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kenny james

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great news!!!. government has announced that the nvq level 3 is to be further extended for registration until 31/12/2012, i phoned up www.deltaelectricaltraining.co.uk this morning to register reluctantly under pressure with my creditcard at hand (no job,no money and probably no chance to register because you need employment to achieve the nvq) thinking today was the last day to get my application in for registration and they told me this great news,:smiley2: what a reprieve my prayers have been answered!!!, just need to try for another 5 months to find employment so i can get my nvq level 3 along side my 2330 qualifications otherwise i will be giving up my ambition as a spark and selling my gear on ebay and go get some employment in a supermarket to pay some bills.
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Plonker 3

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Well I have managed the last 18 years without my NVQ so unless you need a gold JIB there really is no need for it.

kenny james

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i know what you mean dillb but its just the thought that if i dont get the nvq level 3 with my 2330 qualifications there is no return i would have to go back to college for 3 years on the new 2357 if i required an nvq later on in my life which would involve more money and time spent on something i already have and know (apart from holding the nvq), what is bugging me is that without the nvq level 3 i would be classed as a trainee electrician in the eyes of jib for the rest of my life if i needed to obtain a jib card and i would not be able to change it unless as mentioned i went back to college, i funded all my college courses myself to achieve an approved electrician status i didnt realise that city and guilds would scrap the 2330 and give us a deadline to get the nvq too, even 3 years after becoming "qualified" i am still paying off my credit card and i feel that i might as well have joined one of them Electrical Trainee courses and saved a few thousand quid.

Adam W

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Yes this is good news. I'm in a similar situation, although I could probably do some of the NVQ3 in my current (factory) job, maybe start doing a bit of private work to make up the rest.
I spoke to my local college who said you could just do the NVQ3 part of the 2357 with a 'bridging course' to include the renewables and stuff, but there may have been a deadline for that before you had to do the whole lot.

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