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No, B, C, D does not denote domestic, commercial, industrial, it denotes the tripping curve or how much inrush the MCB can tolerate be for tripping.

Your right but then from my hands on experience i know that i use b types in houses (6 amps on my smoke circuits, give me a good example of you using a 1a MCB.), c types in the offices i refurb in london.

and d types in the plant rooms that run all the equipment for the building services

why do you need examples of a 1A MCB being used? I only asked why not use one, it was a question designed to get you to think about why you are selecting a 6A MCB.
I use 1A MCBs a lot to protect small control circuits, PSUs etc.

But why do you use those types of MCB in those situations. in my experience I have used both B and C in domestic and commercial installations.
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There are many cases when a 1A or 2A MCB would be a better choice, but quite a few CU brands have 6A as the smallest size and reg now make using another suppler's stuff a no-no.
Hi I want too do my AM2 In the future. I want too know the breaker selection for the circuits in the AM2, an acceptable answer (for me.) will be from a recent am2 Passee (successful candidates only.).
The circuits are as Follows:-

D.O.L Starter, with motor.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Ring Final Circuit with a spur off to an additional outdoor socket this one will need additional protection RCD OR RCBO?.

16 amp TPNE Socket (Its the red 3 phase commando socket.)

2-way and Intermediate Lighting (I know 6 amp but rcd or b type or rcbo?.)

S- plan heating circuit with solar heating added too it.

Kind regards COKECANBRAD
Have you done your AM2 yet as i used to be an assessor which means I have 99% of the answers from the horses mouth not guesses
Are you 100% sure on that? In the candidate checklist i went through the second thing on the composite installation was selection of protective devices, so how are you proving you know how to do that if they just tell you on a wiring diagram?
Hi, From an AM2 assessor, the cb,s are listed on the front of the distboard and in the spec hung on the wall in the tarrifolds

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