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  1. D

    Fuses blow when I put phase and ground wires in contact even when light switch is turned off

    Hello to all, I stumbled upon a strange problem this morning. I wanted to change the light bulb socket in my bathroom, when I noticed that when the ground and phase wires come in contact,the fuse-box trips even though the light switch is turned off. So I took a pen voltage tester and tested all...
  2. littlespark

    Domestic One of those easy jobs that’s turned sour

    Add a few sockets to existing install....holiday cottage. partition walls, back to back with other sockets. First one went without problem. Onto number 2. Plug in socket and see to identify mcb..... buzzes constantly.... off, off, off..... hmmm. Not on any of these socket circuits? Turned off...
  3. msattitude

    RCD 1 Tripping When Kettle Turned On

    Hi, Have an issue with the RCD1 tripping each time I turn on the kettle. Have tried 3 different kettles and they all trip it yet all 3 kettles work fine. The confusion is, the kettle is plugged into socket that is run via RCD2 NOT RCD1 This is the set up: RCD1 trip controls: Oven Boiler Kitchen...
  4. B

    hi people sparky turned scientist back to sparky

    Long time lurker. finally decided to post as my brain is very confused. My situation is family friend really wants me to do his rewire but wants that mates rate. I'm thinking just full stop doing for family and friends as they seem to think its all for free or some dumb price. but at the same...
  5. R

    IT engineer turned electrician

    Just found this site which looks like it has some helpful folks on board. I've been self employed in IT & audio systems for more years than I care to remember so I decided I needed to get out from behind the desk. Got a bundle of electrical quals now and looking to do more as I can afford...
  6. A

    Sensor to detect when a light is turned on

    Hi, I'm looking for something rather specific and I don't know if it exists or not. I'm trying to plan a system that allows the lighting circuits in a house to be powered by a solar system and a small inverter when the battery has enough power, and will revert to a mains supply if the battery...
  7. W

    Ceiling lights flicker when turned on

    Hi Our first floor ceiling lights are all on the same circuit on the breaker board. The have started flickering sometimes when turned on. The flickering will last up to 5 second then the light will turn on and be fine. Sometimes when another light is turned on within the same circuit all of...
  8. H

    RCD trips a few minutes after lights turned on

    Hi all, I am trying to diagnose the following problem. After coming back from holiday, we noticed that our RCD keeps tripping a few minutes after our kitchen lights have been turned on. If the kitchen lights are kept switched off, then everything is ok. The lights were GU10 spotlights...
  9. B

    Light blew, flipped switch, replaced switch/fuse but still no lights... help!

    Hello friends, I own a shop in Wimbledon and upon entering the shop I turned on the light switches when one of the bulbs blew out and shorted all of the wall and ceiling lights of the shop. Electrical wall plugs still working but all lights are not working even after flipping the switch that...
  10. N

    commerical fridges being turned off

    My parents run a shop and have several chillers and freezers. the sockets are in an area which customer frequently walk past and it appears someone is getting a kick of turning them off. we have lost 2 freezers worth of goods now. We have covered the sockets with a crisp stand but it is still...
  11. S

    Help with fuses that don't seem to do anything

    Hi, So last year we bought a house and didn't go through and label the fuses. There are 15 in the box. The previous owners wanted to install an infra-sauna in the upstairs bathroom, and put in a cable but never put in the sauna. This was turned off at the fuse box, but we never paid attention...
  12. H

    Dodgy kitchen and lighting circuits

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum and looking for some advice on what is and isn't acceptable when it comes to household wiring. Our flat was wired by questionable electricians (before we moved in) and over the years lots of problems have cropped up. Each room has at least 4 spotlights, 90% of...
  13. H

    A light switch with a mind of its own

    Im currently in a vacation rental and have been staying here for just over a week out of two. Last night, I know i turned every light off however when I woke up this morning both the light switch next to my bed had been flicked on, and the shower light was on - the switch to which was on the...
  14. M

    Metrel MD9272 Leakage testing

    Hi, My new leakage tester arrived so I wanted to try it out, I connected it to the Line and Neutral meter tails and got a total leakage with all circuits on of 8.05 ma, I turned them all off and re-tested individually and found that the first floor ring final was giving the highest leakage of...
  15. darkwood

    Throw that switch there!!! ... Yes that on DOH!!!!!!!!

    http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=b87_1459097394 Makes me cringe that he tries extinguishing the remaining fire with handfulls of snow... :38:
  16. S

    am2 advice

    here is some advice for anyone doing there am2. sit back and relax, its so easy a baby could pass it at least jtl think so
  17. D

    Meter Reading check / inspection - PV System

    Thought I had posted this back in Jan, but looks like it didnt post. A meter reader turned up unannounced to take a reading/inspection of the PV installation at my setting, said this was normal and would happen every 2yrs !
  18. Pete999

    Other Trades Persons

    Reading thread just now reminded me of a job I helped my Lad out on, we were wiring some down lighters, anyway we got to the jobsite ealy to make a start, about 09:30 this Muppet turned up, no introduction, nothing but "how much longer youse goin to be ere matey" all day we replied with that he...
  19. P

    Domestic Shock with main switch off

    Mate of mine rang me and said he changed a light fitting in one if his bedrooms. He turned the main switch off so not just the breaker for the upstairs lights,And he said he got a shock when touching the earth and neutral!! I said are you sure it was a neutral he said definately and he's fit the...
  20. C

    Installing an additional room thermostat

    I have a simple central heating system with a traditional Baxi Solo 2 60RS boiler supplying heat to radiators around the house. The room thermostat is located in the main bedroom and so calls for heat only when the temperature in that room requires. When heat is required this thermostat is...
  21. S

    lighting circuit inconsistent tripping

    Was asked to look at this job today where the lights on a 6a mcb wouldn't reset. I turned up watched the the person onsite reset the mcb where it instantly reset with a bang and arcing coming from it. I did it again, same thing happened. So i turned all the light switches off and reset the mcb...
  22. B

    Faulty soladin 600 GbR stuck in the red not flashing red just still.

    Hi..! I had 2 soladin 600 gbr models 1 of them was and is still working which is the first grid tie inverter i bought. i used it since january- 2012 and then in start of june i got another soladin 600 and wired them together LL ,NN at the landis & gyr P.v. meter as its no different then...
  23. N

    Fault on PV System

    Hi all, I am new to the forum so be easy! Lol! I have installed a 2kw pv system on a house near me 8 panels, sma 2000hf inverter etc etc. I have fired the system up but have only got 0.8A and 104 watts. The sun is blazing here today and can't work out why. I will head back tomorrow to...
  24. C

    Is this diagram possible?

    Hi all Is the below diagram possible? There is an electric source 2 switches and one consumer. If both switches are turned off consumer device wants no power. If one of the switches are on consumer device wants power. Thanks
  25. B

    starbreaker mcbs

    Job yesterday finding fault on RFC. All good found problem, sorted, turned main switch back on packing up tools tennent says no power to upstairs lights and to combi boiler. Checked board nothing off. Quick check at pendant in bedroom no power same at fcu for boiler(on own circuit). All other...
  26. i=p/u

    rcd tripping

    i got call today saying rcd tripping one side of the board, he called when i was passing , so i popped in and tuned all switches off and turned on one by one and leads me to the fused spur for the gas heating... anyway left to monday now ...... what would you logical approcah be to this, i...
  27. L

    Domestic Help with circuit finding

    Hi anyone shed any light on a problem i am having at the moment please :) I am trying to find the reason why i cannot isolate a light in my mums garage, it is a 3 storey house which used to be 3 flats and was rewired 30 years ago, i have found out there are 2 feeds still in the house i have...
  28. B

    switch protection

    Hi all i have seen in the passed a cover that the 3 pins of a 13A plug are pushed throught in to a socket and has a flap of plasting which covers the switch (manly used when a fridge is pluged in so cant be turned off) does any one know were i can get one been looking for the last hour...
  29. B

    doorbell wiring

    a client asks me to put on a new doorbell, he bought a new one and has taken down the old one already. i had a look, the cable is 6 core cable like telephone cable. but he doorbell only has live and neutral, does anyone know how to wire it? cheers
  30. N

    Blown fuse and sparks

    Question: when a traditional fuse blows would you expect sparks?
  31. O


    i bought a 1000 watt dimmer for an installation and when i came to test i was getting a rediculously high r1+r2 (about 8ohms). after checking all connections i changed the dimmer for a normal switch test readng was fine 0.3ohms. does anyone else have probs like this with dimmers. before any one...
  32. J

    WARNING old Style Wylex Breakers (not Plug ins)

    Hi Guys Just a word of warning to you all. I have been working on an industrial site that has the old style wylex 3-phase DB's (nothing wrong with them). Whilst isolating circuits I have noticed that some MCBS are NOT disconnecting the supply when in the off position :eek:. Out of the 20...
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