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  1. bigspark17

    Generic health and safety policy

    Does any one have or know where to buy a generic h&s policy document, ideally an edidable pdf version. Its worth a “like” ;) if you do :)
  2. SparkyChick

    Reminder - Forum Rules and 'Be Nice' Policy

    Hi all, We have recently received a number of complaints about the attitudes exhibited by some members when responding to queries from people who may not be as knowledgeable as them. The forum has a 'be nice' policy that applies equally to all members, including those asking questions which...
  3. bigspark17

    Editable h&s policy and risk assesments

    As per title does anyone have editable generic risk assesments and health and safety policy that they can post on here or pm me.. Thanks in advance :)
  4. the pict

    Health and safety policy, finger wagging another BS

    I need to have one for the next assessment the GOV.UK site has one which is a joke all I have to do is repeat myself over and over basically just entering my name as i am a sole trader does anybody have a suggestion were I can download one that actually makes sense, P
  5. M

    ECS laborer, new policy from 1th october 2017

    Hello everyone, My name is Mihai and i'm new on the forum I'm new on the forum and i have an issue in obtaining the ECS card, i passed the assessment and i apply to get the card insane, after the verification they put on hold my application because i should upload on my application the...
  6. S

    Hager industrial recall

    Has anyone else heard of the recall Hager have done on there 3phase mcb? Had the rep from CEF on the phone yesterday to tell me they have been recalled but he didn't know the problem with them, its any mcb that has been installed since July 2016 have just fitted around 30 of them at my work.
  7. F

    Will I be covered for insurance ?

    Hi all I've had a handyman fit some lights for me in a hotel. He's given me a minor works for them but I've just had an electrician tell me that I won't be covered if I showed them to my insurance company if something happened as he isn't registered but the certs are legit is this right or are...
  8. A

    Within Competent Person Schemes

    Hi, I would appreciate answers from those who have worked within a CPS. From the 'Practical Solutions' thread some will have seen that I raised that it might be possible to effect change from within the schemes. However, this is from the slightly naive vantage point of little...
  9. amlu

    short time/one day van insurance

    Hi, can you recommend some short time insurance for a van? Got my mate helping on the jobs, will be nice if he can drive my van, for some emergency materials etc...
  10. Prime Design

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Joining Napit

    Hi all, I am joining Napit and my assessment is at the end of the month. I have just finished a complete rewire of a flat I own 30 miles from where I live. Up until this present day I have always been employed by a company so any certs I have written have been on behalf of the company I work...
  11. Y

    Van insurance

    Hi all, I appreciate this could well be a difficult question to answer but here goes. Basically I've just come out of my time, and in my work (modular buildings) we do a lot of travelling around the country sighting the cabins etc. as a result our company has 2 vans, Renault Trafic and a...
  12. M

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Napit

    Hi all Im looking inti joining napit, can anyone shed some light on the on site assesment . Ie what to expect how it is structureded etc Cheers guys
  13. simpson93

    sainsburys and waitrose taking the p.

    so yesterday i went to sainsburys to get afew drinks for a party i was going to later that day and at the check out i got id'd fair enough. but then they id'd my elder brother and his girlfriend. my brother who doesnt drive or carry around his passport oviosly didnt have id, the lady at the till...
  14. S

    Domestic Installer Application

    Hi guys I have my assesment for my nic domestic installer application on thursday, i was just looking for tips or advise of what to expect from it to give me the best chance of it going well. any advise would be greatly appreciated thanks
  15. malcolmsanford

    Perhaps another heds up to customers

    When your home insurance won It seems that advice given by the majority of us to customers concerning properly maintained electrical installations, inc fire alarms and DIY work that is not correct, is highlighted again by Insurance Companies not paying out.
  16. R

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC DI Assesment

    Afternoon guys, I thought id come on here and see if you have any more information what will be needed from me in my first assesment, iv read all the leaflets they send out, but just thought id ask as many of you as you have been having assesment for years and those who have recentley just...
  17. P

    pv liability insurance

  18. zone77

    1st assessment help

    i have my 1st periodic assessment coming up and must show that my buisness has a written health and safety policy statement??. i have seen the one available to download on niceic website but i am a soletrader with no employees. is it still suitable for me? also i need prove that risk assessments...
  19. T

    Health & Saftey Policy & Risk Assessments

    Hi Everyone Has anybody got a up to date health & safety policy I could use and if possible some risk assessments re electrical testing and other more general to electrical work. As I have been accepted by NAPIT, but they need this in place! I would be greatful for any help with this, thanks...
  20. E

    Periodic Assessment

    Hi all I've got my first periodic assessment due in about a month and am trying to find out more info regarding the Health and Safety Policy part. As I don’t employ anyone and always work on my own do I need to write a policy and risk assessment? It all seems a bit much for a small business as...
  21. Y

    napit site assesment

    ive got my site assesment from napit this coming tuesday by someone called david scully, was just wondering what sort of stuff i will be asked about during the visit, as for some reason im getting a little nervous!! if anyone can help, much appreciated
  22. P

    Another NIC assessment

    Well it's that time of year again, latest assessment requires evidence of a written health & safety policy statement ***!!! and undertakes risk assessments ***!!! As I work on my own, therefore employ less than 5 people, 1 is less than 5 ? It is not a requirement of law that I have a written...
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