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  1. T

    Trust Mark, but can it be trusted???

    I have noticed that if I search my business name on the trustmark site I cannot find it or rather their search engine fails to identify the business. I have taken this up with trustmark who have passed it to their technical team (who are the people who fd it up) who will look into it. A shame...
  2. M

    Trust a trader, checkatrade, rated people

    Hi guys, Wondering what your thoughts where on these schemes has anyone signed up to these and got any work from them? They seem really expensive and not sure if your even guaranteed the work. They seem a good idea but are they worth it? Read some reviews online saying some schemes where a...
  3. telectrix

    Fault finding. never trust Appearances.

    as title, just been called out to a fault, 1st floor and attic conversion no lights. arrived at the house to find as title. 1970's CU in cellar. MCB labelled cellar and upstairs lights. cellar light working. all cabling in cellar surface. top of cellar stairs is a switch. T/E and 3core/E...
  4. J

    Trust Mark (Tale Of Horror)

    Apologies if this has been posted before TrustMark: a £22k tale of horror - https://www.building.co.uk/focus/trustmark-a-22k-tale-of-horror/3140625.article
  5. C

    Trust a trader, plentific and the list goes on

    Hello guys I have been looking at schemes which effectively bypass word of mouth with these online or app based middle men companies like trust a trader. more often than not your asked for say £300 upfront to be placed on the listings and before i hand over any cash i want to know of your...
  6. M

    Double Socket issues - help needed

    hi guys and gals could really use some help at my girlfriends property, there is a double socket which is behaving rather strangely! one side of the socket works fine (cuts the power when switched off etc.) however, the other side is permanently on, regardless of the switch position. i have...
  7. happyhippydad

    What does OL mean on fluke T5?

    Evening all.. I have bought a PD690 proving unit and when I test my T5-600 I get the letters OL on the fluke. Does this mean off limit? I did check with a good company and they said that this was a suitable proving unit for the T5-600. It's just a bit off putting as the whole idea is for me...
  8. S

    recommend pir

    i have to install some PIR on the stair case of block of flat..there its very dark and i dont know who its the best PIR for fare away pick up signals..any recommendation please..
  9. S

    intermittent fault

    Went to job today lady said when the heating had been on for a few hours the ring main tripped taking the rcd with it the boiler is on a separate mcb any ideas
  10. E

    who uses non contact voltage indicators?

    recently it has come to light that some people frown upon these and don't trust them. I personally think they are handy and use one all the time. so i've made a poll to see what everybody else thinks:
  11. TaffyDuck

    Trades Which Survey

    Which have published a survey. 84% of people trust Electricians, 52% trust Builders and 22% trust Solar Installers! Guess the solar industry has an image problem.
  12. S

    !...to Trust a Trader or not to Trust A Trader...that is the question..!

    Hello Each... My mate and his missus paid £4000 for a patio, a very very badly laid patio. He got the number for these chaps out of Trust a Trader (TaT). These chaps even turned up at his work demanding extra monies and they had a big argument in his work car park and even threatened to go...
  13. M

    megger 1700 series

    just wondering if anyone has tried out or has one of the new megger multifunction testers because im thinking of getting one? Megger MFT1730 OnSite Multifunction Tester - Megger MFT 1730 Electrical Wiring Tester with On Site Software - 17th Edition Test Equipment - Multifunction Testers - Megger...
  14. brs73

    trust a trader?????

    hello everyone does anyone know if it's worthwhile registering with trust a trader i think it's about five hundred quid to do so has anybody done it??
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