1. M

    Secondary Transformer Circuit Breaker

    Hi, I'm just curious about what will happen if I use an MCB lower than the calculated current rating. I have a 1kVA 220v stepdown to 110V transformer, calculated downstream MCB current rating would be 11.3625 if i'm right I multiplied the secondary current to 125%? what will happen if I use a...
  2. H

    Should garage have secondary consumer unit? + Best way to extend power from garage to shed?

    A dedicated 20A type C MCB located in the consumer unit in my house feeds power to my detached brick-built double garage via an underground armoured cable. This MCB is one of a group that is controlled by an 80A RCD. There is no additional MCB protection within the garage. The incoming...
  3. S

    Simple relay for secondary pump circuit

    I am looking for guidance on adding a second pump for the underfloor section of my central heating. I am using a blending valve for the UFH supply by teeing off the main boiler feed into the 3 way valve and then to the pump and UF circuit valves (2). I am ok with the wiring I simply need a relay...
  4. T

    Electrician Installing a secondary consumer unit in the garage??

    Morning all, I am looking to install a secondary consumer unit in my garage, linking from my existing house consumer unit. The first question is If it is ok to run 16mm2 Twin and earth SWA through my hallway and lounge concrete floor in order to get to the garage or should I be running it...
  5. S

    Delta-Wye Transformers

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for some information or diagrams on Delta-Wye transformers. Most diagrams that I have got, give me information for 3 lines to a Delta configuration then on the secondary side you get the Star configuration. I am really happy with the above concept, I would like to...
  6. G

    Data point as phone point

    Can I use a standard data module as a phone point ? Cheers
  7. M

    Commercial Trainee asking for an explanation on something I found today (arcing cable)

    Hey there folks, just to let you know I am only a trainee, not actually started my NVQ yet but been working with most aspects of the trade for about 6 months now. Today I was working on the roof of a cinema replacing some emergency lights. Whilst up there the spark I am working under...
  8. R

    Amtech 3 phase tx load

    Just trying to work out a cable and fuse size for a 3kva 415/240v transformer with a 2kW load on it, using Amtech single cable, there are no settings for showing a transformer on the load side, is it possible to calc a transformer load on Amtech. If I use a motor as the load it chooses fuses...
  9. S

    Solar Thermal secondary return pump Fluropro

    Hi I have been installing a Solar Thermal system (with a plumber friend) with a Glow-Worm Fluropro controller, and the system has a secondary return pump on it. I can't find any live output for the pump. I could just put the pump on a plug-in timer, but in the manual it states that the system...
  10. R

    Testing Transformers

    Hi, Could anyone give me some advice on methods of testing 12v transformers if at all possible? Why I ask is because been to a customers because one of the under cabinet 12v lights wasn't working. First I tried changing the lamp which didn't work but worked in another fitting. Then just assumed...
  11. M

    Weird Voltage to Earth Readings

    I will refer a weird voltage readings on my mate's workplace.. A newly installed transformer delta-wye, 440/380V will supply a TT power system. He measured 380V per phase on the secondary and 220V L-N.. But when he measured L3 to earth he measured 0V. L1 and L2 to earth is 380V and Neutral to...
  12. M

    110v transformers

    again would sincerely appreciate a bitof help have a client who wants a mix of stuff doing all in small numbers not really my normal work but have splashed out on a seward 250 to accomadate him and having a few issues on a coulpe of things namely 110 v transformers could some one please...
  13. H

    Domestic 24 volt, 50 hertz, 81 watt pump

    I've got a very well made 24 volt, 50 hertz, 81 watt pump, however I do NOT have a transformer/converter. I'm from down-under, so we run on between 220 to 250 volts. Is there a nifty trick one can do to get this thing running on 240 volts? Can I put a different transformer in-line with a...
  14. V

    240v - 12v downlighter transformerkeeps blowing.

    Hi, I have replaced this twice and they have both blown within a few minutes of fitting. There are 3 lights on the circuit each with their own transformer and a dimmer switch. This installation has been up for 10 years with no problems till now, the other 2 lights are fine. 2 transformers...
  15. L

    pv installation problem - please help!

    hi everyone, i'm doing a photovoltaic installation this week and i've got a bit of an awkward problem to get around... the pv array is going on the roof of a secondary building that is completely separate from the main house. the problem is that the secondary building has its own supply so if i...
  16. T

    Control panel problems

    I am refurbing an old BMS control panel the panel is about 15 years old and had Satchwell controls in, I am now fitting Trend I have been told that the controls/ panel never really worked. I have got half way through the refurb and I have a problem with the 0-10 volt signals, they seem to do...
  17. S

    Through Fault Current

    I want to understand the concept for through faults in case of transformers. For example, there is an external fault on secondary side of a generator step up transformer, so when it is said that all through current will pass through the transformer, does it mean that current is now flowing in...
  18. D

    Timer Switch for Swimming Pool pump..

    Hello, I am going abroad to stay at a friends house. He would like a 24 hour timer incorporating into the wiring to control the swimming pool pump. At the moment the mains electricity is fed from a circuit breaker in the house to a secondary fused unit housed next to the pump. Unfortunately...
  19. 10linepoet

    Testing Transformers

    We are installing a 300 kVA transformer, 3 wire 3 ph 520 V/345 A in with 4 wire 3ph 440 V/394 A out. Does anyone know if there any significant tests required or things to be aware of (pitfalls) when testing this type of equipment? We propose to undertake an Insulation Resistance test of the...
  20. J

    working out loading of transformers

    please could anyone help me with this simple question.Just wanted to know how i can convert my transformer rating to amps,as i want to know how many low voltage lamps i can put on a circuit.Its only e.l.v halogen lamps.The rating is 20-60va:confused:
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