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  1. J

    Combi S plan ufh and rads

    A combi is heating 5 ufh zones downstairs and 1 radiator zone upstairs. It has a two port valve for each. My question is, would you fit this with two wiring centres? One normal one that everything goes back to and then a separate ufh wiring Centre that all the stats and actuators connect to...
  2. S

    Am2, what size cable for the heating system

    Hi everyone I have my am2 resit coming up and was wondering what size cable do you use from the wiring centre, to the programmer, and what size cable is used from the wiring centre to the thermostat. I thought it was 1.5, but wasn't sure. Any answers will be much appreciated, thanks a lot.
  3. W

    S plan plus heating system help needed

    Evening, im going to try and explain the heating system im currently wiring, I have most of it wired up, there’s just a few bits im not sure of so any help/diagrams would be very helpful. heatmiser UFH 8 wiring centres are used in both cupboards. In the utility room cupboard (cupboard 1)...
  4. R

    S Plan Heating with UFH

    Hi guys Looking for some advice with regard to wiring a heating system. Starting a new build next week and have little if any experience with heating systems. The heating system is a system boiler with a cylinder. There is radiators upstairs and an UFH downstairs. I understand the wiring setup...
  5. E

    UFH / S plan diagram

    Could somebody run their eyes over this diagram and let me know if I’m about right. I’m new to UFH and UH8 in particular. It’s a viessmann vitodens 100-W. Two S plan systems and UFH.
  6. J

    Looking for books that’s go into detail on heating systems especially S Plan and also wiring on commercial plots such as communial flats etc

    Looking for books that go into detail on heating systems especially S Plan and also wiring on commercial plots such as communial flats etc thanks in advance !
  7. S

    Domestic Boiler controls price work in and around London areas

    Looking for anyone interested in taking on some boiler control installations combi/ S/Y plan heating circuits Between £200-£300 a day all in around north/east/west London Price work Must drive And have small experience in central heating controls/ Boilers and testing Feel free to call or...
  8. A

    Help! Am2 coming up and need help with the s plan

    Hi everyone, my am2 is fast approaching and i need help with understanding how s plan wiring works. I understand the different parts in the system and how its wired but i cant seem to figure out how the solar sustainable element fits into the system. Also can anyone let me know anything else i...
  9. R

    S plan heating system

    Hi guys new to the forum. I’ve landed on a job on a dental surgery. The plumbers have installed new heating and got water system and basically left me to wire it up. Struggling to get my head around it and could do with some help. They’ve installed two boilers that are going to work together...
  10. J

    Wiring an Alpha 100 cooker + central heating into S plan system

    Hi all, Thanks for having a look at my post and many thanks in advance for any help you might offer. Called to a customers house to sort out an overflow issue - this has resulted in an extensive re-plumbing of a very bad job.... however the wiring is equally as terrible and needs redoing...
  11. M

    S plan not firing boiler for hot water

    Hello all! I'm a plumber and have a customer where the s plan is working fine for both zones (ground floor, 1st floor + cylinder) but not firing the boiler when hot water demand from the cylinder is operated. 2 port valve opens and pump runs but boiler shows no demand for heat. Any ideas why...
  12. 123

    Heating: Valiant Ecotech Wiring Diagram With S Plan

    123 submitted a new resource: Heating: Valiant Ecotech Wiring Diagram with S Plan - Heating: Valiant Ecotech Wiring Diagram with S Plan Read more about this resource...
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    Heating: S Plan Plus With 3 Channel Programmer Wiring

    123 submitted a new resource: Heating: S Plan Plus with 3 Channel Programmer Wiring - Heating: S Plan Plus with 3 Channel Programmer Wiring Read more about this resource...
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    Heating: Modified S Plan With Timer Relay Overrun Wiring Diagram

    123 submitted a new resource: Heating: Modified S Plan With Timer Relay Overrun - Heating: Modified S Plan With Timer Relay Overrun Read more about this resource...
  15. M

    Never done a s plan. Stuggling

    I have never wired an s plan so struggling lol I have a heatmiser uh4 underfloor heating controlers inhave one on each floor basement ground first n second. I have a megaflo eco 250 on the first floor And a boiler on the basement forgot the name i will update I have no idea how to...
  16. J

    s plan with underfloor without zone valve.

    Evening all, I'm in the midst of connecting above system, the plumber is adamant it will work without a 2 port but I'm struggling to make sense of it. I've got a system boiler with s plan and a single zone UFH manifold. Could anyone please give me some pointers re wiring without the back feed...
  17. H

    S Plan with Stove + Controls

    I'm after a bit of advice from you heating engineer experts. I have wired many boilers previously but never to include a wood burner I have been asked to wire an S plan heating system, no problem with this. They have also installed a wood burner with a gravity rad and twin coil cylinder...
  18. S

    S Plan Plus - Wiring Diagram

    Hi Guys I currently have a combi boiler with a single prog stat wired direct to the boiler. I am putting in UFH in my kicthen diner and have to zone off using an S Plan Plus config. I have a Worcester Bosch boiler. I have drawn up the attached wiring diagram, would anyone be able to verify...
  19. R

    S Plan Help

    Hi everyone My father in law is having new Honeywell S Plan Controls fitted as the current ones are old/not working correctly. I'm starting fresh with it all from the wiring centre. The only thing which has thrown me is the boiler has an interal pump as well as the standard pump upstairs in...
  20. Y

    S plan plus UFH zone

    Hi all,I have to go look at a job, from what i understand, they have an S plan in, they have had an sunroom extension with UFH so this is to be controlled independantly of the HW/CH. the plumber has a motorised valve at the boiler for the UFH zone which is pumped to the sunroom, there he has...
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