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Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone could advise me.

I purchased this 6 way switch box from eBay. It has a T5 Amp Anti-Surge 20x5mm fuse fitted in the switch box itself, however I was wondering what fuse should I use for the incoming mains (it will be connected via a plug socket in the house with an RCD).

In the instructions it says "If the product is connected to the house supply by a 13Amp plug no notification is required to the local building inspector", but as I'm only going to be running low power things from the switch box (such as pond pumps and equipment) which would generally use a 3 amp fuse, I wanted to check if a 13 amp fuse is the correct fuse to use for the incoming mains supply (baring in mind there is a T5 Amp Anti-Surge 20x5mm fuse fitted in the switch box itself.



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as long as the cable feeding that box (with the 13A plug on the end ) is no less than 1.5mm . a 13A fuse is correct. there is however nothing stopping you fitting a lower rated fuse in the plug top, but you may get the occasional fuse blowing. this is because some equipment will taks a short term surge when starting up ( eg pump motors) so i would stick with 13A.


Thanks for the replys.

I got some 0.75mm cable today and fitted a 3 amp fuse, hasn't blown (had it running a good 5 hours now)

Is this correct?

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