1. R

    UK Static Type Shock Kitchen Water

    Good Afternoon All, I moved into a flat around 2 months ago. A few times only (maybe four times in the two months) I've turned on the kitchen tap, and when I've touched the water I've had a mild static type shock. I didn't pay much attention to it before, but today when it happened I thought...
  2. A

    I got an electric shock

    Hi, changed a bathroom extractor fan. Easy enough. I was dealing with a grey, black, brown and earth wire. When i tested the black wire, which i believe is neutral, with a electrical tester screwdriver which i poked into the connection I got a electric shock. Weird. as soon as i touched the...
  3. D

    A tragic electric shock death : ( I must say in my 25 years on the job , hotel / hostel / b & b wiring is some of the most shocking i have come across and i am amazed it hasn't been regulated yet in these type of buildings
  4. R

    Remarkable electric shock I experienced

    I experienced an electrical shock while replacing an A/C Fan Coil's 120vac, single phase motor that was above the ceiling grid in an office, while I stood on a fiberglass ladder and having no other voltage, neutral, nor ground point in the electrical shock -It was severe enough to lock me to it...
  5. nick9one1

    shock from metal lightswitch in kitchen

    UK here. I've noticed the light switch in out kitchen gives a small tingle when you use it with bare feet. I ran an extension from another socket in the house and found that that there is 240V between the switch and earth from the socket. I tested resistance between the known good earth and...
  6. KelvinGaliny

    Why live to ground voltage is only 0V (in a 220V AC power outlet, there is also electric shock)?

    Hello, my name is Kelvin. I'm a trainee hydraulic engineer in Indonesia. I apologize if this question has been answered before / if this question is too basic. So we have a problem with electric shock coming from an electric panel. This panel runs on 220V AC supply & is used to run an inverter...
  7. J

    I’m an apprentice - electrocuted under my bosses supervision

    Hi, Apologies if this is in the wrong forum. I do have another account on here which I would imagine is not allowed by admins - this account will be deleted after this thread, I only made it as I do not want to be identified. If this is not ok please let me know. I am an apprentice working...
  8. C

    Shock from neutral when changing light fitting - why?

    Hi All, I was changing a light fitting (something I've done many times before). Since it was a switched live to the ceiling fitting I had left the circuit still live (I know but no comments about that please!). Touched the neutral and got a small shock. So used a test screwdriver to see if...
  9. ETradesmen

    Near death electric shock

    Good afternoon all, today I experienced a near death electric shock. This happened on a single phase domestic property! I was carrying out a few minor jobs for a customer: one of them was to install a new flood light to an old brick store in their back garden. The brick store was fed via a...
  10. O

    Live earth wire concern

    Hi, thanks in advance for any advice here please on a safety worry... My son lives in a rented house and recently got a strong electric shock when he turned on a light switch, he felt it go down his arm and to the floor (bare feet, tiled floor). An emergency electrician came out and found that...
  11. L

    Shock from switch due to dampness

    Does it happen?.Is it even possible.?.I ask the question because I have never experienced the issue professionally and have become increasingly convinced that with a standard plastic switch it is not even possible.The traditional reasoning behind mounting a light switch outside a bathroom is due...
  12. J

    Mains electric shock from plastic light switch - no fault found by electrician - what next?

    Hi all! This is my first post and I have registered to ask for some help with troubleshooting an electric shock I got from a plastic light switch outside a bathroom today. I turned the switch off with my left hand and got what felt like a mains electric shock through the switch into my left...
  13. OnlQQker

    I Wasn't Going To Post This As I Didn't Want To Appear Half Mad But... Electrical Mice?

    So there I am up an aluminium step ladder with padded feet. And I'm helping my son's best friend to put insulation in his loft whilst pulling the electrical cables up above it. A 1.5mm t/e light switch cable, (2 metres / 78") in length went over to a small cupboard bayonet fitting, I could...
  14. O

    Electric shock and arm pain

    I stupidly got distracted on a job by a customer and forgot (no excuse I know..) didn't test for dead and grabbed the lighting cable after taking the light down earlier. A quick buzz but thought nothing of it. 3 or 4 days later arm pain, similar symptoms to tennis elbow, and arm weakness. Has...
  15. billandtedexcellent

    Grounding issues? (causing light shock) in Japan apartment

    Hiya, I live in a pretty old apartment in Japan. There's only one wall in the whole apartment that has a screw to allow to connect a power cable to an earth. I run quite a few electrical devices and I want to earth as many as possible, so i bought a little black power hub (with 5 sockets) which...
  16. Weezy

    Shocks From Hot Tub Water?

    Hey all! I’m off to look at a job tomorrow, client says their kids have reported they got a shock from touching the water in the hot tub (customer hasn’t experienced this themselves) first thought was static discharge, but when asked if it happens continuously when touching the water customer...
  17. S

    Light switch shock help ASAP

    So I'm an idiot and sprayed the light switches in my flat, not even thinking about the electrics and when my partner flicked a light switch it shocked him and the light doesn't turn off, it's just dim on the off. I'm sat here now not being able to go to sleep because I can't just leave it like...
  18. OnlQQker

    Is This Bad Parenting?

    So my son purchased a house. I look around it with him some months ago and noted the electrics needed sorting. Old consumer unit (wired fuse type) no RCD protection and cables coming into from rooms in the house that look like lead? House is 1910's Anyway he does not want to get an...
  19. P

    Bad shock off Hot Tub.

    Got called out to look at a hot-tub. (reasonably new I think) which client was getting a shock off. Have tested everything up to the panel in the Hot Tub. RCD is fine although hasn't tripped when under load. It is when the main motor kicks in that water become's live. Most likely a fault with...
  20. newfutile

    Method of perceived electric shock?

    If we assume our feet are insulated from the ground why do we get a tingle if touching a live wire?


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