1. P

    Wet Under floor heating manifold and multi room stats...

    Evening chaps hope you’re al keeping well. Quick tech help question, I’ve got two large high spec new builds to wire up early summer and they’ve both got wet underfloor heating my task is to wire it up obviously. I’ve never done one before and it’s also got 5 room stats upstairs alone. Have any...
  2. S

    Unvented Cylinder stats s-plan

    Hi all, Please can I get some help. I’m currently wiring up 20 unvented cylinders at the moment. They are all part of an S-plan which is fine. The problem I’m having is with the two in-built stats on the immersion tank. One stat is a high limit cut out stat and the other is an Adjustable. I...
  3. widdler

    I'm collecting stats for a govt report - Competent person schemes

    Hi all. I am collecting evidence for a report on the current 'strategy' and trust given to the competent person schemes by the Communities and Local Government Committee (CLGC). I am not sure if you are aware, but the committee reviewed it a couple of years ago, and the conclusion from the...
  4. G

    Combi boiler with dual heating zones and 2x programmable stats.

    First post so let me start by saying hello to all! I'm a plumber not an electrician, nor do I consider myself a heating engineer and would appreciate any help... What I have is a Worchester combination boiler which is currently hooked up to a Honeywell programmable room stat. We have...
  5. S

    Domestic Immersion Heater Thermostat scorching

    When I removed the cover from the immersion heater in order to adjust the thermostat I found the thermostat had very deep scorch marks and I could see sparks when I switched the power back on. However, both the thermostat and immersion heater still seemed to be functioning properly. I swapped...
  6. M

    Zone heating

    Hi, I've never really had much to do with heating systems so just wondered what you require for a 2 zone system. Would a 2 channel programmer such as a danfoss and just two room thermostats work? Would each room stat have to be programable or would this just be ok to have one at the main...
  7. B

    Underfloor Heating

    Can someone let me know the wiring procedure when underflooring heating is being installed by flow and return piping,and seperate room stats are required for six rooms and each room having its own stat which are wired and not wireless.
  8. 123

    Underfloor heating stat locations

    Been asked to look at an underfloor heating system which isn't working the best. It's only installed on the ground floor of the property, and has four zones. Is there any rule of thumb with regards the location of the stats - location and heights? Parts of the zones are open plan as well...
  9. sythai

    Underfloor heating... newbie

    Evening my chaps... Well my favourite subject has sprung up once again - central heating :rolleyes2: On a job where the plumber has piped up 2 underfloor heating zones, never wired up one of these before... but feeling quite confident. It isn't my usual plumber I work with this chap seems...
  10. S

    Replacing Underfloor Heating With Wall Heaters?

    Hi guys, Went to see a job yesterday where the whole flat has underfloor heating, which has packed up and now they want a quote to replace this system with electric wall hung heaters. Because of the size of the property I reckon it will need at least 5 heaters. The property currently has 2 ring...
  11. rainstorm

    U/F heating costing a fortune!

    Hi All, I've been asked to look at an underfloor heating system that is obviously wired up wrong. The property has 2 combi boilers, 1 of which is solely for the u/f heating. The ground floor has 2 manifolds, 2 pumps (located together) and 6 programmable stats, 1 for each room/area. Upstairs...
  12. i=p/u

    Commercial heating sytem

    starting job next thursday adjusting a heating system.. there currently is one heating sytem for 3 parts of a building which is rented out as doctors , dentist and a flat... we plan to change the 2 channel time clock for a 4 channel timeclock and add 4 new valves , doctors heating, dentist...
  13. H

    Does anyone Know of a silent thermostat?

    I am off up north at the start of July to do a Buddhist monastery's PAT testing. The abbot has a heating thermostat in his room that makes too much noise, humming etc and it is disturbing his meditation and he wants me to change it. Does anyone know of a thermostat that is quiet when installed...
  14. G

    range cooker fault

    got a range cooker that shuts down at 200 deg. supply is fine. any ideas? thermostat? thanks..
  15. P

    p v panels

    Can anyone tell me which they prefer to install and why - Romag or REC?
  16. M

    s plan 8 zone ufh diagram?

    as part of a re wire the house is having underfloor heating, via the boiler. having spoken to the plumber he says they are going to be using a john guest 8 way mains voltage system John Guest Speedfit - The World Leader in Push-fit Fittings, Pipe and Plastic Plumbing Systems - Mains Voltage...
  17. L

    gas boiler volt free contact

    Hi I have to connect up a gas boiler and know how how to do it with a volt free room stat. What I need to know is can I use the relay/switch on a motorised valve to control the boiler via the volt free contacts in the boiler,and use 220v room stats to control the valve. Its a two zone system...
  18. C

    What Central heating system is this?

    Ok , I've got underfloor heating with 4 zones, one programmable timer, gas boiler Vailliant Ecotech, Megaflow cylinder in loft, 4 (I think) thermostats and a pump. Which central heating plan is this please?
  19. C

    Heating System connections

    Right here goes, doing a heating system which involves time clock (3 Zone) Zone 1 Living area heating Zone 2 Bedroom Area heating Zone 3 Hot Water 2 room stats controlling above heating 1 tank stat controlling hot water 2 motorized valves (living + bed) hot water is a pressurised system...
  20. Y

    Central heating wiring centers.

    Hi, just a quick Q. Have just wired up my first s-plan and it all work great and passed the tests etc. But what should be sleeved with brown in the wiring center. Is it all live what comes back from the valves, like a switch, live in and out??? Since there is already a neutral terminal in the...
  21. I

    Heating control

    I need to wire two timers to control the one gas burner. One timer is for underfloor heating the other for hot water/rads Problem is if I run the timers switchwire both back to the one Live terminal on the burner the live will backfeed throught the other and turn on the other device that the...
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