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split phase

  1. robertl

    UK 3 phase inverter welder from Split Phase / Bi Phase supply 480v

    Hello all, I have discussed my power install before as i am sure a lot of you will remember as it is quite different to a normal setup. I have a split phase / Bi Phase system, 2 phases coming into the workshop from a center tapped transformer. 240v phase to neutral and 480 phase to phase. I have...
  2. robertl

    UK 480v Split Phase, new workshop, VFD's required

    Hi All, I've posted on here before about this, that time i was asking what people thought about phase converters as at that point i thought i could only get a single phase line at 100a for my new workshop. Turns out that after the DNO visited the site i can get a Split Phase connection put in...
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