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  1. PLC Analog Scaling Tutorial

    PLC Analog Scaling Tutorial

    A tutorial on PLC analog output and PLC analog input. This video made using The interactive PLC Training cert...
  2. G

    Does anyone know a ECS training course provider in Nottingham ?

    Hi everyone I am looking to get my ECS card but have drawn a blank as to finding a training provider in Nottingham. Any ideas ?
  3. M

    Anybody know how to make the change from sea to land?

    I Did training as an Electro technical officer cadet and have been working at sea for 6/7 years as an electrician. I’ve got loads of qualifications but everything is sea related. (Electrical and electronic marine engineernig foundation degree, high voltage training, diesel electric propulsion)...
  4. Ealdor-Bana electrical training

    Hello i had an interview with a trade college for renewable energy and i have C&G qualifications in domestic electrical installation. ( which is also ) I’m new to doing trade colleges and dont know if these places are scams as they all talk about NVQ...
  5. G

    new trades career training course pre attendance exam

    hello i am doing the electricians course and have done the test four times online and have failed them. i now have the paper version and it still doesnt make much sense. has anyone on here done the course and can help in any way ? thanks in advance
  6. Dan

    18th Edition Training Course - Online with Offline Final Exam

    18th Edition Training Course - Online with Offline Final Exam Level 3 Award in the Requirements for Electrical Installations BS 7671: 2018 Online 18th Edition Course – Available From July 2018 This course has been developed with the aim of enabling the candidate to demonstrate that they are...
  7. L

    Advice on training course..

    Hi, I'm very close to agreeing to start a course with Train4Jobs and am hoping that there are members who have either qualified this way, have begun training with them or know anybody who has completed with them and can give me feedback/advice both positive and negative. I'm signing up to a 3...
  8. Leesparkykent

    RAKO training course

    just wondering if anyone has done the 1day RAKO training? If so was it any good? Reason being I don't want to book on to the course and sit through a sales pitch if that's all it basically is.
  9. L

    What training course I will need to do my job safely?

    Dear All, Someone will remember me from the other 3D...I am still in training (so not going in the field) but my tasks are taking form and I would ask to you experts what kind of training course I will need to attempt to be SAFE myself the others... The machine has got mechanical...
  10. E

    Mr Combi training course

    A big gap in my knowledge (amongst others I can humbly admit !!) is boiler wiring. I read in professional electrician magazine about mr combi courses. As someone who knows not a lot about heating I was wondering if this course would be good to give me the basics. I can follow wiring diagrams...
  11. A

    Is this training course worthwhile? Time and Money?

    Ive limited experience in the electrical field and im wanting to learn. Would this course be worth while? I cant get a placement with anyone as I have childcare issues and my employer doesnt have the time to train me from the beginning. The only issue I see with the course is that its 8 days...
  12. A

    Training course Help...

    Hi all, I wonder if anybody can help me, i live in Scotland and work self employed in property maintenance, i would like to get qualified as a domestic electrician to help build my business. Q1, What minimum qualifications do i need to do this (i do have previous experience in wiring domestic...
  13. L

    SJIB (Scottish) Certification Scheme SJIB/Select Technical Training Course 218

    Hi, has anyone on here got any information on this course, that'll allow me to study? I've been off the tools for a few years & I'd like to get my approved grading card back. I've been studying for the 17th edition exam only to be told I need this one. Any advice would be great. Thanks, Peter...
  14. Dan

    ATL Electrical Training Course

    Have ATL gone bust then or what that a rumour? Is there a thread on it I can't for the life of me find it if there is!
  15. A

    Can anyone recommend a good PAT testing training course in the North East Uk ?

    Can anyone recommend a good PAT testing training course in the North East Uk ? ....preferably Newcastle-upon-tyne or sunderland. For the City & Guilds 2377 course.
  16. L

    Honeywell Installer Training Course - Feedback

    Fella's I attended the Honeywell Installer Training Course today in the Pinewood hotel in Wilmslow, absolutely superb short course. £35 gets you about 6 hour delivery, 2 course hot lunch, non stop coffee & water, plus a twix bar or egg custard in the afternoon!. At the end you get your...
  17. Y

    Training course recomendations in West Yorkshire

    Hi Folks, I am looking to start studying towards some electricians qualifications part time in the evening. I am considering changing careers but at the moment would like to do a course or two that may help me in the future. I have a back ground in electronics and telecomunications so...
  18. W

    OLCI Training course

    Hi all, I wonder if anyone can advise me. I am wanting to do my 2330 Level 3 and 2356 NVQ3, however I am only able to do it part time ( evening classes ) as I am working full time so unable to do 1 day per week. I have enquired with OLCI training centre as I dont know what other colleges...
  19. S

    Whats the best PV training course on offer?

    Hello everyone Im looking to become a PV Installer and was wondering which is the best training course on offer at the moment? Also with regards to the MCS accreditation is there a training course to go on ? Again which is the most worthwhile?
  20. N

    Solar pv training course

    Got a letter through the post today offering this course Just wondered if anyone done it and if worth doing and had much work from it? Cheers


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