1. G

    What Code for this one?

    What code would you attach to this gem, I gave it C2. These terminals are contained within steel trunking but are also part of a live 3 phase cct. See picture. It is installed as a 100 Amp 3 phase ring with these terminals every few metres. Distribution boards are connected from these terminals...
  2. L

    2 x 10mm2 into socket terminals.

    Hi All, my first post. What range of accessories has a socket plate with large capacity terminals? I am about to run a 10mm2 SWA cable to a shed and the customer has asked if I can put a couple of sockets in weather-proof enclosures along the route. Can any socket's terminals take 2 x 10mm2 or...
  3. F

    Overtightening Meter Terminals

    Hello guys and girls I was wondering if you have any advice to give to a meter installer. I’m often worried about over-tightening terminals inside the meter. How easy is it to break the strands on 16mm copper or 25mm? I tighten the terminal until I can’t tighten them anymore. But I’d this right...
  4. T

    SAK din rail terminals

    Hi just wondering if anyone would know this, regarding sak din rail terminals when are separation plates really required obviously at the end of the sak so no exposed terminals but are needed between different type terminals such as live and neutrals or is this just a preference ? Thanks in advance
  5. G

    Replacing a motion sensor light switch with five terminals??

    Hi, hoping someone can help with this. I have a bathroom light switch that's a ceiling mounted motion sensor. It's malfunctioning so I bought a replacement, but I've hit a snag. The existing switch has five terminals, all of which have wires going into them (see photo): green&yellow, grey...
  6. D

    New cooker dp switch, existing wires won't reach terminals..

    Evening all, Not a qualified spark so I thought it better to ask than make assumptions. Swapping all switches/sockets in our house to screwless ones, all going fine until I went to swap the cooker isolator switch. The old one has feed top, load bottom. The new one has load top, feed bottom. As...
  7. Gavin John Hyde

    Functional earth fly leads and rcbos

    Whats peoples approach when dealing with the earth fly leads on RCBOs? Got a board to fit next week and the bits arrived today. So been busy getting rid of packaging and putting bits together ready and checking its all arrived. Hager say you can trim the fly lead and nuetrals down if needed as...
  8. NDG Elecs

    Schneider GET phone point terminals

    Hi folks, I have a Schneider GET ultimate flat plate phone point to install tomorrow. I had a quick look at the face plate today when I picked it up and am befuddled. The terminals are not screw type nor insulation displacement type either. They look to be some kind of push fit akin to Wagos...
  9. L

    Wiring bellbox to Galaxy 2-20 Alarm Panel - Unsure about terminals

    Hello all, Today I tried to move the location of my parents ADT bellbox but made an amateurish mistake. The original cabling going from the Galaxy 2-20 alarm panel to the bellbox, was via 12 core alarm cable using the colours brown, blue, yellow and orange at the BELL part of the PCB. However...
  10. V

    MEM/Eaton 22ALCFP Contactor

    Went to look at a job today for a customer whose electric underfloor heating has stopped working. It had the contractor mentioned in the thread title installed. It appears from the brief look that I had this evening to be four pole with the output voltage for the heating elements being fed from...
  11. P

    Can you earth to ground rod with bigger earth cable than the tails ?

    Quick one. Tails are 10mm. Earthing cable from rod to earthing block inside the CU is 16mm. Where i am, we have the tails in, everything RCB protected and then the earthing cables from the circuits/appliances etc into the earthing block. On my CU, the earthing block is a bank of 'quick...
  12. G

    Honeywell Accenta G4 PIR wiring

    Hi, can anyone help. I am trying to install a Honeywell Accenta G4 with new PIR sensors. I am struggling to get the new PIR sensors to work correctly. The new sensors I have are IS3016 Passive Infrared Motion sensors. When I have wired previous PIR sensors, they have had 6 wires -ve +ve...
  13. N

    WIFI Door Bell

    Hi guys Merry Christmas I have an E Prance WIFI door bell system but the batteries hardly last a week, the bell takes 3 x AAA batteries, Can I connect a mains to 4.5 volt DC transformer onto the bell without blowing the thing up. Many thanks Nick
  14. A

    Newbie needing advice

    Hi all, I have just moved into a house and changed a socket to a new one with USB slots so now I'm quite proud of myself. There is a light switch (2 gang 2 way - I think) one Light switch controls upstairs hall and the other switch controls downstairs hall - upstairs and downstairs are both...
  15. rolyberkin

    Drayton Digistat +RF losing connection

    As per the title, I have a digistat +RF which is losing its connection, it has until now worked fine for eight years, last week i decorated the office so the only difference is the colour of the paint I connect it and it runs fine during the day and then overnight when the time clock switches...
  16. the pict

    Commercial Fans and wires

    Why do fan and speed controller manufacturers use use U, Z , K or UZ sometimes the fan and contoller have different letters instead of harmonizing fan to controller, just asking never thought about it until a guy asked, funny the things you just accept and just go by the diagram(s) P
  17. Leesparkykent

    push fit connector downlights

    Does anyone know what brands make downlights wit push fit connections? looking for speed when it comes to fitting them 2 x 1.0mm cables. Fire rated down lights not integrated fittings. Cheers :thumbsup:
  18. S

    Newbie - Hello All, Advice on connecting IP44 Switch

    Hi Newbie to this forum Can anyone please direct me with the wiring of an IP44 Weatherproof Switch (Greenbrook - WNSW2G-C). I'd like to use double switch unit as an in-line on/off switching unit. Can someone please tell me which terminals I need to connect the Live, Neutral, etc (power supply to...
  19. gazdkw82

    Socket tester adapter thingy

    I thought having one of those socket adaptors that allows you to push your testing leads directly in. What's the general consensus? Do they conflict with testing resulting think the one Iv looked at is made by kewtech
  20. H

    Replacement alarm

    Hi guys this is my first post. I have just replaced my old (very) alarm, with a new panel and siren, with numerous zones and different programs. What I would like to do is utilise an existing bell box. This is currently being held from ringing by a 12v battery, as it has an internal battery to...
  21. D

    Eicr codes help

    hi there, would appreciate advise please... im carrying out a condition report on a church and have found a number of interesting issues. i found quite a few DBs with asbestos in the fuse carriers... would you give this a C2 code even though they aren't being disturbed? also found a 40amp...
  22. J

    Running a submain through distribution board, right or wrong

    Hi I've been pulled today for installing an swa glancing into the top of a header trunking then taking it through the db, saying its against the regs saying a once a main sw is off the whole db has to be dead, I can't find a reference to it, normally I would always gland it in the bottom of the...
  23. E

    Is there a fault and what is it??????

    Hello lads, Right here goes I get a call of a plumber who's on a job doing a boiler chop..... He calls saying I've just tested the boiler spur and I'm getting strange readings. So being the helpful sparky I am I plod along over to his job I have a quick look at this spur must be 15 years old...
  24. C

    Domestic Plug Socket Seals

    I've been lookinng online to little avail trying to find a seal for a 2 gang plug socket. We have a cat, who at the moment is spraying, and she keeps doing it above one of the plug sockets. Which then runs down the wall and often shorts the socket. I've had to replace the socket a few times...
  25. S

    Fridge fan motor windings

    Hope this is the right location to post. I asked my friend to give me the motor that he replaced for his fridge. I checked the 2 terminals with an ohm meter and it showed 470k Ohm. I then used a megger between the same two terminals at 500V and it showed 0.02M Ohm and 20V (short?) Could...
  26. B

    Wiring Diagram for Drayton Programmer LP111 to Siemans wireless stat

    Allreet, Does anyone have the above or let me know how it needs wired? Its the usual social housing rubbish thats normally issued. Terminals on programmer at are the usual - N - L - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 Terminals on the stat are the usualy L&N - L1, LX, L2 cHEERS
  27. I

    Working in live enclosures

    TPN switchfuse bolted onto a busbar chamber. Bottom half (supply terminals) live and covered by the manufacturer fitted shield. Cables to be connected to the top load terminals. Some sparks i know would happily work on the top terminals even though the enclosure houses live, albiet shielded...
  28. S

    Bathroom pull switch

    Changing a pull switch for shower is this notifiable cause it's a bathroom or mw
  29. M

    removing alarm sensor

    Hi guys. Just a quick one. Doing the electrical work on an extension and they used to have a garden shed with an alarm sensor in it. I want to remove the sensor from the system but wondering what's the correct way to do it. The sensor has a +,-, tamper and N.C in it. So do I just bridge out that...
  30. S

    Old Dimmer Control Unit

    Hi Guys, Hope you're all enjoying a rare bit of decent weather (it is in the midlands at any rate), came across one of these at a hotel, it's controlling a rake of LV spotlights in tandem with a dimmer switch but it's packed up. Live feed comes from the board, through the dimmer then into the...
  31. B

    Bathroom LED mirror

    Hi all. Firstly sorry if this is posted in the wrong section - I'm new so please be gentle! :) A few years ago I bought an LED bathroom mirror from the Bay of E and it's been working fine until now. It has two rows of LEDs, a heat pad and motion sensor switch. I've popped the back off and can...
  32. M

    MERLIN GERIN Multi 9 4P RCD RCCB 100A 300mA

    Does anyone know if there is a common problem with the Merlin Multi 9 RCCB 4 pole 100Amp 300mA, not tripping as we have replaced an existing unit with a new one but the issue is the same, Many Thanks Mark
  33. H

    Alarm door contacts Help!!!!

    Hi I have no experience of alarms, I have just bought an alarm kit for my own house, it is a Honeywell accenta G4 mini panel, anyways I want to wire two door contacts to it, 1 for front and one for back doors, but I haven't got a clue on what connections are required at the contacts as there are...
  34. S

    12v Halogen Transformer

    Good Afternoon, Would appreciate a few thoughts, and before anyone shouts this is NOT my design or installation a fault find and repair job! This is the "roof line" flat in a converted mill, all windows are velux style as the roof slopes through most of the flat. There are no lights into the...
  35. L

    Commercial Door Switch

    I have been asked to wire up 50 door switches (similar to Door Switch Surface - Push to Break - 2 Amp - White) The problem is as these are to be mounted just under the top of the door (to operate) the terminals will be within reach and wont meet IPX4 requirements - any ideas? I can seem to find...
  36. A

    luxomat PIR's

    Hi all, I'm currently on a project in a new build school and we are installing 2 x luxomat pir detectors (master and slave) in the classrooms. The instructions are ridiculously complicated with lots of terminals (2x L 2x N, 2x NO 1x S) they also have a inbuilt relay. We're wiring the lights...
  37. J

    Peculiar results on rcd trip test

    Afternoon everyone, got a weird one for you all. Installed electric shower, had to upgrade consumer unit at same time, carried out all dead testing etc, Ze and Zs all good, insulation test perfect HOWEVER when carrying out RCD trip test from the connector block terminals in the shower the RCD...
  38. B

    Live Working

    Quick fire question. I was always told that you cannot do live working unless the customer cannot shut X appliance down for what ever reason, a risk assessment is in place with a proper live working procedure/LOA. Granted you cannot do live work in a hazardous area, but AP on site claims you...
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