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Hi guys, just want to know once you are a qualified electrician with the gold card, can you work for yourself doing domestic work or do you need to have inspection and testing 2391 and also be part of a body such as stroma or niceic or no is the gold card enough
Being a member of a CPS, such as NICEIC or NAPIT, allows you to notify domestic work. The requirements for joining one of these schemes has been tightened up over the last year, you can check what you'd need from their websites. If you want to carry out notifiable work - rewiring, consumer units, etc - then this can be regarded as a cost effective means of doing so (that is all I get out of being a member of such a scheme).

Having a 'gold card' in my opinion is moderately irrelevant with respect to being able to work for yourself doing domestic work. I don't have a gold (or any other colour) card and never have, and have run my own successful company doing mostly domestic work for over 10 years now.
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Things have changed, but when I joined my Scheme 10 years ago, they wanted evidence of my electrical competency ( that was my electrical apprenticeship completion circa 1973) and a electrical testing course, oh and the money to join. I did have a Gold Card, which they weren’t interested in. The card proves some competency, but they want evidence to see themselves.

Contact your chosen Scheme and ask.
As a side note to the above, I think NAPIT are now asking for at least 2 years verifiable experience as well as the NVQ3 these days too.

Probably worth giving them a call, letting them know what you’ve got and then they’ll advise from there. They’re normally super helpful on the phone.

Good luck with it all. 👍
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