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    Domestic Working in domestic properties - how responsible are you?

    Hello Over the last 2 weeks I have been doing some electrical work for the neighbour of my Daughter as they had been let down by 2 other Electricians. I normally do design work but am 18th Edition C&G 236 qualified, as I am waiting to start a new draughting contract I have been doing...
  2. L

    Meter Calibration at responsible rates?

    Does anyone know a good, reliable and fast service? nearly forgot well priced too.
  3. F

    Am I responsible after tennant alters installation etc.

    hi guys new to this, Just wondering if anyone can clarify basiclly I done a job for someone this involved changing of distribution board and installing smoke alarms&heat detectors. After completing the job I phone tennant to come look says busy in pub will pay over bank transfer so I took...
  4. S

    Garage Installation - Part P Question

    Hi all! This is my first post on the forum so forgive me if this is the wrong section :) I've recently finished my first year at college doing an Electrical Installations evening course and I now feel competent to add a circuit into the garage at my dads house. I will be putting a CU in there...
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    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Certificate problems

    Pretty new to this forum but I'm looking to find out if a NICEIC contractor produces a certificate for an electrical installation to say the installation complies with all the relevant regs and then there is a problem in the installation e.g a fatality or a fire due to a bad installation that...
  6. B

    domestic cut out, help needed

    Hi, I have some properties that need have been fitted with new supplies. The metering people turned up with the fuses but no carrier and told us that they dont supply the carrier. UK power networks are saying that they dont supply the carrier. is there someone that know who is responsible for...
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    What circuit to test?!

    Went to a mates new bungalow as he wanted me to cast an eye on his electrics to make sure all is ok, (didnt want a EICR). It is generally in a good condition, correct earthing, correct selection of MCBs, RCD etc but the lighting has no CPC. I explained the options but he wants me to re-wire...
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    If you were to go to an installation

    If you were to go to an installation and think "I don't like the look of this old board, but I'll use a separate board via Henley Blocks' or similar, would you be OK just noting on the paperwork that the original installation is a bit ****e? I mean, you wouldn't then become responsible for that...
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    Domestic MR DNO Palava

    Hi guys, I am carrying out a full install to one(top) of two flats from a converted house. Originally the house had only one incoming service head (single phase)to the property, but the new landlord decided to contact the DNO about upgrading the incoming service possibly from a 3 phase to one...
  10. K

    Domestic Who is responsible for the ryefield board?

    Who is responsible for the Ryefield board ? I own a property flat in London and I contacted recently my electrical supplier to make a full investigation based on extremely high bills. A technician came around and asked me where the main fuse or ryefield board was to disconnect the meter. We...
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    really stupid p.a.t testing question

    As the title suggests this may seem a little strange. I recently completed the city and guilds 2377 one day course which has an exam at the end and my employer now expects me to carry out the testing. This is the stupid part. on the course i was told that if the item fails, not only should i...
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