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  1. S

    sorry .... i have a multitester fluke 87 true rms multimeter ..... now order leads and a buzzer ... and very annoying

    sorry .... i have a multitester fluke 87 true rms multimeter ..... now order leads and a buzzer ... and very annoying
  2. D

    Like Button Sort Order

    @Dan would it be worth resorting the order of the buttons and grouping all the (rarely used) negative buttons (Not Cool, Angry, Dislike, Disagree) together to the right? When browsing on a small device with fat fingers, it is easy to hit Dislike or Disagree in error.
  3. C

    Messed up order.

    Ordered 3x Hylec overloads (4.6-6.5A) from Screwfix. Next day received: 1x Hylec overload in box that says 0.5-2.5A 2x BG 40A RCBO WTF? Looking at the overload, despite what it says on the box, Screwfix sticker says 4.6-6.5A, risked it and opened it and inside is a 24-28A overload! How can...
  4. Davehaywire

    correct order of testing- digital copy

    hi I dont suppose anyone has a digital copy of correct order of testing i can just print off by any chance? thanks
  5. C

    What do you need in order to carry out domestic electrical work.

    I am near the end of a apprenticeship(year 3) in industrial and commercial electrics and feel very competent in what I do, I would like to be self employed when I am qualified, and I was wondering if there is any way I can carry out domestic electrical work legally at the weekend for example is...
  6. C

    Which Order to Do the Relevant Courses

    Evening guys Plan on doing my 17th (possibly 18th) edition, building regs and inspection and testing courses. I have basic electrical knowledge as i currently work in appliance repair, and have experience with cooker installs and perform checks on customers electrical systems. (Checking...
  7. I

    Makita Drill Case - Looking for Particular Case

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to track down this Makita case from a UK website, I can only find it in the US at the moment. I've emailed Makita, but they were notoriously slow last time I emailed them so thought I'd try my luck here in the mean time, cheers.
  8. Dan

    QVS Electrical Supplies

    QVS Electrical Supplies opened its first branch in St.Ives Huntingdon in October 1994. Steady expansion followed, with the opening of a further 12 branches serving trade and diy across the south east. Nationwide, our customers have also enjoyed the same competitive pricing, quality products and...
  9. P

    Domestic Quote for replacing old storage heaters

    Not sure if this is the right forum but can anyone advise on this? I am replacing 2 storage heaters and have been quoted around £1,100 plus vat for removal/disposal of the old (non asbestos) ones and fitting of the new ones (Dimplex manual not Quantum). I could order these heaters myself for...
  10. Q

    workwear with logo

    Can anyone recommend a good company that does embroidery. Iv got my logo done but want to order a couple of t shirts and hoodies and a fleece. Not a big order. cheers Dan
  11. A

    LED Tape

    I recently ordered some LED tape to try out at home; I've used it at work and it can produce a nice, subtle effect. After shopping around the net I ordered it from a company called 'SimpleLighting', or 'Trade Lighting'. According to their website they do next day delivery if ordered before 3pm...
  12. P

    Bell door entry system

    Hi All Does anybody know where I am able to get spares for Bell door entry system. I need a new camera P/N CAM-BSC, I have spoken to bell and they put me in touch with Edmondsons who were not very helpful at all. I am based in the Norhwest Thanks
  13. B

    Works vehicle

    I realise this could be a slightly contentious issue but next year I'm looking at going on my own, now I need to have a vehicle with 4 seats at least and in order to keep costs down I only want to run one vehicle for both home and work. With this in mind and the fact that I'm a Land Rover lover...
  14. B

    Really.. Wireless Light and Sockets

    Just been to a job were i have recently fitted a wireless alarm. He wants 2x new sockets and 2 x outside lights. Easy job to be fair.. Now the house has just been decorated which is when i point out where i will be chasing in order to conceal cables.. His reply is.. Chaseing.. Why would you...
  15. S

    New REAL DAWWI & Bond Pay Scheme

    Does anybody else find this whole thing utterly confusing??? We are about to do our first install in almost 1 year (we are first and foremost an Electrical contractor and have plenty of other work) and I'm struggling to get my head around the new DAWWI and Bond Pay PPS nonsense. From what I've...
  16. O

    megger lcb2500

    hi,can anyone out there tell me where i can get new test leads for megger lcb 2500? I am trying to find either a 2, or 3wire test lead set.The order code from megger is wrong, as I have just ordered a 2 wire set,order code 6231-631 and received leads for a cm500! Or could anybody tell me the...
  17. S

    Annual smoke detector testing in HMO's

    Hi all, this is my first post on this forum so be gentle :) I've been asked by the landlord of an HMO to complete an EICR on one of his properties containing 2 x 1 bedroom flats. This is fairly straightforward. However, he also wants me to provide a certificate for the correct functioning...
  18. D

    Where might I source these sockets and plugs?

    I can find them on cpc: 4795.0000. - SCHURTER - REWIREABLE 16A, FREE SOCKET | CPC But I'd like to have other options available. I'm looking for what cpc call 'chassis in', male and female, ie plug and socket, and also for power supply leads in a rewireable plug and rewireable socket. This...
  19. TomTrundle

    Wholesaler in North London

    Can anyone recommend an electrical wholesaler in North London? I am based near Turnpike lane N8. Local wholesalers near me don't publish prices. Do most folks order on-line these days? Thanks Tom
  20. S

    testing neutral conductors

    Had another dispute with who i was working with today, with testing an new installation. Here goes I always thought that the proper testing sequence is R1+R2, continuity of bonding, insulation resistance. Then ze, then zs. rcd But the person i was working with today told me i should always...
  21. K

    Megger MFT1720 loop impedenace test issue

    Hi Happy new year to everyone. I have mft1720 with megger fused leads protected by 50mA fused. On Zdb (not main but garage unit) I wanted to do a Z measurement, set it to high current mode (L-L/L-N and Z) when I attempted to take a reading between live wires it blew the fuse in the Netural...
  22. B

    grid switches, arrgh!

    hi all, can anyone tell me where i can buy black switch modules with the appliances marked on them eg dishwasher,fridge etc ?. i know i can get white mk ones. nitemare got to order them and takes a week!.
  23. S

    Anyone use supplier Krannich Solar?

    Hi, I've been looking into suppliers for PV panels, inverters and mounting kits. Has anyone used Krannich Solar? Their prices are pretty good, inverters are cheaper than segen for instance, and their mounting kits looks easy to put together. Though I'd check on here before I place an order...
  24. R

    9kW shower?

    Does anyone know if any 9kW showers actually exist other than the Mira bloody Sport?! I'm really after a 9kW shower for about the £100 mark or less. Anyone got any ideas? Cheers.
  25. PJK

    Tone Generator and Reciever

    Hi I have a job in a few weeks that will require tracing a lot of lighting circuits throughout a large house, in order to install new lighting. I would like to get hold of a tone generator and receiver kit in order to simplify things. I would appreciate any suggestions on the best kit to buy...
  26. K

    Alphatek/metrel Mi3100 for sale

    Hi, I have Mi3100 for sale. It has calibration unitl June 2010. It includes all the leads and the tip commander. Email me if you any questions. Looking for Three hundred pounds plus postage Based in Coventry if you want to come and have a look. Thanks.
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