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  1. D

    I must I must stop buying stuff at the boot sales

    My latest purchase 60p the lot :)
  2. G


    I would like to learn as much as i can. I have a background in Pumps and worked for KSB Pumps for 8 years in sales. I am now in sales and come across a lot of variable speed drives in Industry. I studied electronics and Electrical but could not get an apprenticeship in south Africa. I am always...
  3. Dan

    Cold Callers List - A List Of Numbers To Block Or Ignore Or Tell To Eff Off

    Thought we could do with a handy list of cold callers that's you've had recently, so others can avoid their sales calls. Who was the last firm to cold call you related to your business? (Not talking about PPI claims, we all know to ignore those lol)
  4. G

    Replacing socket back box

    Hi all I have many single sockets in my new place which I would like to upgrade to doubles if possible, however having removed a couple of the face plates I have noticed that I am unable to remove the back boxes as they are 'cable tied' by a red cable looping from the back to the top. I have...
  5. E

    Sales call, Panels with little brains.

    Just had a call from the Energy Research Centre offering me 'New Solar Edge panels with little brains in the cells that are better than all the other solar panels because they work on fully shaded roofs.' The Energy Research Centre are the only ones who have them. Sadly the incentive is not...
  6. S

    Solar PV installers required

    @ALL. We are an established direct sales company with our own Sales and marketing teams in Wales and the SW and want to get involved in Solar pv panel sales to the domestic marketplace. We are really looking for MCS installers or an existing company to join forces with us, we supply the sales...
  7. P

    Solar PV Calculators / Tools

    Hello all, I am a web developer that works exclusively for a PV Installer in the midlands. They have commissioned us to create an in depth PV Calculator. I will post on here when it is complete for you guys to test. Whilst creating this it got me thinking of the days when I used to design...
  8. La Poste

    SSE tricking potential customers

    SSE has lost an appeal into a conviction for tricking potential customers into switching from their existing energy firm. SSE's sales agents had used misleading sales scripts when talking to people on their doorsteps, between September 2008 and July 2009. SSE said it was "disappointed" with...
  9. E

    Solar PV Sales

    Hi, If anybody knows of any good Solar Sales people we have a few positions going. We're a strong and fast expanding company. Please contact me here asap. thanks
  10. S

    Cembre spares repairs and manuals???

    Hi all, just bought a secondhand Cembre PO7000 pump and TC120 cutting head off the bay , just got it tonight and i think it is in need of some TLC, Box was covered in hydraulic fluid, pump missing retracting spring and blades got a chunk out of it. Ideally i need to buy spares for it to fix it...
  11. E

    Sales Meeting / Review

    Hi All Apart from my work on the electricalstock.com website i also work in an electrical wholesaler, Each month we have a meeting regarding our sales figures and other developments however each month it is the same routine. We have tried to update the format with a powerpoint presentation...
  12. L

    Are Rcd sales going to increase

    Just wondering, because of the 17th edition, do you think theres going to be an increase of rcd's sales, technology etc? you think its worth putting shares in the rcd company manufactures?
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