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Vincent john Girvin

New EF Member
Hi Eveyone,

Just like to get some advice on becoming a gold card sparks. Here is some background info and i would like some info on what i can do to become a gold card electrician.

I started working with my uncle at 17 in 2001 for a housing maintenance company as a subcontractor, after a few years i went to college and did 16th edition and 2330 lvl 2. The company was happy with me having a electrical qualification and hired me to work for them.

Worked for them till 2010 and the company was sold off to another company who only wanted the contracts, they sold all the company vehicles off and made all employees redundant.

I did a career changed and did a level 3 diploma for ict systems and principles for it professionals, this let me work on sites doing all the cat 5/6 systems.

About 8 months ago i decided to get back into the electrical side of things so i started working for a company as a improver, went to college to do 18th edition just to brush up on my knowledge of the rules a regulations.

So i was wondering what i can do to get my gold card and become a full sparks, i spent 10 years doing house maintenance and house bashing and the company i work for atm is comercial doing containment (tray/basket/conduit), running circuits, dali systems, armoured, and site temps.

I want to get my gold card, then move onto running sites then onto the design and verification side, don't really want to go back to college for a year or 2 for gold card, and i was never on a apprenticeship working with my uncle. I was also thinking of doing 2391-52 just to help increase my knowledge but dont think it will help me obtain my gold card.

Anthony S

Regular EF Member
Unless you hold an under pinning knowledge level 3 paper, an NVQ with the AM2 you won't be getting a gold card its that simple.

TJ Anderson

Forum Mentor
Electrician's Arms
Trainee Access
Unless you hold an under pinning knowledge level 3 paper, an NVQ with the AM2 you won't be getting a gold card its that simple.
I've got a approved grade gold card and don't have an underpinning knowledge level 3 or AM2. The OP will need AM2 too now though.

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