1. C

    Replacement panels for a defunct manufacturer

    Afternoon all We have a couple of damaged Day4Energy 240w modules to replace and so far as I can tell this company no-longer exists. Well not in the same form as it did a few years ago anyway. A new company has taken up the technology but are not producing these panels. They have suggested...
  2. S

    Did FITS just get extended on Ofgem website?

    Have Ofgem just extended FITS? - Ofgem website says published 30th October, but file dates says last night? Confused!
  3. S

    EPC, DNC and MCS - TLA headache!

    I have just had a call from our EPC assessor who has had notification from his accrediting body that they are unable to accept the MCS cert as proof of size of installation (in the case of EPC being done after the install because without it the house would not get a D) because it shows the...
  4. G

    5kw panels, G83 Inveter, 3.68 TIC. Anyone actually done this?

    I've always stayed away from any of this sort of stuff but I have a very insistent customer. He says he will disconnect the other 4 panels if his fit application is not accepted (yeah right!). He basically has room for 5kw but obviously wants the 16p rate (install in August). Argument is that...
  5. T

    Moving an installed system

    We have a commercial customer inquiry for a 10kW PV system and a Biomass boiler install. There is a possibility that their current facility will be closed down and a new building will be built 100 metres away. The customer is asking if they have the PV and Biomass installed now and then in a...
  6. P

    Ofgem Solar PV Declaration

    From page 47 of the Ofgem Guidance for renewable installations (Version 3) "All applications for accreditation of new solar PV installations with an eligibility date on or after 1 April 2012, need to be accompanied by a copy of this document......" Just had British Gas let us know of this new...
  7. R

    Database of installations....where is it?

    A while ago I had a spreadsheet which showed every MCS installation in the UK and who did it, where is that damned thing, I'd like to see how I compare to my local competitors but I can't find it.
  8. SibertSolar

    DNO's stating that gen meters are not "Ofgem Approved"

    Hi all, I've had a couple of enquiries lately from clients who have been (somewhat surprisingly) informed by their DNO that the generation meter is not Ofgem approved. Why, all of a sudden, are DNO's deciding that MID approval is not adequate/accepted? Don't they understand the history/nature...
  9. V

    Any one use a wylex solar D/B

    Hi everyone I have fitted possibly 60 sub wylex D/B's with the Inepro meter built in the D/B. We installed one last week and Eon have refused the application because they are saying we can't them. I haven't had any problems before. I can not get in contact of Eon as they are now closed, Has...
  10. P

    Individual PV installations vs. one large installation

    I have a question regarding the Feed-in tariff: We have looked at a potential project in an industrial estate on a total of five roofs with an overall capacity of 124 kWp. If the project is treated as one installation, the FiT would be 29.3 p. If each roof gets its own meter, is it possible...
  11. P

    Accreditation of installations > 50 kWp

    G59/2 by the Energy Networks Association states that in order to be eligible for the FiT MCS installers must be used for installations with a capacity of less than 50 kWp. Does that mean that for installations > 50 kWp MCS installers must not be used at all? G59/2 says that accreditation...
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