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  1. N

    UK Drilled into a light cable.

    I have stupidly managed to drill into a light switch cable. I’m trying to keep cost down as much as I can. Would chasing them wall out ready help?
  2. B

    Electric Gate - have it open ready as you arrive

    Hello all - I would really appreciate some advice please. I am conducting the groundworks to install a 6m opening "Hi Motion" sliding cantilever electric gate (9m length in total). I have to commission an electrician to make it all happen but the client has asked for a cabled means to have the...
  3. O

    Couple of question about Can-bus ready LED's

    Hello at present I drive a Vauxhall Vectra C 1.9cdti 16V 150bhp 56 plate. I wish to add some extra lights to my vehicle, as in Angel Eyes (Halo rings) to my head lights, also some extra indicators to the door mirrors and possibly some LED strip lights to the headlights that also connect to the...
  4. Dan

    Are you all ready for Christmas?

    Hey guys, Merry Christmas (maybe too early? - I've seen hundreds of trees up so maybe not lol) from me and Lou, and on behalf of the staff, who I can't thank enough for being awesome and covering on all the forums for the past year or so. I've had a lot going on, and it's still going on. So...
  5. M

    Siemens install fuses

    Hi All project nearing completion block flats, installed Main switch tails for connection only small 200Amp 3 phase. all ready Ryefield installed meter boards all ready. head on up to trunking. tails installed 95mm TRI /BI rated Siemens arrive on site ah can't connect those tails anymore...
  6. D

    Quoting for a plastering job...

    You lot may think I've lost my mind, but I need to know this! Learnt the plastering trade over the years and can skim a wall/ceiling as well as anyone. Mentioned this to a guy at a company I do occasional work for and he said he asked if I could drop by and quote for a job. Job is dead...
  7. G

    todays little adventure at work........

    Well here i am , 9am in the basement of a council owned public building , ready for todays mains change to the new uprated dno service. at the main building db - all ready to whip out old cut-out tails and connect new swa sub-main from new switchboard. so i pull main fuses , everything is off...
  8. I

    Job to small to get a plaster out, what to use!

    Hi, Am moving a few sockets/switches on a job. Much smaller than normal works I do so seems a waste to get a plaster out for a few mins work. So what do you use to tidy up the plaster around sockets/switches. I was thinking this, anyone used? No Nonsense All Purpose Ready Mixed Filler 1kg |...
  9. P

    Exhibition Trailer Plan

    Hi, I am looking to build large size exhibition trailer with slideout.Can anyone please provide where can i get ready plan or part list, or individual providing just consultancy service. Thanks, Paul
  10. O

    Is it always the sparkies fault?????

    Been doing a job on and off for a few weeks, mainly because the chap doing the building works isn't very good at estimating times to achieve tasks. As a result, there has been the odd day where I've not been able to get on site to do work as the building work isn't ready for me then when he's...
  11. B

    Sma 2000hf inverters for sale - brand new & boxed - ready for collection

    To All I have 2 x SMA 2000HF inverters in stock ready for collection. They are brand new, in stock & ready for collection. They are £1035 + VAT each. We recommend collection because of the weight & value but if need them delivered that will be an extra cost. We are based in Ipswich, Suffolk...
  12. S

    MCS Accreditation Tomorrow

    Right QMS in place. (I Think) Install tested and ready. All other Documents ready (I Think) But Bricking it........ Any last minute advise would be lovely... Id like to thank everyone who has answed any of mine or anyone elses stupid questions on this forum. Its been a great help. Wish me...
  13. N


    Right ho here the scenarion shop just taken over a lease , DNO have cut off the supply due to previouse tenant failing to pay their bill , all arrange to go in 8 am for reconnection , and for me to carry out an inspection and variouse works cdu upgrade ,13/4 drive through the narrow lanes of the...
  14. Toonlad

    My fused test leads.

    Yesterday i was doing our companies niceic assessment, so prior to the visit im thinking new test leads. So im all primed ready to go, hits the first site, whips all my gear i am ready to test. 1st test ZE... (usual practices----safe isolation , voltage indicator blah blah blah) About to...
  15. P

    NIC EIC inspection

    I'm soon to have my nic inspection and was after some tips on what to expect? Etc thanks col
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