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  1. J

    Trailing edge versus low voltage

    I'm an electrician but know jack about LED lighting. Buying my first home and thought that this is a could time to learn, but seems a little more complex than I first thought. So the plan was just to use 230v dimmable LEDs (Luceco EFTE45BS30) with trailing edge dimmers. But then the more high...
  2. R

    Domestic Trailing Edge Dimmer Wattage question

    Looking at V-pro dimmers. I have 4 EN8 downlighters in a circuit which are 8 Watts. Would i be correct is assuming the total watts in circuit is 32, and therefore would require a 400w dimmer switch as i read somewhere you divide the total by 10%.
  3. L

    Domestic Flex and trailing leads/sockets in kitchens

    Having a discussion with someone about installing flex with trailing lead socket for integrated kitchen appliances. Run from unfused 13A DP isolator as spur from ring..... I always thought these type of sockets were designed for extension leads not for long term/permanent use??
  4. S

    Dimmer Selection Wisdom

    Hello, I wonder if someone can help me here. My understanding is : Leading edge dimmers are suitable for mains GU10 halogen lamps, but need to be down rated 75 to 50% to cover the load. Leading edge dimmers are not suitable for GU5.3 / Mr16 low voltage lamps. Trailing edge dimmers are...
  5. D

    Led dimming ..shine some light for me

    Can anybody shine some light on LED dimming. I realise that led dimmers have a different rating for dimming LED bulbs ....( eg : 10w -100w) as a pose to the usual 400W.. But whats this leading and trailing edge all about ? for example i am designing to put in a load of led's .....( 6 per...
  6. F

    Types of rcbos

    Just a quick question anyone no why some rcbos ie dorman smith have two trailing leads a neutral and also an earth when other rcbo just have one the neutral lead
  7. L

    Whtie Round Pin 5A Trailing Sockets - do they exist?!?!

    Afternoon Folks, I wonder If somebody could help me trace a product I had assumed would have been easy enough to source.... As the title suggests, it is basically a white version of this -...
  8. La Poste

    Trailing edge dimmers, do they really get hot?

    I have a four gang dimmer, all four dimmers are leading edge. Is it possible to take one of the leading edge dimmers out and replace with a trailing edge? I have been told trailing edge dimmers get very hot and heat from the trailing edge dimmer might fry the leading edge dimmers that are...
  9. R

    Trailing Sockets for Kitchen Appliances

    Firstly, I'm not an electrician - I've also not been on the forum for a while but I did receive a lot of helpful advice whilst rewiring my own home earlier in the year (and yes, it's now complete - my slightly esoteric lighting control system excluded ;)) Anyway, my neighbour (who has no...
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