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Replacing Old (30 yr) Aritech shock sensor.

Discuss Replacing Old (30 yr) Aritech shock sensor. in the Security Alarms, Door Entry and CCTV (Public) area at

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I have a scantronic 9800 control panel with Aritech sensors.
One of the window shock sensors has a continual red led lit.
The system is around 30 yrs old.
I need to replace the Aritech sensor.
There is no model or id on the sensor but I have posted a couple of photos.
Can I replace it with any shock sensor which accomodates the three pairs of 12 supply, anti tamper and alarm pairs.
On the photo you will see four sets of jumper pins probably for sensitivity, pulse, latch etc?
There is a jumper across the third pair as in the photo .....what is this jumper for??
I cannot find any documentation on this sensor or indeed the sensor type / model.
Can anyone help please?
What type make model is it??????
Can I fit any sensor which accoms these 3 prs of wires
Also, the system has not been on contract for many years and the default engineers code does not work.
I obviously have the user code which DOES silence the alarm when i trigger the anti tamper.
Will this code also silence the alarm / reset it when I change the sensor for a new one?
I dont want the alarm going off continually and no way of resetting it.
I understand it depends on the way the scantronic has been programmed as to whether engineer or user reset but as user code resets the it ok to assume it will also reset the alarm pair?
Thank You


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any standard shock sensor should be OK. user code will silence alarm after tamper activated. someone may know how to reset engineer code.
Just blown the cobwebs off one of my very old Scantronic engineering manuals and unfortunately it is a complete reset and reprogramme can't even get a print of the programme settings as that panel doesn't have a printer port
If you have plenty of spare time you could start at 00001 and hopefully before you get to 09999 you will have the code and before you laugh, yes I do know someone who did do that

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