1. GMES

    Bank Holiday sorted for me.

    So I have managed to get 4 lazy days off for the bank holiday and have just ordered the entire Star Wars collection, 8 movies if my maths is right, I haven't seen the 3 originals for years so Looking forward to revisiting them So that hopefully is my break sorted. What have you guys and gals...
  2. Dan

    I've sorted out our 'Find a Trader' sections a bit on all our forums

    Should be able to find these forum categories at the top of the forum homepage :) I'm hoping promoting all the forums on all the forum kinda gets more enquiries coming in. Check those out to see what you think. Find Professional Tradesmen for Free (And of course tradesmen find the work for...
  3. F

    problem i should have sorted before now but not had money.

    Hey everyone i'm really hoping this issue is fixable and cheap as i have put it off due to low cash flow and tonight it got a bit dangerous. My car started acting up a couple of months ago and has gradually got worse and it all began when i started leaving my car parked for days while working...
  4. GMES

    Finally Done

    Well that's it locked the office up lads paid up just landed home and don't plan on moving till Jan 3rd lol. Typically though I made the decision to get yesterday and today in the office with the lads to tidy up and get all invoices sorted and the Bloody laptops and printers decide to go on a...
  5. B

    Led flood light, 70 - 80w. Mounted about 4m up

    After some ideas, got a flood light to install to light a playing field for a fire drill. Supply is sorted spec is sorted. However it coming off a external building which is not much bigger than a normal door height. I'm looking for a mount to take this up to roughly 4m, but idearly not timber...
  6. R

    Commercial Zs

    Hi, Went to move a few sockets yesterday in a fairly large commercial building. Before I started I thought I'd do a quick Zs test. Result was >2000ohm, so I asked if I could isolate the DB so I could test Ze/Zdb and R1+R2 but was refused. So I thought I'd try get a Zs from some other final...
  7. Soulsurfer

    Wylex RCBO SP Replacement.

    Hi all, does anyone know of any other manufacturers single module RCBO that could slot in and replace a Wylex NSBS 32A type C ? Screw heads on existing one are smashed to bits & not tightening onto cables enough when checked. Thanks.
  8. D


    Hello all brought a megger 1730 recently sometimes wishing i had gone down the fluke road.Could someone with experience of using both just give me their thoughts thanks
  9. widdler

    Megger Mft 1730 calculating R1&R2?

    A student of mine had his new toy delivered today (delivery first thing, thank you very much Tester Meter). We've had a play with it and I am surprised to see that it has a method of caculating R1&R2 as what appears to be normal practice. You turn the dial to Zref, make a loop impedance...
  10. J

    Urgent!!100A changeover switch

    I need a basic 100A (minimum) changeover switch. Has anyone any recommended suppliers. Even though I told the project manager 2 weeks ago he decided to leave it till 5 days left before ordering it ! !"£$%^&. I need it ASAP. No problem paying for superfast delivery or can collect if in Northern...
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