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  1. R

    Socket caught on fire - urgent help/advice needed from tenant

    Hi all I have come on here in hope for some advice if possible. Yesterday my wife was at home with my three children when she smelt a strong burning coming from the kitchen, when investigating she noticed the tumble dryer plug (which is plugged in the wall socket) had caught fire, as it...
  2. Lit_by_Sparks

    Tenant refusing access for test and inspection

    Good afternoon, A client wants my company to access a commercial property (shop) to carry out some remedial works and subsequent test. The owner of the company is refusing to shut down his business (perhaps understandably) to allow this to happen. I was just wondering what the usual procedure...
  3. yellowvanman

    No bathroom RCD

    Some numpty has put in a ceiling fan with a pull cord above a bath - ceiling is getting very damp and apparently water keeps dripping out, I guess due to condensation in the duct. Customer (tenant) wants me to put in an in-line fan, and as it doesn't have a fan isolator switch, add an...
  4. D

    Domestic asbestos in fuse carriers and tenants changing fuse wire

    Hi all, I have been quite for a while, but ive got a bit an issue that I would like the opinion or expertise of the masses on. went out to a tenanted flat today as tenant has said socket was no working, when e arrived there was no power on the braided 2.5 single T&E coming into the socket...
  5. P

    Rented property, TT system, No RCD.

    Over 2 years ago a friend rented a house, After a brief look, the dangers were apparent. At the mains a TT system with small bonding cables, and no RCD just a Henley block fitted where the is a shadow mark the size of an old voltage operated trip, then rewireable fuses. Round the house every...
  6. H


    Hi, I carried out EICR on a rental property yesterdsy, i don't carry out many. i've only tested 25% and inspected 20% everything was ok, because theres no previous records should i carry ou 25% next year or in 5 years time or change of tenant? Thanks Harry
  7. S

    Mechanical Protection vs RCD Requirements

    Hi, being asked to look at an existing commercial setup where 3 large rooms are rented out to different commercial tenants (picture rooms 1, 2 and 3 adjacent and in order left to right). The point of supply is inside room 1 and is single phase with a main board. Room 1 is occupied by a tenant...
  8. S

    PIR Querey.

    Has anyone ever encountered or had to go rectify any work by them? I just had a job to do a visual inspection on a tenants house owned by the Local Council, recently had a PIR carried out by *****, i found.. Duel Light Switch wires left unconnected so the switch was not working. Single...
  9. SCOL1

    Drying cupboard !

    I carried out a rewire on a council property,built circa 1966. The property was warm air ducted heating when built,with a drying room with an electric heater in the bottom of a 'drying cupboard'. The heater is quite powerful with a cooker type control switch with 3 power settings. We removed...
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