paying annually in regards to public liability insurance? Just had quotes of 240.00 a year from go compare this around the correct amount? Please provide me with good companies to get a quote from. Thanks
  9. P

    P.L.I Insurance

    Hi, has anyone got an Insurance company they can recommend for P.A.T Testing P.L.I and how much cover is normally asked for when clients ask for proof, have seen companies showing cover from £1 - £10 Million pounds, but don't want to over Insure, would appreciate any comments / ideas.:rolleyes:
  10. L


    hi all need some advice please ive just taken out public liability ins and pound out it doesnt have proffesional indemnity could i ask the difference between the 2 as dont understand it? Ive heard that if you are doing periodics you need proffesional indemnity? if so what level of cover do i...
  11. D

    recommended insurance companies...

    Hi guys, Could you let me of any insurance companies you would reccomend? Im part p and am fishing for best deals...
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