1. Darrin Brand

    Inverter speed control help

    Can any one help ? Emerson command sk I've got a 3ph motor from a boilie making machine that has the above attached to it , I've reset the parameters to factory and input the motor parameters to the relevant fields but still can't get it to work , it's alternating between a tr01 fault or a...
  2. Ironbones

    Commercial DC circuit breakers VS semiconductor fuses high speed.

    Hi all. Just to start off still learning. Could any one help me with this and put me right if I am incorrect. I would like to understand the preference or reason for opting for DC breakers or semiconductor high speed fuses, when been used in low voltage DC circuit. I understand that...
  3. N

    Can I use a speed controller with this fan

    Just wondering can I install a speed controller on the fan below. I want to make a homemade air filter but its a huge fan. If so do you know suitable spec'd ones. Thanks im2501480 - http://www.canfan.nl/im2501480.html (New models have them built in)
  4. S

    2 speed hood fan wiring

    Hope someone can help I’ve removed a 2 speed extractor motor from cooker hood with 4 cables: white, blue, black and orange. Unfortunately the replacement motors cables are white, black, brown and red. Can anyone advice on how to wire the new motor in
  5. L

    Better speed control required for 24v dc mobility motor

    Hello all, hope this is posted in the right place. You'll probably guess after reading this post for help that i'm not an electrician! I've built a 4-wheel buggy utilising a mobility scooter motor and wish to slow down the acceleration rate. I am utilising the twist grip throttle from a...
  6. G

    Pedestal Fan - bypass speed control unit - Direct connection

    Hi, The speed controller on my pedestal fan is broken and I thought of bypassing it by connecting the power supply directly to the fan motor. When I opened casing, I found two wires (Blue and Brown) coming in from the plugs end and four wires (Red, Black, Blue and White) coming from the motor...
  7. Murdoch

    UK Speed Limits for vans ....................

    OK, hands up if you weren't aware of these : Speed limits - https://www.gov.uk/speed-limits I wasn't! Not been stopped yet!
  8. E

    if i could run faster than the speed of light...

    if i started running from where i am now faster than the speed of light could i bump into myself and trip myself up before i begin running?:runner::runner:
  9. D

    Bmw Speed sensor pulse wire

    As above, I purchased a front parking sensor kit for my BMW f20 118d 2012. The system requires connection to a speed pulse wire to activate the sensors below a certain speed. Does anyone know what colour wire it is and where is the best place to tap in to it?
  10. A

    help with a fan speed controller

    Hi guys I'v got a question to do with a fan speed controller. it is Ziehl Abegg 560 mm, single phase. use electronic speed controller 6 amps..just replace a new same fan motor, when lower speed, controller temperture go up 30mins fuse(10amps)blow. when high speed , controller normal.. any...
  11. Mike Johnson

    Variable speed Pool pumps, France

    A lot of guys around my area of France have spent over €1500.00 on variable speed pumps for their pools, the saving on electrical consumption can be quite considerable over a year, but the cost of the pumps against a standard pump at €400.00 seems to beg the question can't a controller be used...
  12. Gary Tollison

    Can a dimmer switch be used to control drill speed?

    Hello As the title says... ;) I'm thinking about having a 1.8A 400V bushed fixed speed drill, mounted in a press, connected to a dimmer switch to control the drill speed. Any ideas, or advice? And please, to those who think I'm silly to think such an idea etc, I can do without the criticism...
  13. Gavin John Hyde

    Drunk Electrician Caught Sawing down Speed Camera

    Saw this and found it quite funny... Anybody know the plonker.... His name is Stuart Langley from Reading I have done daft things when drunk but never tried to cut a Gatso down... Drunk Electrician Caught Sawing down Speed Camera | WiseTradesmen -...
  14. joel89

    2 speed Pole changing motor Circuit 1.5kw

    Hi all, I have got to build a small panel for a overhead crane long travel drive motors (Old Street crane) The motor is is a 2 speed pole changing motor 750rpm and 1500rpm it needs both slow and fast speed and it also has a link between across 1ph of the slow and fast winding in the motor...
  15. R

    Speed control of power tools ?

    I'm looking for a device that can plug in line with a 16 a extension cable that will control the speed of brush motors on power tools, up to a 2000 w angle grinder. I have seen PCB units on eBay but I'm not sure which one would be suitable. It would be ideal if it could be switched between 240...
  16. S

    Spray Booth fan help.

    HI! could someone tell me the the correct circuit for a spray booth fan.What would be better 2 pole or 4 pole motor? (Single phase only) Also i would for example, need a DOL starter for that and a AC speed control to vary the speed. Its a inline axle fan 700mm diameter. If any one could give...
  17. R

    3 phase motor Question

    Evening Guys, A commercial customer of mine has asked me to price a manual and a programmable speed controller for an existing ventilation motor. At the moment the motor is started and stopped manually. I have no expertise in this area so some advice would be greatly appreciated. The motor is...
  18. W

    Hrc fuses

    The question is : Is there a difference in the protection characteristcs of a semi-conductor and a high speed hrc fuse can any one help
  19. K

    Commercial replacing 3 phase motor

    people ... quesion ..... there was a car lift , that is old ...and it was 3 phase driving a hydraulic pump to move up..gravity down.. this motor was a 1.5Kw motor 3 phase.. the lift was moved to a domestic garage , so no 3 phase supply in house .. the motor was replaced with a 1.5Kw single...
  20. T

    Hi... need some help with this circuit connection

    Hi everyone. My name is Tim and I need some help. I am looking at a motorised pack I am using to clean windows. I want to add a variable resistor, I think they are called potentiometers. I am wondering though, where should I put it and what value should I get? I think maybe 100 OHM? Hope the...