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  1. P

    new member-dreaded assesment again tomorrow!!

    Hi all, what a great forum! got the dreaded elecsa man round again tomorrow, doesn't matter how many times I do it.... still gives me the shivers! im member 177 so youd think I would have done it enough times now to be used to it, but another new bloke, another unknown, whish they would stick to...
  2. NDG Elecs

    Anyone fancy this tomorrow. I can't be bothered!

    Found 14 JBs in less than two square feet today. Lovely! Some are out of shot but this was the worst bit... Two rings interconnected. Great stuff!
  3. M

    Am2 tomorrow any advice..........

    So got my am2 tomorrow up in birmingham. Heading up tonight so im not traveling nearly 2 hours there and back each day. Anyome got any advice or tips for it as im very nervous. Also what is that green and yellow wire...is this important??
  4. S

    Of to Bell and Colvill tomorrow

    in West Horsley for an open day, book the Subaru Legacy in for a health check and a test ride for myself and the girlfriend in an Evora 430 GT should be fun, some concessions made as off the the Devils Punch Bowl afterwards...... ;o)))
  5. E

    might lose a finger tomorrow :(, neighbour from hell

    what a fantastic start to the week, neighbours pitbull off its lead in the landing unsupervised, attacked my dog for the second time, managed to get my fist in the pitbulls mouth, sheared my pinky like a bit of 16mm tail :(. never thought a man as handsome as i would have to visit a plastic...
  6. D

    Apprenticeship interview tomorrow...

    Hi guys, So I have and apprenticeship invterview tomorrow with a large social housing company. I did a assessment test with them a few weeks back with a bunch of other candidates and got a call saying I scored the top out of everyone and they wanted to bring me in for an interview that will...
  7. Soulsurfer

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC back tomorrow ! Help required please

    Hi all, NICEIC are coming back a.m. to see me for AC upgrade but I have a small problem, as they saw two big jobs last time 3wks ago or less, I can use my place CU upgrade & move for the job this time, problem being I've got EIC for the works I've done and all on RCBO's now but on iCertifi I...
  8. D

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma assessment tomorrow!!

    Morning all. I have my first stroma assessment tomorrow not really to sure what to expect but going through my EIC with i fine tooth comb this morning. can any one explain what is meant by Protection against electromagnetic effects where cables enter ferromagnetic enclosures in seclude of...


    Thank you for accepting me to forum. I studying to my Inspection and Testing exam which is already on Saturday. Any advices??? LOL
  10. D

    southwark sparkie needed for a small job

    customer called me up today as they have been let down, anyone fancy doing tomorrow, im happy to pay the money directly into your account if that helps! As discussed we would require an electrician to attend at: Southwark Primary School 383 Southwark Park Road London SE16 2JH Preferably...
  11. charlie76

    Anyone help me out with a MEMERA 21 CU Cover

    Evening all. On a job today i've cracked the front of the customers consumer unit because some muppet has put an overly deep MCB in which clashes with the front cover. I hadn't noticed initially as they had obviously not tightened the screws fully previously. I was putting the cover back on...
  12. terry1969

    got my practical tomorrow 2394, any tips please

    bloody gone over everything thousands of times
  13. S

    LED lighting kills DAB radio signal

    Installing a solar powered lighting and power system for a stables today and tested the LED floodlight. The owners radio that was on cut off. Soon as I disconnected the lamp radio came back on. It is a battery radio and the lamp was on the other side of the building so 12 metres away. I know LED...
  14. M

    2 core SWA sub main in domestic flats

    Hi all, so what would be your plan of attack..... Gone to have a quick look at some remedial/maintenance on a domestic flat within listed building. Mixed occupancy of rented and owned. Owner not present but another person lets me in. Im told metering equipment and incomer is in basement but...
  15. L

    RCD keeps tripping!!!

    hi guys and girls, I'm new to the forum, recently left the army and did a short electrical course. (doesn't make me an expert by no means) my problem is this: my sister has just bought a house and as a favour I said I would sort her electrics. The house is old (bout 1930s) had old style MCBs...
  16. BigSi

    A day filled with happiness!!!

    After a really good day at work (sun shining, radio playing, a cold drink (non-alcoholic), mates, and good customer), I thought I’d share my happiness with all my fellow sparks across the width and breath of this great nation (and further afield if anybody is...
  17. L

    Domestic Has the notifiable works scope been changed recently????

    Fellas, In the process of doing Decembers online notifications with Napit, was just doing notification of two circuit alterations in a Kitchen and it told me that it was Non-Notifiable to the LA.........have i missed something?, I knew there were changes coming, is this one, Napit are closed...
  18. C

    Any jobs

    Currently working at home, but looking to work away, shoppfiting... Anything really, just something where I can make some money and do a bit graft! Been looking at Afghanistan (not shopfitting) but seems hard to get a fix anywhere like that! Any help would be great! Thanks!
  19. A

    light triping rcd

    hi all had a call today from a customer. She has a 17th ccu the lights circuit keeps triping the rcd but only trips it when more then one light is on. I was thinking that it could be the rcd didnt no if any one else had any idear before i go round tomorrow to have a look.
  20. D

    Bosch gbh36vlfi

    Just dropped my Bosch 36v off a pair of steps today ( split it apart tonight and it's either the switch or the control board above where the battery sits.is it worth repairing?..as a switch is about 40 quid and the board thingy is about 140.ive had to dig its predecessor out of the laboratory...
  21. W

    RCDs tripping

    hey, i was rung today by my dad to come and look at a glasswasher that is causing the main RCD incomer to trip every time it trys to cycle. This glasswasher is in a pub, over the last 2 days the landlady said every time she tried to cycle the dishwasher it tripped all her pumps out. The glass...
  22. i=p/u

    bit of you knowledge and love for the tools

    looking at laserlevels here and was wondering if anyone has bought the new dewalt laser level? and anywhere you seen at good price at moment?? think the new 1 is 88k
  23. SolarCity

    Greg Barker backs Solar PV?

    Greg Barker @GregBarkerMP Reply RetweetedRetweet Delete FavoritedFavorite · Close Open Details My #new solar ambition a reformed FiT to deliver 22 GW of pv by 2020. Yes, 22GW!
  24. M

    Southern Tool Fair at the Rose Bowl Southampton

    There is one on today and tomorrow, has any one been? Is it worth going to tomorrow? The Southern Tool Fair
  25. S

    Anyone looking for a bit of work In Swiss Cottage area

    Hi everyone, Hope you are all ok. I am (dare I say it )..BUSY at the moment. Got a couple of minor rewires and one rewire going on plus call outs etc. But I have had a call from a good customer of my dads. She lives in Swiss cottage and she just told me that she is planning to put a pond in the...
  26. P

    **CHARITY AUCTION** Clik software

    again we have had another very generous donation by Clik the software is worth around £700 again with the last software it may be worth giving the boss a nodd as this is fantastic office software. take a look here auction will run until the 10th of september at 10 pm
  27. R

    Wanted sds now

    Hi all, I'm after a second hand SDS. It must: Be fairly near Newport S Wales Be available to pick up this weekend Have rotary stop chisel function Be in working condition Be cheap. Battery or plugged doesn't matter, brand unimportant, nothing half-inched, please! Cash on collection but a...
  28. ses


    Well I made it onto the niceic approved contractor list today. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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