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  1. Z

    Modular Modular Modular

    im wondering whether or not you guys know the best place for modular plates, I buy quite a lot of modular plates Electrical Audio visual Data I currently use blue charge direct, anyone know of a better place? Got to be Euro modules though.
  2. Z

    Power and Data, Audio & Visual

    Hi, Just wanted to get some opinion about running power cables, data cables AV too, do you guys run this in the same trunking next to each other? Is there a law that should be followed Ive seen plenty of these around. Thanks
  3. MKspark

    Domestic Visual Condition Report

    Morning All I have seen a few post on these now but they are all from a few years ago, have peoples views changed on these? are they worth the paper they are written on? should we stay clear of them? NIC are as ever very CLEAR on this.
  4. Sim Electrical Solutions

    Visual and Audio training

    Hi, I am not sure if this is the right place to post. Looking to add more to my company with the addition of Visual and home automation installations. I am looking for what courses would be recommended to complete for doing aerial installations and fault finding? Whats the best home automation...
  5. Cadgey123

    Visual identification please.

    Hi all, a bit of help please in regards to a switch I need to change. Does anyone recognise this brand? I have to buy one and I can't find a match. I thought it was a BG flat plate but they don't look the same. Cheers
  6. P

    What to issue, a visual inspection?

    I was called to a job that had a dryer blow up and cause smoke damage to a launderette. Machie. Had failed due to age etc. To Keep it brief there was no visual damage whatsoever apart from the machine that has been scrapped anyway and taken before id even seen it. i did usual tests on switch...
  7. M

    Duration of EICR

    Hi, I have been asked to complete an EICR on an HMO property (6 room, student rental). I have done previous installation works at the property and the electrics are in VERY GOOD condition. This is confirmed on the last EICR (which I didn't complete). The Previous electrician has only given...
  8. A

    Boiler trips rcd within 30 minutes

    Hi guys im going to have a look at a job tomorrow night. The lady states for the last 10 months! The boiler has been tripping the rcd on and off. You turn the central heating on and it trips in about 30 minutes. The women was a bit vague over the phone as she also says it trips with hot water...
  9. N

    annual inspection report

    I feel I should know this but I don't, we do Eicr typically 5 yearly on commercial installations, but people keep mentioning annuals in between this. What is typically done ? Is there a form ? Is it from EAW regs 1989. Any come across this cheers
  10. P

    IET Code of Practice

    A chance to find out about the implications of the IET Code at FREE 4th Edition Code of Practice Seminars from Seaward
  11. E

    no evidence of supplementary bonding to pipe work

    I went and did a visual inspection on a flat. No Rcd protection present. 10 mm earth to water and gas was connected. No sign of supplementary bonding. So i did a long lead test and found that all pipe work in kitchen and bathroom was below 0.05 Ω. Does this mean no supplementary bonding is...
  12. M

    Is there an annual landlord inspection which is visual only?

    Hi chaps. Been working in solar PV for the past couple of years so a bit out of the loop with annual inspections etc. However a guy at the local pub asked if I would be interested in doing an 'annual landlord inspection' for his insurance. He seems to think that in the past sparkies have just...
  13. I

    Domestic Visual Condition Report

    For anyone with a computer brain and a few minutes, please can you inform: Why and when do we need to carry out Domestic Visual Condition Report?
  14. F

    eicr tests

    got offered a job testing for a local company now im not saying im any expert but i have been testing for many a year now and regard myself as a competent tester they were offering me £25 per test and telling me they have lads doing 6 a day one the money is not good enough and how can anyone do...
  15. N

    Need help with fault finding material, 303 C&G. Please Help.

    Hi I passed the inspection and testing exam. I have my Fault Finding and rectification exam coming up, and I am having a problem!! I cant find any help (books, pass papers, websites) on Fault finding and rectification. I looked every where but no luck! I have the books OSG, IEE Wiring Reg...
  16. A

    glowing old 5 amp rewirable fuse

    hi all family member called to say the down stairs lights are blowing the rewirable wylex fuse. when i visited i did a visual check and chacked all the connections, every thing was in order. when i turned the the lights on one at a time they blew the fuse only when the kitchen lights are...
  17. D

    Annual visual inspection

    Hi all My company has been asked to carry out annual visual inspections In between periodics in a number of schools in the borough has anybody got any info on this or a spread sheet if possible that you have found helpful/useful We have to look at each room to see if there are any problems. The...
  18. E

    Domestic odd pir advice

    Just been looking at the esc website and saw a strange report which i've never come across before which can be used instead of a pir called a domestic visual condition report. has anyone seen that before? seems like if the general public knew, they would generally go for that as...
  19. P

    Rates for PIR

    Hi Fellas Could you let me know if I'm pricing to high on domestic PIR. had two letting agents phone me now wanting to know what my rates are to carry out a visual inspection, Test, and compile a report.I quoted £150 pound. Am i to expensive? I looking at your average 3 bed semi...
  20. P

    Visual Inspections??

    Hey up,I've been doing some P.I.R.'s for someone and a 100% visual and 30% test was the agreed limitation. I can't see how a 100% visual could be possible without causing all sorts of damage and how could you be sure you've inspected 100% if you didn't know about that buried RB4?Or is it 100%...
  21. S

    PIR from hell

    This is quite easly the worst place i have seen in 15 years. I have only scratched the surface and am still doing the visual inspection part, have only done a couple of tests on circuits i found with visual faults. Am going to be there for about another 3 days. It is a hotel in Dorset, with new...
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