1. K

    need a spare freezer drawer if anyone have please ? model - Indesit IB 5050 A1 D.UK.1 Integrated Fridge Freezer - White IB 5050 A1 D.UK.1 F155654

    Hi, i broke my freezer drawer and need a spare freezer drawer if anyone have please ? model - Indesit IB 5050 A1 D.UK.1 Integrated Fridge Freezer - White IB 5050 A1 D.UK.1 F155654 Thanks
  2. A

    Dimplex duo heat 300n storage heater Spare Parts

    Hello, Been remodelling my sitting room and have moved my dimplex duo heat 300n storage heater. This has not been switched on since the end of last winter. So last night,when switched on for the first, it did not come on. Tested power from E7 and it is fine. The comfort heat panel works off a...
  3. S

    10 way MK insulated CU 16 module - anyone replacing one or have spare cover?

    Hi all, I'm looking for 1x cover + lid and 1x just lid. Does anyone have them spare or a CU change planned soon? I'll cover P&P and name your drink £?
  4. J

    13a Fuse Spare spur from ring circuit

    Evening! I've got a 32amp MCB under an 30mA RCD supplying a ring of sockets in the basement. There is an electric heater that the client wants hardwiring in (still needs to have a switch). My logic would be a Fused Switch. Can I take the spur from a near by double socket into the input?
  5. C

    3 phase upgrade

    I currently have a 100amp 3 phase supply. I would like to put in a >300amp supply. excluding the eclectical work past the Cut out. can some one please tell me the approx price on an upgrade? thanks
  6. B

    Domestic Air conditioning installation - supply options

    Hello, We are having 2 wall mounted split system air conditioners installed. These come supplied with a 13amp plug which will power both the internal and external units. I would like to wire these in for a more permanent and neat installation. Our consumer board only has a single "RCD...
  7. L

    clone bsi module

    Hi guys, I have a spare bsi unit and would like to clone it to have as spares for my citroen berlingo multispace mk3 (2012) I have a progammer (minipro TL866) If I remove the eeprom 95128WT from the original, copy the contents, then write all data into eeprom in spare bsi unit will this work...
  8. spark-ticus

    Does complete board need to be tested.??

    Hi All I'm a little unsure if i need to test all circuits in a consumer unit if i have added a new circuit into it. The circuit added is a ring final and has been installed in a spare way on the board, also one of the lighting circuits has now had a single pendent changed to 6x downlights. Do i...
  9. P

    UNDERFLOOR HEATING Quick Question.

    Hi chaps. I've come over from the Tilers Forum for some precious advice. In an hours time I hope to install Electric UNDERFLOOR heating in my own bathroom, and I need some quick advice. Its about the temp sensor. I suddenly saw that it "should" be installed in a conduit to allow its removal if...
  10. sparkymalarky

    Megger 1552 Neck Strap/Carry Strap

    Hi men, Probably a bit of a stretch considering anyone who has one probably uses it. Does anyone have or know where I could get a spare strap for a Megger 1552/1500 range? I have bought a spare MFT 2nd hand but it doesn't come with the strap which is frustrating. Any ideas? Cheers lads! John
  11. W

    PV Interpreter needed. Connecting to the mains?

    We have a spare space on the consumer unit (new 2003) Two companies have done site visits and both companies said exactly the same thing when looking at it.....they would move everything one to the right into the empty space and thus make themselves a spare slot near the big red switch...
  12. T

    megger multifunction tester

    any one got cheap megger multifunction tester for sale as mine was stolen last night cheers
  13. J

    Megger test lead

    I've somehow managed to damage 1 of my leads for 1552, does anybody have a spare I can buy as megger say I have to buy a whole new set if not. Cheers
  14. C

    minor works cert

    just getting ready to go self employed, going to start advertising in the new year never had much involvement with cert's the full eic i have no problem with, looking at the minor works cert obviously its only for additions to a existing circuit and alterations but not for a new circuit so say...
  15. dansk

    Spare panel required - can anyone help?

    Due to glass damage i need to replace a customers panel - usual crap with supplier "we don't stock that anymore" you know the drill. original panel: Caymax (aka CSUN) silver 250w mono. VOC 37.3 ISC 8.78 Vmpp 30.1 Impp 8.31 1640 x 990 x 50 Maybe an ET 250 would do it - its very close in the...
  16. S

    Industrial Digs in Central London

    Hey guys your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated!!! I''ve been offered a months work in Cavendish Square but am in desperate need of digs for first couple of weeks - anyone know of anywhere/anyone willing to put me up for £100 a week? sofa will do!!!!
  17. S

    in Trouble at work!

    i have been suspended from work regarding my PAT test machine been out of calibration,i work full time as a PAT Tester. There is no re-call proceedure set up, i carry a spare meter so sent this to head office to be repaired to cover me when mine went in,this spare machine went missing from head...
  18. P

    Domestic Minor works Certificate

    Hello, I've been asked to install an extra socket into a kitchen, After taking a look at the job it would be easier to run a supply directly from the CU rather than spur off an existing socket There is a spare 16A RCBO available . Which certificate would i have to provide for this installation...
  19. M

    megger 1720 problem

    my megger 1720has developed a problem its showing ERR 23 phoned MTS who said it was RCD overheating protection What ever that is I havent tested an RCD for 2 weeks now Its away to the hospital to get surgery :(:( Boss is sending me a spare up overnight Im worried about my poor megger feel...
  20. S

    WANTED - Wera Kraftform Handle and blade set - HANDLE ONLY

    I've recently bought the set and was very happy with it until I lost the handle (idiot!) Just wondered if anyone had an old or spare handle? Cheers
  21. J

    Wanted: Schuco 249800 or 249804 (35mm mid clips) - 52 off

    Hi all Don't suppose anyone has 52 of either of these lurking that they would be willing to sell for cash/arms/legs? Thanks in advance John
  22. C

    Re-wire done other week, now require extra circuit.

    Hello, I've never had this before so sorry for sounding silly... I did a re-wire for a customer the other week, now they have decided they would like an outside socket. Every things been tested, there's a spare way left on board so all I need to do is run a new circuit but what cert would I...
  23. R

    Testing zs on multi way flex 7 box

    Someone told me on my 2391 that when testing a lcm that all lights that are plugged in are classed as portable equipment. Is that true and is it ok to take r1+r2 and zs at the lcm
  24. F

    Megger leads

    Hi people been having a few problems with my test results fluctuating and I've found the problem is when I involve the green test lead on my megger multifunction tester so basically the green lead is goosed! So does anyone have a spare set or spare green lead they could sell me or cheapest place...
  25. K

    Outside building

    I am working on a cattery at the mo and having powered up, the customer has now had an isolation pen built. I have a spare way in the main board as it is nearer to the house than it is to the main cattery. Can I use 2.5mm buried for 1.5m and clipped direct for the remaining 15m. I need to power...
  26. V

    megger 1553

    Hi all As reguards to the megger 1553 i was reading through the instructions and it says not to use rechargeable batteries ? is there a reason for this im just curious. What do you guys use in your meggers or testing equipment that requires batteries. Think i'll buy a pack of 16 duracell and...
  27. tuckermot

    Ge mcbs volex mcbs wylex rcbo

    Hi all board is 7 years old with no rcd it has Ge breakers in and one breaker has been replaced with a volex mcb. Question is i have been told by my local wholesaler that a wylex rcbo will fit in in this board are they corect as i am doing aditions on the bathroom lighting and require...
  28. D

    new sub board

    Hi What is the prescibed method of taking power from a three phase, or single for that matter, distribution board to provide power to another I have always used a spare way with a circuit breaker of suffiicient capacity for the whole sub, or go into the supply side of the main switch But I was...
  29. B

    Bad Workmanship

    After numerous jobs having to go along and rectify very sub standard work its started to get me thinking. The more common things i come across is poor labelling at dist boards, Cables not sized right, inadequate protection jobs half finished. I recently came across a 13amp double socket wired in...
  30. I

    new cooker installation

    Hi Guys, I have been tasked with the job of installing a new circiut for a cooker installation.There are no spare ways on the existing CU.Is there any way that I can connect to the board without having to replace it.Also is it ok to route the cooker cable in surface mounted trunking...
  31. M

    various commercial questions

    hi all, been asked to do various works within an office which is part of a multi-story. Please can anyone advise on the following questions? i do have my own judgements but would like to see what you all come back with. This will also help my confidence in what i have told the client. Thanks in...
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