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  1. D

    The breaker on the right trips after anything from 30 seconds to an hour. I have only two led lights on this circuit

    The breaker on the right trips after anything from 30 seconds to an hour. I have only two led lights on this circuit. Can anyone please help? Source URL: DIY Electrical Forum -
  2. L

    Domestic Recessed Light going out after 20ish seconds...

    I'm led to believe a failing recessed bathroom light I have is usually due to the thermal protector. However I see none in my lighting circuit; the bulb connects direct to an IBL 5002 50VA transformer. My question is then is it likely the transformer that is faulty and can I replace it with...
  3. J

    My DC Fan wont spin fully, Only stutters and stops every 5 seconds

    I have a DC 24v Fan, which at full load uses around 7Amps. I brought a DC 24v 13A PSU Driver, which when i first tested the fan powered it just fine. After a week or so went by, I reconnected the driver again, and now the fan doesnt spin even 2% of what it did before. The fan just about...
  4. H

    Amendment 3 smoke alarm !!

    Nice ammendment 3 smoke detector
  5. H

    Fike Twinflex call point question.

    Hi. I have a Fike Twinflex system with a 402-0006 manual callpoint as the first item in the chain, followed by 8 sensors then another manual callpoint 402-0006 at the end of the chain. The callpoint at the end of the chain is set to eol end of line and its red light flashes as i would expect...
  6. G

    Recycle Asymmectrical Time Switch

    I'm working on a job where I need to make a pump switch ON for 15 seconds then OFF for 45 seconds then repeat ON for 15 seconds and OFF for 45 seconds etc...At the moment the pump is switched on by a contactor that is permanently energised while ever the plant is operational. Can anyone...
  7. ian.settle1

    Australian GP

    Hamilton on pole from Rosberg by 1/2 second some going that, hope he doesn't have the same problem as last year.
  8. 1Justin

    Is it a Distribution Circuit?

    TN system. Customer has 16A breaker from CU which supplies FCU to a boiler, but it also supplies a IP66 external box feeding SWA to garden shed DB. Since the circuit from the 16A breaker doesn't supply ONLY the SWA to the shed DB, (it supplies also end equipment directly - ie the boiler) -...
  9. L

    stereo and bell timer

    Hi all. Hope your all having a good day. Does anyone know a timer that will operate to work a bell or siren with a stereo. To turn off the stereo and sound a bell for breaktime. Im having trouble. I cant find one that will work both. Thankyou. Luke
  10. R

    Supplier's fuse, disconnection time and max Ze

    Have a job where Ze is 0.36 ohms on a TNC-S with 80A BS1361 suppliers fuse. The general rule, as per OSG (page 11), is if Ze is below 0.35 ohms then this is acceptable, but that relates to a 100A fuse (OSG fig 2.1 on page 15 refers). Now I believe that this installation should comply, so have...
  11. D

    Disconnection time with a PV sytem installed.

    Hello all. Could any experienced sparkies please please explain to me how RCD tripping times can be adhered to when a PV sytem is integrated into a domestic consumer unit if the inverter takes up to 5 seconds to isolate the AC outputwhich it feed to the domestic supply at the consumer unit. Fed...
  12. P

    P.A.T Testing I.T. Equipment

    On 'Pattesters' website they advise- When testing modern IT equipment it is not normal to performed a leakage or touch current test; these tests are usually used on older equipment in place of the 500 Volt insulation test. However in my copy of the IEE they say that touch current test should...
  13. S

    solar pv and automatic disconection of supply ADS

    forget type B rcd's at minute do we have to use a .30ma rcd to meet 17th edition requirments of .4 seconds disconection times for domestic solar pv system (16amp) even if cable is surface mounted outside in conduit ? regardless of Zs as its normally low anyways to gain 1% volt drop. but...
  14. M

    module testing? does everyone really do it?!

    Does everyone really test each individual pv module before putting it on the roof?! Given that it can be very time consuming im not so sure!? Honest replies only please!
  15. G

    loop test with rcd

    using a test lamp across the L&N to freeze the rcd, generally a 5 second touch with the test lamp and it freezes the rcd then you can do a loop test with the rcd tester set on trip, I find it gives a better reading than the no trip option on the rcd tester I have,however on Thursday I took a bit...
  16. K

    Probably broken every rule in the book

    I’ve probably broken every rule in the book with this. Was asked if I could do a cable joint between a 6mm T+E and a 2c 6mm SWA. It had to be as unobtrusive as possible as I was on a front wall of a graded building. The T+E ran for 6” below the rendering corbel so the joint would be on the...
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