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  1. A

    UK Static shock severity

    Looking for opinions on how severe a (presumed) static shock can be? Client has a passenger lift, passenger presses the lift button and receives a shock, presumed to be static, as nothing in the lift tripped. No entry wound / marks but passenger goes off to hospital and is told they have burn...
  2. M

    Electric Shock from Vengeful neighbor

    Hi I need help. I am in a feud with an apartment neighbor. I live on the 3rd floor and he lives under me. This guy stays up all nite and sleeps all day so any noise u make in the day time ----es him off. My last straw was him and some other people playing with a basketball at 3am so i called the...
  3. S

    Shock from unplugged sewing machine lead

    Two of us have had a shock from a lead that had been disconnected from a Singer sewing machine several hours earlier. The machine is fairly new and not been heavily used. The shock was definitely stronger than just static. My concern particularly is that this is a machine being used with...
  4. K

    Why I feel electric shock when I pressing a 24V control button?

    Hi there Normally we know people won't feel electric shock if they touch a live 24V cable. but when I was working in a factory, many operators including me feels got a short electric shock when pressing a 24V reset button. It has been like this for several weeks, operators start using pens to...
  5. GBDamo

    Investigated an electric shock today.

    Was called out to a site where an employee has recieved an electric shock when turning on a light. When I isolated and removed the switch the cause was immediately apparent. It was a metal surface box and mettal clad switch, the back box had been drilled through the back for a 20mm conduit...
  6. N

    Potential hazard or not?

    We've had a safety memo sent out to us all today regarding a new type of compressor we are using. In a nutshell, its single phase, ran off a plug top to a rotary isolator on the unit. The L/N/E all go through the isolator, so.. when you switch off the isolator, you're switching the L,N AND E...
  7. M

    Customer complaining about getting a shock from light switch

    I was wiring a new kitchen for a customer and they commented on how they kept getting a shock from light switch and had been for the last 10 years since they bought house. The lighting is wired in twin (no earth ) so had to explain that all metallic switches and lights would have to be changed...
  8. M

    Solar charging nest box camera & battery

    Hi Apologies if this is dealt with elsewhere, but I haven't seen anything. I'm fitting a new bird nesting box which contains a wireless camera. It will be attached to a battery which will in turn be attached to a solar panel. I'm hoping to avoid the need to constantly bring the battery in to...
  9. spud1

    Which shock would be worse?

    My colleague and I were discussing today whether an electric shock from a disconnected neutral under load or a shock directly from the corresponding line would be worse? He raised the point that the current from the load in circuit would make the disconnected neutral shock worse but I wasn't...
  10. D

    Electric shock from outdoor security cameras

    Hi there. I just bought this outdoor security camera kit from Amazon. When wiring it up, I noticed that I got a small sharp shock when touching the small screws on the metal casing around the cameras. I...
  11. D

    Shock from Dyson handheld battery vac...

    So, here is one to debate. Wifey bought one of the cordless V8 dyson vacs, on the basis that all her friends have one. It's pretty handy. But today I discovered an unusual feature. If it detects the motor is working too hard (in this case as the filter was blocked with dust), it will switch...
  12. marconi


    Recently there was a topic onwhether or not to bond and earth a mobile aquarium. I did some more research on what happens to people when they are in electrified water. There is quite a bit on what happens on US web sites. The problem is not only electrocution but 'electric shock drowning'...
  13. D

    PC-Case conducts energy

    Hello there! First of all, i am not an electrician and i am absolutely new to this. I have a Problem with my PC and am seeking for advice on how to handle it. I hope this is the right place to post this Thread, if not please let me now. I just built a brand new Computer with all new components...
  14. S

    Cooker switch and gas pipe electric shock, aahhhh help?

    Hi guys Ive just installed a new kitchen, connected the 3 year old range cooker back in with a new cooker connection unit as the old one broke by overtightning screws . Once I connected the 2 gang cooker switch and earthed it to the metal back box and checked all cables were tight enough, and...
  15. D

    Domestic Question about electric shock

    I'm hoping someone can help me out. At the weekend, I did a stupid thing, and that was to try and fix a light fitting without turning off the electrics. I know I'm going to be told that I shoudn't be touching anything electrical without doing so and that I have no business doing electrical DIY...
  16. E

    Replacing a window extractor fan

    I've been asked to quote for replacing a window extractor fan on a double glazed kitchen window. I've not done this before so haven't said yes yet as I want to make sure I'm not going to muck up the seal. For those with experience in this area, presumably when the hole for the fan was originally...
  17. A

    Stupid stupid stupud customers.

  18. S

    ZS Testing

    Hello Guys, when carrying a ZS test on 13amp sockets , can you confirm that all appliances have to be removed prior to the testing of the circuit, Thanks
  19. B


    We seem to have a lot of young sparkies following the trend that RCD's are some kind of wonder device. To explain, An elderly lady has just come out of a 3 day stay in hospital. Why ?? Because a young electrician had installed a dual RCD board to there property and explained how it protected...
  20. M

    Over current vs volt drop.

    I'm having another one of my crazy thought processes that I'd like help clearing up please. This example is completely hyperthetical so please give some consideration for that. If for example a circuit was designed very badly and a length of 1.5mm t+e was used for supplying a 8kw shower and the...
  21. C

    Domestic Static shock from light switches even with power off??

    I was called out to a job today and found something I have never come across before.... when I got to the property the tenant explained what was happening - she was getting what she called a "shock" when ever she turned the lights on upstairs in the two bedrooms and the landing. So I tested to...
  22. A

    small shock from light switch

    I have just had a call form a lady who said her and her son have both had a a small shock from a light switch, I dont have any other info right now, ( I dont know if its a metal plate or not) but does any one know where to start wth this. Should i check for voltages at the conductors at the...
  23. M


    I recently got a belt (don't laugh) from what I'm sure was between live and earth and the circuit was RCD protected. Now if they are so sensitive can someone explain why it didn't trip. Also same question between live and neutral and the cb not tripping.
  24. M

    Alarm door contact

    Hi guys and girls Have any of you got a way of fitting a door contact on a double glazed PVC door as because of the door edge shaped profile I am struggling to find a way that looks good. Thanks
  25. L

    someone help me on this please I carnt work it out

    what is meant by the term "basic protection" In relationship to electric shock ? a) contact with parts or conductors that are live under fault conditions. b) contact with parts or conductors that are not intended to be live unless there is a fault. c) contact with parts or conductors that are...
  26. D

    17 volt potential

    We have come across a potential difference off 17 volts between a hand rail and a lampost, the building is an old one and relys alot on metal work for earth paths, the only way to rid if the potential is to bond the handrail. Client isn't happy with this due the decrotive level within the area...
  27. I

    FCU fault?

    Evening everyone Hope everyone is well. Just to make it clear i am not a qualified electrician. A friend of mine who is a Gas service engineer has mentioned that he went out to a job yesterday to upgrade an old boiler for a new one. He says he he had switched of the FCU and removed the fuse...
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