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  1. O

    UK Domestic Installer quals

    Hi All, I know this has been asked many times over but my situation is slightly different. I have been work on oil rigs since leaving the army. I was a Temporary installation electrician in the Army and have been a systems electrician on the rigs. The short of it is I'm s ick of the rigs and...
  2. J

    Industrial Brief help from the industrial guys on required quals (415v)

    Hi all, new here and just dropping by to try and get a few pointers from experienced people already in the trade. Sorry if it seems a bit like a hit & run but this seemed like the best place to get proper advice. Quick outline - We're an engineering & maintenance company that does a lot of work...
  3. A

    Career and qualification advice

    Hi I've competed an level 2 and 3 in electrical installations ran by city and guilds I'm a mature student and looking to get the right path into the industry. If I complete an Am2 course will this get me my jib card I've looked it up and basically the am2 covers everything that would be...
  4. nicnic66

    Circuit designer Qualifications for certificate

    Do you need to be registered (NIC/Stroma/Elecsa) to design a circuit/installation?
  5. joel_till

    Newbie looking - advice on finding work

    Hi Guys. I'm new to this site and also electrics. Decided to take the giant step to retraining as an electrician from 20 years of sales and have gained my Part P, 17 the Edition, PAT testing, 2392/94/95 inspection and testing and booked in for an electro-technical design course over the next...
  6. J

    Governing bodies and testing courses!

    Hi all, I'm currently working for a company that services and installs spray paint booths and industrial ovens. i am the only qualified electrician (all be it, not got many quals) at the company and need me to complete a 'testing course' so i can test all installations. the work usually...
  7. A

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB Gold card

    Hello all, Just a quick question, as i am a little unsure on the application for the gold card. My qualifications are; C&G 2330 Level 3 C&G 2330 Level 2 C&G 17th Edition C&G 2394 C&G 2395 Would this qualify me for a JIB Gold card?? Cheers
  8. A

    Signing off work.

    Good morning guys, I wanted to find out if I can sign off my own work even if I'm not with a scheme? I work full time for a company but do the very odd job on the side at weekends, a friend built a garage and asked me to wire up a few sockets and a light circuit for him. I completed the work...
  9. A

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) how to get ecs/jib card

    how would i get a ecs/ jib card . when i have no electrical job and been out of electrical work for 2 years . havent you got to be working for someone to get it cheers
  10. W

    EICR. Quals?

    What quals do you need to carry out an EICR? Got a local so called spark with no quals whatsoever nicking work off me by sticking in stupidly low price Grrr
  11. F

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB/ECS Card.

    Hey im just a little confused at the minuite about this jib thing i gained my qualifcations in the army but i only have: 2382 2377 2392/2391 2393 all city and guilds and up to date level 3 also have a C&G in building and finishing craft. Can i apply for a Ecs/JIB card? im a little confused any...
  12. P

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB Help, what quals required

    Morning, I'm after some help... Basically my old boss is trying to sort his JIB card out (finally) and he is like family to me so I have decided I am going to help him out. He did his quals around 84/87 so Im not sure which ones he's got, but he did used to have a approved JIB card, so I am...
  13. L

    Over seas/rig work

    Hi, anybody know how to get into rig work or working somewhere like afgan? Fed up with being broke and heard there's some big money to be made! I am a JIB electrician with 2330, 17th edition, NVQ 3 and various fire alarm quals. Any advice would be most appreciated :santa:
  14. T

    City and guilds level 1

    Watching tv at moment more 4pluss 1 about a bunch of the public all chipping in and building houses.Girl on there says she has a city and guilds level one which allows her to do only domestic electrics.My question is what is this qualification?
  15. M

    Working in Malta.

    Just out of interest really, has anyone had experience of working in Malta? I've been visiting the Island since being a kiddie, and wondered if our Quals are accepted over there etc. I've had a quick look on google but not really getting much info up. I'd imagine our quals would be fairly...
  16. simpson93

    fault finder

    just a question guys to my knowledge this is what non notifiable work is , correct me if im wrong -replace fittings such as sockets and switches and light fittings -replace of cable for a single circuit where it has been damaged with this could you become a domestic fault finder/fixer and...
  17. S

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Jib

    I am half way through my 2330 l3 course having completed the l2..i am also working toward my nvql3 quals but how do i go about gettin graded as either a sparkys mate or adult apprentice..any info you can provide would be most helpfull:D
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