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  1. Dillb

    Decided to spend a lot of money

    on a new tool box :grinning:
  2. happyhippydad

    Just about to spend a fortune on a new MFT!

    Hello all.. hope you're having a peaceful saturday? I am about to buy a new MFT (probably from test-meter as I know they are good) and wanted to ask a few specifics on the megger. Firstly, how much of a pain is it not being able to just plug the 1711 or the 1721 in to recharge it? Do you...
  3. T

    Party wall agreements are blank cheques for your neighbours to spend your money.

    I do not really expect any replies, just a little rant, a voice in the wilderness. I shelved the idea of going into my loft coversion today. The neighbours have legitimate concerns regards all sorts. The cost of appointing surveyors is such that we have decided we will have to move if we want a...
  4. gatuka

    advice needed

    would it be wise to do the 2396 design, erection and verification course, considering i am not an electrician and have not got any experience
  5. ECServices

    Wiring Diagrams

    Can anyone recommend an app or programme for creating auto electrical wiring diagrams? Many Thanks- Martin
  6. uksparks

    WANTED: 2014 Ford Transit Connect Trend 1.6 TDCI LWB

    Hi, I am looking for a LWB 2014 Ford Transit Connect Trend 1.6 TDCI If you happen to have one or know anyone, I have got £11k~ to spend, cash waiting. Any colour considered, preferably less than 35k Miles. it should look like the picture.
  7. Q

    Fault finding for prospective clients

    Had a call today from a prospective client who runs the maintenance for a small block of flats. They want a price for a EICR for the communal power. This bit is straight forward. In addition he explained that there are 2 x outside lights which are faulty (cause unknown). Also a light in the...
  8. yellowvanman


    Is it worth it? Does it work?
  9. A

    LED Lighting

    I am part of a team responsible for operating a village hall. We have been advised to consider replacing our current lighting system with LED lamps Currently we have egg crate fluorescents GU10, Dichroic 12 volt and 26w pin fitting CFL. Any suggestions as to replacements and were to get the...
  10. 7

    help needed ring main fault

    hello there your expertise please :D Basically recieved a job from a client that rents out propertys the client has had the council complete a EICR and they have found x2 ring mains have the following faults: circuit 1:no continuity lives (readings-RN=1.33) circuit 2: no continuity neutral...
  11. T

    Anyont used or know MCS Quality systems

    Hi guys,has anyone heard of or used MCS QUALITY SYSTEMS ? they say they can supply complete quality manuals/system. Im thinking of getting in touch with them but thought id ask for advise first Cheers Tony
  12. L

    new the trade need some tools

    Please can you advice me on some good tools i need ,eg crips ,a good driver set, drills ,bits, tester ect thanks lee
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