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I started to feel very uneasy when reading there is other work taking place. It is possible your husband is stressed and has assumed that his testing on the CU installation is still valid, but in fact stuff has been changed after that either deliberately as accessories are replaced, or accidentally if a cable is damaged by other work.

The board looks untidy, as others have already said that might have been made far worse by some fault-finding already. I expect the customer's real issue is not believing it can be fixed properly. That is something your husband will have to address or give up and refund.

Really he needs to go back with plenty of time and systematically check all circuits, assuming nothing, and checking for the usual suspects for mysterious trips:
  • N-E faults (should be apparent on insulation testing)
  • A "borrowed" neutral on up/down light circuits
  • Faulty RCD (trip time & ramp testing should eliminate that)
  • Faulty appliances being used (washing machines with water leaks, etc, but checking leakage in-use after all of the above should show this)
It needs a methodical approach, and not to have others monkeying with the electrics in the background as they do their work though. Also an opportunity to leave the board looking much neater!
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Does your husband have any notes of test results after he finished the board change, and did he get as far as writing out a certificate? Or have the family circumstances meant it hasn't been tested?
The reason I ask is that if one of the other trades has damaged something somewhere since (which is perfectly possible) then a fresh round of dead-tests will a) quickly show where the issue is and b) prove it happened after he left.
Either way the quickest way from here is to test and build up from scratch again as others have said.


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If it started tripping 4 days later and there are other trades on site then they have possibly damaged something? Its an occurrence which is all too common although the other trades will of course deny doing anything.
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To be honest it does look a mess and like others have already stated it needs to be tidied up.
To be fair with all the other trades around, your husband was probably under stress or perhaps he has been stressed for quite a while and you may not have noticed, sometimes the ones closest don't see the signs of stress. He may have taken his eye of the ball so to speak.
Obviously the fault needs to rectified and perhaps it was some occurance after your husand's work that caused it, I doubt anyone will owned up to that so it's a case of returning and investigating the installation or passing it on to a trusted friend who could maybe assist in putting it right.
Personally speaking I would return and carry out inspection/testing of the installation and try to win this customer back on side, one unhappy customer can make your business go downhill fast if they start to spread tales of your workmanship.

Under the circumstances though, it may be better if your husband is under a great strain at present and to save yourself getting really stressed about the situation to refund or someone you know and trust to act on your behalf to put matters right.

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